We went on a 4-day vacation last April at City of Pines - Baguio with my parents. The last time I visited this place was way back 2009 with Ian’s friends, mag boyfriend palang kami nun, so imagine how excited I am when my husband told me about his plan. Well, this is the scenario 2 days before our Baguio trip.

April 26, Wednesday

Me – Hon, may long weekend tayo. Yehey! (This is the time when Malacañang announced non-working holiday on 28th due to ASEAN Summit)
Ian – Oo nga eh, ang sarap mag out of town. Tara punta tayong Baguio.
Me – Huh? Baguio talaga? As in this Friday na?
Ian – Oo since long weekend naman.

So ayun nga, in just 2 days noticed we prepared our things and booked our room. Well actually my Dad helped us in booking. Andun na kasi sya sa Baguio that week so he just extended his stay at the hotel. I want my parents to enjoy their retirement that’s why I asked my mom to join us in our out of town trip. Happy to say that she said “Yes”, finally a well-deserved vacation for my parents.

Day 1 - April 28, Friday

This is our first day at Baguio, we travelled almost 6 hours including stop over (madami kaming stop over because of my mom),  we stayed at Baguio Palace Hotel unfortunately I was not able to take a pictures kasi pagod na kami sa byahe. The room can accommodate up to 4 pax but since we are total of 5 adults and 2 kids, pwede narin, we just brought extra mattress for our yaya. The location of this hotel is okay since it is near Burnham park and in the city.  However, the downside of this hotel is that there are lots of bugs and insects as in di kami nakatulog kasi ang daming kumakagat sa amin, buti nalang naka overall ng damit si Rhaine and naka panjama naman si Rhian but still they keep on rubbing their body because it’s so itchy. Do not expect trendy new amenities or high-class room as this hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Baguio.

On our way to City of Pines

Day 2 –April 29, Saturday
We woke up early, had our breakfast in the room and explore some tourist spots in Baguio. Let me photo blog our Baguio trip. 
1st Stop: Burnham Park
Since this is so near in the hotel, we opted to visit this place, enjoy riding in the bicycle, boating and had our lunch in the nearby restaurant.

2nd Stop: Wright Park

My parents used to bring us here during our younger years, my mom told me that it was in Baguio’s Wright Park that we got to ride a horse for the first time that’s why I promised myself to bring my kids here and enjoy the horseback riding. The ponies here are sturdy and super cute because of their colored hair, they can also carry adults but of course the management ensures that the tourists can ride an animal that can manage their weight.

My kids were very excited on riding the horse. They are not scared and ChingChing even insisted on riding on her own. Mas takot pa nga yung tatay nya sumakay eh. Haha. Rhaine on the other hand was very curious about riding the horse, baby pa kasi masyado but she kept on pointing the horses around the place.
ChingChing kept talking about her horseback riding experience over and over again and I’m so proud of my kids that they experienced to ride a horse. Oh by the way, it was my girls’ first time to ride horses and my heart is full of joy.
I love this place because it is situated in the middle of big trees and pine trees.

 3rd Stop: Mines View Park

For our last stop on our 2nd day at Baguio, we decided to visit Mines View Park where tourist has a spectacular view of the Amburayan Valley and nearby mountains. Getting there was so hard due to traffic since the street was so small. There are lots of souvenir shops around the area where you can buy tshirts, native artifacts,herb and flower plants etc. There’s no entrance fee here however, if you want to see the better view you may rent binoculars at Php 10 pesos for 10 minutes.

Since my mother is so tired and can’t go down to join us, she opted to stay near the main gate with my dad. The place was so crowded when we arrived and having kids in tow in the middle of congested place is very difficult. You can rent Ifugao costume and have unlimited pictures for only Php 20. Yes! The staff will dress you up with matching accessories. Nice db.

Baguio will not be complete without wearing this colorful Igorot Costume.
Luckily we were able to enjoy photo ops with St. Bernard (the famous dog at Mines View).

We visited Café by the Ruins at night, unfortunately the place was jam-packed and the management decided to close the store early. (*sigh*)

Day 3 – April 30, Sunday

We woke up a little bit late and had our breakfast at Jollibee. So here’s our itinerary on our 3rd day in Baguio.

1st Stop: Strawberry Farm

My dad decided to visit Strawberry Farm at La Trinidad Benguet as early as 7am to avoid crowded tourists and heavy traffic; unfortunately we woke up late so we arrived at the place by 11am. So imagine ang init na and for sure ubos na yung strawberry sa dami ng nagpunta. You need to register first before going to the farm and there’s no entrance fee. The cost of strawberry here is twice as the price in the market,

The husband wants to try picking fresh strawberries and he also wanted our kids to experience it, unluckily, ubos na daw yung mga ripe strawberries, natira nalang is yung mga baby strawberries. Oh how sad, so it is best to go here early in the morning when there are more strawberries available for harvesting.

Picking some fresh baby strawberries (yung mga nahulog na.)

And since wala na kaming naabutan, the care taker allowed us to take photos within the area. So kunwari nalang na may pinipitas silang strawberries. Hehe.

Strawberries aren’t the only surprise that you can be found at the farm because there’s a lettuce plantation and sunflower field, you just need to pay Php 20 as entrance fee. By the way, we bought fresh lettuce for only Php 50.00.

Sunflower from farmer’s garden

2nd Stop: The Baguio Cathedral

Since its Sunday, we opted to attend holy mass at Our Lady of Atonement which is popularly known as Baguio Cathedral.

To cap off the night, we had our late dinner at Route 55. Our food trips at Baguio will be on separate post.

Day 4: May 1, Monday

This is our last day in Baguio, we woke up early and had our breakfast at the room from Jollibee and prepare our things for early check-out.

1st Stop: Good Shepherd

Our visit at Baguio will not be complete without buying some pasalubongs at Good Shepherd. This store is popularly known for selling items such as fruit preserves, strawberry and ube jams, peanuts and juices.  The prices of their products are little bit pricey, but don’t worry the proceeds will help send some Cordillera youth in college. #CharityWorks

2nd Stop: Camp John Hay

This is our last stop for the day. We had our lunch at Seafood Island and roamed around the place.
Camp John Hay’s charm is amazing with its pine tree-lined roads, beautiful landscaping and wide open spaces that allow our children to run. This place remains a “must-visit” for tourists.

I love how wonderful fresh pine smelling here, malayo sa usok at alikabok ng Manila. Sayang lang we were not able to looked around the place kasi biglang umabon so we decided to leave the place.

I’m looking forward to visit Baguio again and I promised to stay at The Manor, para wala ng mga insect. 
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I have two toddlers in the house and I can’t compare them with each other because they have different personalities. But for now let’s talk about our panganay, Rhian or everyone calls her “ChingChing”. ChingChing is now 3 years old , sometimes my friends call her “Ryza Mae” kasi kahawig daw sya ni Ryza Mae, pero guys db malayo naman? Cguro kasi parehas sila na chubby cheeks kaya ganon.

Rhian is a smart kid; she can identify shapes and colors at the age of 1 year 3 months. At 2, she already memorized our good night prayer “The Angelus” and now at 3, she can now spell some words like DOG, CAT. RAT, HAT and even her name. She joined the summer class in our Barangay and her teacher told me that Rhian is doing very well. Behave daw sya and nag lelevel up sa class, she participates in their activities and guess what, super galing daw nyang sumayaw. Hhhhhmmm.. may tinatagong talent pala anak ko.

Rhian is super talkative, as in ang daldal nya at super tanong. Promise! Dapat lagi kang may handang sagot sa mga tanong nya kasi hindi sya nauubusan ng “Bakit?” “Kasi?”. My mom told me that I should be very extra careful in answering her questions kasi tumatanim na daw yun sa utak ni ChingChing. (Fyi, taglish ang tinuro ko sa mga anak ko.) So I decided to create her own hashtag which is #EverydaywithRhian. Like our #MarriageFirstFriday, my friends and officemates are enjoying reading my post about our conversation with our little darling. Kala mo kasi minsan, kumakausap ka ng matanda, minsan kami pa napagsasabihan ni Rhian, minsan nagugulat nalang kami kasi ang talino nitong batang to. (I know you will tell me na bias ako because she’s my daughter, but I tell you this, better talk to my friends and asked them kung gano kadaldal si ChingChing.)

Anyway, sharing with you some of our conversation with our panganay. Minsan tuloy iniisip ko 3 years old lang ba talaga si ChingChing? Kasi ang dami na nyang tanong and palusot pag kinakausap. Hhhhmm.. Kanino kaya sya nagmana? Hehe.

Non-stop ang pag iyak ni Rhian so I decided na kausapin sya one-on-one..

Me- Ching, bakit ka umiiyak?
ChingChing - kasi ayaw ko na po mag school.
Me - 2 days nalang matatapos ka na school mo.
ChingChing - (umiiyak parin.) kasi mommy ayaw ko na po na pumasok ka sa work.
Me - (todo explain, pero lumuluha na ko..) Ching, di pwede na hindi mag work si Mommy. Cge ka di ka na mabibilhan ni Mommy ng toys, tska 3 days nalang wala ng pasok si Mommy.
ChingChing - wag ka na po pumasok mommy please..

In the end, nag iyakan kaming mag ina. :(
Hayz. Kung pwede lang kitang pagbigyan Ching. :(

Have a nice day guys and enjoy the rest of the week!

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I’m a very strict mother when it comes to the cleanliness of our house. Of course, I want my family to be healthy since it’s my top priority in life. I hate dust that can cause sneezing of my children. I remember late last year we were at Makati Medical Center because my kids are having hard time in breathing, then the doctor find out that both of my kids suffer allergic rhinitis. On that day, we decided to have general cleaning to fight against elements that are intangible and unseen at house and bought air purifier.

While threats like these can be avoided through many different means, how then can anyone be certain that what they have is the best and the most effective solution in this world of organic, D-I-Y, and back-to-basics methods? There is only one question you should ask yourself, moms:

Are you willing to risk your family’s health to something untried, untested, and uncertified?

The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purfier lineup, with its variety of models, not only lets you pick out the best unit that can give you clean and breathable air, but it assures you that it is tested, certified, and vouched for. Doctors from all over Metro Manila who personally got to use the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers can attest to its effectiveness.

 “… we experience the difference on [sic] the air we breathe with the PCI. My daughter no longer experience [sic] severe sneezing due to dust and other allergens.” says Dr. Celerina Silverio of the Manila Doctors Hospital.

Dr. Flora Pagtalunan, resident at Medical Center Manila, also echoed the same benefit for her own daughter. “My daughter will definitely enjoy her vacation here in Manila. She used to suffer allergic rhinitis and now the air in her room feels so much different.

Because of experiencing the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier firsthand, Dr. Joseph Raymond De Leon of MSC Skin & Body Clinic now availed the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier Mosquito Catcher.

I already have the KC-930E-W at my condo. [The] Sharp Air Purifier can really remove the odor. This [second] purchase is for our family home to protect them from mosquito bites.”

Unique with the Plasmacluster Ion Technology that releases positive and negative ions, the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers keep the air you breathe clean and healthy by filtering and eliminating 99% of dusts, pollens, dirt, and bacteria. And with the recognition and certification of many leading health institutions worldwide, it’s no wonder that the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are the World and ASEAN’s No. 1 air purifiers.

So while threats are tiny, aggressive, and intangible, almost impossible to tackle without exerting much effort, the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers can only promise to make the air you breathe clean, safe, and healthy—unloading any mom of any other unnecessary stress and worries.

Evident with Sharp’s core beliefs of sincerity, originality, and the right technology, making a difference and giving out a helping hand to the world is not as difficult as it seems.

Visit the nearest authorized Sharp dealer to know more about the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers or checkout our official website at www.sharp.ph. Also browse through Sharp Philippines on Facebook and @sharp.ph on Instagram.
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Disclosure: **This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine and were not influenced in any way.***

I’m a frustrated fashion blogger; I’m too timid to post my #OOTD on my blog but when it comes to my children it’s a different story. I work at the corporate world and there are lot of events in the year - summer outing, kick-off party, Christmas party, year-end party, etc. and because it only happens once a year, I always prepare in advance  and be with my own style.

I remember one time during our Christmas party, I nominated as one of the best in costume. I got shocked when I heard my name, some of my friends told me that they nominated me because I created my unique own style, very stylish that I even invested on my outfit and accessories while being comfortable on what I am wearing and success, I won the best in costume!

Finding my outfit or accessories is so easy now, especially there are lots of online stores that fits on working moms like me. I stumbled at Divatress website and got interested on the products they offer. They sell beauty and hair care products and also different styles of wigs. Yes! They have a wide array of selections of wigs, from lace front wigs to half wigs and short wigs. I pay most of my attention at short wigs category and here are my top 3 choices of short wigs.

Nice db? Buying wigs are much cheaper and more affordable compared going to salon and pay for your stylist every time you want to change your style. The varieties of short wigs are superb and believe me everyone will get impressed on the products that Divatress offered. If you want to learn more about these products, visit their website here. 
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Holy week this year falls on my mom’s 64th birthday, so we plan our quick getaway with the whole family. This will be our 1st out of town this year and my kids are so excited, well everyone is excited kasi kumpleto kami. Our initial plan is to book a room here in Makati like what we did last year however, my husband decided to book at Tagaytay instead, para pwede ring gumala. We booked one unit at Wind Residences via Airbnb, the unit is modern loft type kaya kasya kaming lahat, 7 adults, 2 kids and 1 infant. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures kasi nakalagay na lahat ng gamit namin but you can see the unit here. 

On our way to Tagaytay

We left Makati by 8:20am and arrived at Wind Residences exactly in time for our 11am check-in.  Yes! The owner allows us for early check-in and late check-out, super bait pa nya and also her assistant. Take note, we extend our stay here for another night kasi super love na namin sa Tagaytay.

Let me photo blog our quick escapade.

Day 1: It’s my mom’s birthday, so we had our lunch at Summit Ridge, take a nap at the unit, few hours at the pool then visit Our Lady of Lourdes Parish for and had our late dinner at Weber’s Delicatessen located at Tower 1 in Wind Residences.

Dinner Time

Day 2: We woke up early for morning dip, take our lunch at the unit (my dad cooks Daing na Bangus, buttered shrimp, with itlog na maalat and kamatis plus fish cracker), took afternoon nap, visited Sky Ranch and late dinner at the unit. We just take out our food from Shakeys.

Morning dip with Daddy

Day 3: We had our early breakfast and opted to stay outside (open field), my husband is so busy flying a kite while we chose to just lie down, enjoy the view and take lots of pictures. My kids enjoy the field and weather, wala silang tigil sa habulan. It’s just a very relaxing morning while my mom and dad went out to market. We then decided to visit Picnic Groove and had our dinner again at the unit, madami pa kaming food eh.

Off to our next adventure
Rhian's first horse ride

Day 4: Our initial plan is to hear mass at Pink Sister but we woke up late so we opted to hear Easter mass at Our Lady of Lourdes. We then ate our lunch at Merben Tapsilogan and back to unit by 2:30pm. It’s raining that day, buti nalang mabait yung staff ng owner as she allowed us to fix our things. We left Tagaytay around 3:30pm and got home by 6pm. (Medyo traffic that day, uwian narin kasi eh and naulan pa.)

Lunch Time
Overall, we really enjoyed our short vacation with the whole family. My parents are so happy to be with us especially with their grandchildren. This is one of their dreams, to go out of town with the whole family, to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Looking forward for our next summer escapade next month. Wooohooo!!!
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