Last October 15, our yearly MBP Halloween party was celebrated at The Mind Museum. It was a blast! My husband and children really enjoyed the event. The theme for this year is Mad Hatter, so you have an idea kung anong costumes ng mga bagets. Actually, eto yung lagi namin inaantay as this is the time when our children will dressed up and mingle with other kids. (Check the 1st and 2nd MBP Halloween Party). This is the first time we will visit The Mind Museum, so imagine how excited we are to enter in this place.

We arrived just in time of registration, I told my husband to take lots of pictures as I’m busy dressing up our kids. Alam nyo na stage mother ang dating. Ian bought new witch costume for Rhian, while Rhaine used her ate’s fairy witch costume. Take a look at my children, ang cu-cute nila!

The program starts with a short prayer led by Mommy Lani, followed by the dance presentation courtesy of the kids of Mommy Louisa, Mommy Lani and Mommy Joy. There are raffles for Mommy Bloggers and I’m happy kasi natawag ang number ko. Woohooo.. This is what I got, new toy for our Rhian and Rhaine.

The raffle winners :)

The costume contest started and the best 3 in costume will win special prize from our sponsors, Mommy Bloggers will do the voting. Unfortunately, hindi kami nanalo but its okay kasi I saw my kids having fun in their witch costume. Congrats to Mommy Lei as her son Reiniel won the best in costume for boys category.

ChingChing at stage on her own. Big Girl na talaga!
 Congrats Mommy Lei

Then the most awaited Trick or Treating and the Loot bags for Mommy Bloggers. Let me do the photo blog for this.

 Thank you to The Mind Museum who not only provided us with a venue but also made sure we had a great time by providing all day passes and tickets to their soon to come Science Circus exhibit. Thank you to all our sponsors for making MBP Mad Hatter Halloween party success!

Team Villareal
 Ganito kami kakulit pag nagkita kita. :)
Inside our lootbags. 

Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mad Hatter Party was made possible by generous sponsors and a team of mommies who love this blogging community. Looking forward for our Halloween party next year!

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The Science Circus has come to town!

MANILA, Philippines - Science Circus: Step Right Up! is the latest traveling exhibition of The Mind Museum, showcasing the amusing, the peculiar, and the extraordinary in our everyday experiences, in the form of interactive exhibits that deceive the senses and boggle the mind. Be ready to #EnterTheScienceCircus this coming October 28, 2016!

While the nearly 250-year history of the circus abounds with awe-inspiring demonstrations of physical skill – such as high-flying aerial artists, to death-defying daredevils – the Science Circus challenges our traditional notions of a circus by focusing on the mind’s “acrobatic” perceptual tricks. 

As the guests enter the exhibition, they are welcomed by a festive, colorful façade which sets the tone for the sights and sounds they are about to experience. These interactive exhibits are displayed simultaneously in three adjacent Rings. Guests can go in any of the Rings in the order they please.

Ring One, or Deception Perception is a menagerie of exhibits that will prompt you to question whether to see is to believe. Can you always trust your senses? Is what you see as real as it seems? Can your brain produce motion where there is none? Your first venture into the Circus will unveil the “blindness” of your mind’s eye.

Ring Two highlights Pieces of Incredible Engineering, where guests can engage their minds in puzzles and relish how math and art come together. This central area is animated by simple machines, and engages guests in activities that evoke their inner engineer.

Last but not least, Ring Three is Encounters with the Masters, where guests can interact with and learn the secrets of the Masters of Illusion. They can take on the challenges posed by each Master, and discover how our brains can be ensnared by smoke and mirrors.

The Science Circus: Step Right Up! exhibition vividly illustrates how our everyday experiences are full of delightful secrets that we can uncover, to discover more about ourselves and the world around us.  

*The Mind Museum’s traveling exhibition Science Circus will be on display in the Museum for a limited run, until January 31, 2017 only. The exhibition aims to travel to cities and provinces around the country as part of The Mind Museum’s mission to bring science closer to the general public.

Entrance Fees:
Science Circus* only                                  The Mind Museum (3-hour tour) + Sc ience Circus*
P200 / head                                                  Adults                                                P750
-Adult or Child                                            Child/Student (up to college)            P650

Kids below two feet are Free.

*Enjoy Science Circus exhibition for 90 minutes choosing from these timeslots:
9am-1030am  |  1030am-12nn  |  12nn-130pm  |  130pm-3pm  |  3pm-430pm  |  430pm-6pm
Limited capacity. Guests are welcomed on a first come, first served basis.

The Mind Museum Operating Hours
9:00am – 6:00pm, Tuesdays to Sundays.
CLOSED on Mondays.

From October 25-31, 2016, avail of The Mind Museum ALL DAY PASS + Science Circus* tickets
at P1,500 for 3 persons!
or from The Mind Museum Ticket Booth.
Special priced tickets are valid for use October 28, 2016 – January 31, 2017.

The Mind Museum will be open on Oct. 31, Monday, and closed on Nov. 1, Tuesday
to give way to the holiday.

For more information or for interested parties who would want to host this exhibition, please contact:

Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram: themindmuseum

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There’s an exceptions for our #MarriageFirstFriday for not having lunch together, this is during First Friday of the month since I always attend the First Friday Mass here in our office and because of this we opted to have dinner last Friday.

We didn’t bring our car during weekdays as our house is just a few kilometers away from our work place. We just walk from Ayala to Pasong Tamo when going home. We always pass by the Alphaland Makati Place and got curious about it, so we end up going in and exploring what the place had to offer until my husband told me that he’s craving for some Korean food. Luckily, we found the Bornga Korean Restaurant nestled on the second floor of the building which according to one of their staffs, this is their first branch in the Philippines. Wow! They also established other branches in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and here in our country. By the way, Bornga means house of ancestors.

Upon entering the restaurant, the employees welcome and ushered us in our table. When the staff was trying to open the ventilator, it didn’t work so he suggests us to transfer to another table. Good thing that time was not full and they accommodated us even without reserving ahead. The restaurant contains long, narrow space with a glass wall on both sides, the only downside of this restaurant is that even with the hood ventilators over each tables, the smoke levels gets a bit thick over the place. Minsan nga kala mo may fog sa loob ng resto eh. I suggest they need to improve their air circulation para hindi masyadong mausok.

Once seated we were offered a complimentary hot/cold tea and gave us sour soup which I think helps you increase your appetite. First came the vegetable tray and the variety of side dishes. Ang dami promise! It’s time to eat healthy! I got surprised when they told us that vegetable tray is refillable. Wow! Look at this, Green Leaves! Those are not just lettuce, there’s also cabbage and other green leafy vegetables that they offer.  It’s so tasty and fresh.

 Special vegetables, Garlic, Soybean Paste, Salad, Watery Kimchi, Radish Dish, Woo Samgyup Sauce and Thinly Sliced Green Onions. 

The husband ordered for Mansinchang Samngyeopsal (Fine cuts are made through the meat for quality grill, a tender bite and mild flavor.) and Woo Samgyup (thinly sliced beef developed by Born-Ga after years of research) . Both tasted good, it was flavorful and the meats were excellent. Since gutom si Ian, he also ordered rice which is completely unnecessary because the green vegetables are enough, well for me!

 Mansinchang Samngyeopsal Php 390.00
 WooSamgyup Php 450.00

I want my husband to experience how to grill meat in Korean way. This is kinda different with the other restaurants we already tried as they use well-lid charcoal instead of gas kaya mas mahirap icontrol yung lakas and hina ng apoy He cooked the Woo Samgyup while the helpful waiter cooked the beautiful thin slices of beef.  Woo Samgyup is so thin that it cooks the moment it hits the pan. The meat is topped with various ingredients and Born-Ga’s special sauce.

So how do you eat Woo Samgyup and Mansinchang Samngyeopsal:

First Step: Spread out the Woo Samgyup and let it cook
Second Step: Roll it with thinly sliced green onions, garlic and Radish Dish
Third Step: Dip it in Born-Ga’s Woo Samgyup Sauce.
Fourth Step:  Roll your meat with various vegetables
Fifth Step: Open your mouth wide and eat the rolling meat with vegetables.
(Trivia: Rolling meat with vegetables has a special meaning in Korean culture. It symbolizes “eating” lucks by rolling it.

I never thought that I could eat so much meat and vegetables that night. Nabusog talaga ako same with the husband. The grilled meat is so tender and juicy as it melts in our mouth. We felt that we had our fair share of vegetable requirement for the day.

Overall, we had a hearty, enjoyable dinner at Bornga. I will highly recommend this place if you’re looking for some Korean cuisine in Makati.

Bornga Korean Restaurant
Unit 5&6 Alphaland Makati Place
7232 Malugay Street, cor Ayala Avenue
Makati City
Phone: 0905-318-8282 / 0928-678-8282 / (02)519-6980
Operating Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. All is based from the writer’s own experience, thoughts, resources and means. Information and reviews provided are for general public purposes only.
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