Thank you for a remarkable 2016, let’s strive for a greater new year!

2016 was such a roller coaster but one of marvelous years for us as we received many blessings not only for me but for my family also. As another year draws to a close, I reflect the things and events that happened on 2016 and I like to take this opportunity for a roll call of thanks. It has been a great year for me as I learned a lot in 2016 and I am ready to step out in new ways in 2017.

So here are the highlights in my life for the year.
  • One of our goals last year is to send ChingChing at school kahit na yung mga playschool lang, so last Summer we enrolled her at Kids PlayLab wherein she met new friends and learned something new. Ang saya lang makita yung another milestone ng anak ko and guess what, next year she will going to formal school at Barangay hindi lang saling ketket ha, but as a regular student na. Yehey! My gosh, time flies so fast talaga.
  • This year, my in-laws from US came home and stay with us for 2 weeks. We had our staycation at Azure Urban Resort in Sucat and visited some places na gusto nilang puntahan. Although it’s a very short vacation, I’m happy because we were able to enjoy their presence kahit saglit lang plus factor pa na nagkaroon ng kalaro si ChingChing and Rhaine because of Aaron.
  • I was able to join in our company’s summer outing together with my husband and ChingChing. This is memorable for me as this is the first time I brought my family with me in this kind of event. Although we’re not complete kasi hindi pa pwedeng ibyahe ng malayo si Rhaine, I’m happy parin because nag enjoy ang bagets kahit na walang swimming pool. Looking forward for another summer outing next year and this time I promise to bring Rhaine kasi malaki na sya by that time.
  • We were able to celebrate our wedding anniversary out of town. Woohooo!!!Imagine after 4 years this is the first time we celebrated our special day out of our comfort zone. Long drive ito!  Ang saya lang kasi it turned out to be smooth and very relaxing vacation with the family. Now, looking forward for our next anniversary celebration at Misibis Bay in Legaspi Albay! Yehey!!!
  • Our bunso turned 1 this year so we threw a shabby chic party exactly on her birthday last August 20. It was another milestone for her as she already reached toddler stage. Uulitin ko, ang bilis talaga ng panahon. Sometimes my husband saw me crying and he was so worried about it, but I told him na umiiyak lang ako kasi ang laki na ng mga anak namin, na parang kalian lang nasa tummy ko pa sila, ngayon hinahabol ko na sila sa pagtakbo.
  • Since our children are growing up so fast and our expenses doubled or tripled now, we need to take some actions for extra income, we have photobooth business but honestly ang hirap humanap ng clients, I also sell some of our things in house and some stuffs from my kids but still it’s not enough to cover some of our expenses and so I decided to look for part time job as agent in Insurance company. I undergo training, seminars and passed the licensure examination last October and got my licensed on the same month, so I am proud to say that I am officially licensed agent of Pru Life UK. If you want to check out the products of Pru Life, don’t hesitate to call or email me and I am willing to discuss it with you.
  • This year also marks my 1st anniversary at ICCP and I must say that I really love my job, I love my bosses, I love my colleagues, I love how ICCP treat me as their employee because I am well compensated. Sabi nga nila db pag mahal mo ang trabaho mo, mamahalin ka rin nila.
  • My kids love to stay at the hotel, iba ang ngiti nila every time we told them na we are going to stay at the hotel and mag swimming sila. I’m so happy whenever I saw them happy, that’s why we make sure that if we have extra budget we treat our kids to a hotel staycation.
  • I’m proud to be part of Mommy Bloggers Philippines, because of this group I was able to meet new friends and mommies sharing same passion. Ang saya lang to be invited in some events that are exclusive for Mommy Bloggers, what I like also is that whenever I got invitation for an event, they even includes my family to join with me kaya ang sarap sarap maging blogger.
  • My daughter Rhian happens to be flower girl not only once but twice this year. Yes! 2 beses sya nag flower girl, suki na sya sa pagiging flower girl and I’m so proud of it. Actually, 3 times na sya nagiging flower girl last 2 years ago hindi sya nakalakad kasi nalate kami then yung 2nd time maaga nga kami pero mali pala yung church na napuntahan namin so we make sure that on her 3rd time maaga kami ang correct yung church na pupuntahan namin, so thank God we’re on time and at the right church and for the first time, nakalakad rin sa aisle si Rhian although I need to accompany her kasi shy type pa sya.
  • This year also happens the major make-over of “My Little World By MommyRackell”  the new look of my blog site. I decided na ipaayos sya since I have lots of sponsored post kaya dapat presentable and reflects my personality. So what can you say about my new theme? Saktong sakto db. 
  • #MarriageFirstFriday was born this year. This is one of the trending topics in our office and sa mga friends namin since they are amazed on how we value our marriage. Actually, nakakataba ng puso everytime they will ask me kung san na naman kami kakain or what topic ang paguusapan namin during our 1-hour lunch date. Ang sarap pang malaman na there are people who idolized our relationship, we’re not perfect but since we vowed in front of God in our wedding, we keep that vow for the rest of our lives. I encourage every married couple to do the same, you can create your own or you can use our hashtag. 

2016 is not puro saya but we also faced problems and difficulties in life, even our marriage is being tested by God. I learned this year that we are all connected somehow and I’ve learned to trust that everything happens for a reason.

So let me share with you some of these “Challenges in Life” for this year.
  • As usual and until now, the yaya problem is still our major problem this year. Ilan beses na kami nagpalit ng yaya and I’m so tired looking for the best yaya na mag tatagal sa amin. Halos pare-pareho lang sila ng reason sa pag alis – BOYFRIEND! My gosh! Yung isa, namimiss daw ang BF, yung isa sumama at nakipagtanan sa BF and our last yaya na aalis narin next week, sasama na daw sa BF nya, mag live-in na daw sila! OMG! I don’t know if matutuwa ako kasi nagsasabi sila ng totoo (well, I hope totoo nga) pero on the other side, ang bata bata pa nila at sasama na sila sa mga BF nila?! Wtf! Now, we’re looking for yaya for our bunso na magtatagal sa amin at mamahalin ang anak ko ng buong puso!
  • Let’s be real, you cannot please everyone na kahit na anong bait mo sa kanila and tulong na ginawa mo for them, in the end they will not appreciate it. Some people will just forget about what you did to them, sometimes they even deny that you helped them mas masakit pa nun is yung siraan ka sa ibang tao without knowing it. There are lots of disappointment and pain this year about the friendship that I built; there are lots of insecurities in life that I need to overcome, some people will leave you but some of them will stay with you. Ngayon ko lang napatunayan na malalaman mo lang kung sino ang mga tunay mong mga kaibigan when you’re on the same comfort zone. The damage has been done; our friendship will never be the same like before but still hoping that on 2017 will be better year for us.
  • I will not disclose any details about how our marriage tested this year. We just thank God because he never let our marriage break into pieces. We always believe in marriage, in FOREVER!
Life is made up of special moments which make it worth of living. I will not ask for a smooth life on 2017 but I will let God do his favor for us. I know that 2016 was a turning point for so many and I have a gut feeling that 2017 will be different, mas masaya, mas challenging, mas exciting but very fulfilling. I only wish for 365 days of happiness and success for 2017 because 2017 is going to be better year!

A big Thank you 2016. Bring on 2017!

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