We love to dressed up and take pictures. I love seeing my kids in their twinning clothes and how they pose in front of the camera. You know what, it will take at least 10 shots for me to capture a decent photo, ang hirap kaya masaktuhan na 2 silang nakatingin at naka smile. Sharing with you some of their #OOTD poses during our weekend gala.

There are times that I want to be part of their “twinning” kaya syempre papahuli ba naman ang nanay, of course not! So here are some of our “Three-ning” OOTD.

I got hooked in buying mother-daughter clothes online, nakakaadict pala. I have one trusted seller in Instagram and I‘m very satisfied with her products. Ganon ata talaga if you have daughters, you like to dress them up every time you will be out to the mall or you have special occasions to attend. I noticed that it is very convenient to shop clothing for girls compare to boys (well, I’m not biased ha although I have 2 beautiful daughters). There are wide arrays of dresses and blouses for girls compare to males kaya you have lots of choices to choose from.

Whenever we stroll at mall, we make sure to check the latest trending clothes for girls. Ang sarap kasing mag window shopping, from colorful dresses to feminine style for your little ones, ang sarap magka baby girl. I’m not saying that I don’t like to have a son, kasama yan sa mga future plans namin ni Ian but for now I’m enjoying my two young ladies. 

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Friday is our #MarriageFirstFriday, meaning we need to treat ourselves for some gastronomic adventures. Minsan nga lang talaga may times na di kami sabay due to office work or company’s lunch out but most of the time we celebrate it during lunch break. Medyo bitin nga lang sa oras but what more important is we enjoy each other’s company.

One fine Friday, we had no choice but to try Café France in Valero Street which is just a few steps away from my workplace, medyo nalate nga lang kami nakalabas ng office kaya most of the resto near our place are already fully booked. At first, I was hesitant to try this store but the husband told me that we should try it once in a while. Good thing, we got our seat immediately since wala masyadong tao that time.

The husband ordered for Shrimp Pesto tray. This is a complete meal with seafood deluxe clubhouse, Chicken Caesar Salad, soup of the day, a piece of dark chocolate as dessert and choice of drink. My husband told me that the sandwich was simple yet very satisfying.

Shrimp Pesto Tray Php 290.00

Since I’m craving for some pesto pasta that day, I ordered for Shrimp Pesto a la carte which comes with garlic bread kaya okay na rin. Their servings are too small but deliciously appetizing, medyo bitin lang talaga. I also put some salt and black pepper since for me parang kulang parin, then viola! Perfect!
Shrimp Pesto Php 215.00
Café France offers a variety of healthy meals from salads, sandwiches, pasta and set meals. They served French freshly made baked products like croissants, canapes and tarts.

Café France
Ground Floor, Chinabank Parking
Villar Street cor. Valero Makati City
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Recently, I just created personal hashtag for our bunso. Actually, my husband told me to create one for Rhaine, kasi nga meron kaming sariling hashtag the “#MarriageFirstFriday”, then si Rhian meron rin “#EverydayWithRhian”, so to make it fair I made official hashtag for Rhaine, the “AllAboutRhaineSophia”. Now, you can easily view and check all my post about her using the hashtag.

A post shared by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on

A post shared by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on

Rhaine is so different to Rhian, kung madaldal si Rhian, tahimik naman si Rhaine. So I can’t post any conversation with our bunso for now cguro pag 2 years old na sya. It’s more on photos and video muna at this moment as she really loves to pose in front of the camera. May pinagmanahan talaga tong batang to.

A post shared by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on

Rhaine is super sweet, she always says “I loveyou” and “Thank you a-mi”, di pa nya kasi mabangit ng buo yung word na “Mommy”. Some of my friends told me that she looks like her Daddy, but whenever I looked at her, kamukha ko talaga sya nung bata pa ko. Hehe.

A post shared by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on

Next month, she’s turning 2 and I got emotional these past few days. I don’t know why, but my mom told me na dahil cguro lumalaki na sila kaya ako medyo emotional. Naramdaman rin daw nya yun before and na overcome as we grow up. I know super gasgas na tong salitang to but “Time flies so fast”, I still recall the time on how we found out that we’repregnant with her until I wheeled in the delivery room last Aug 20, 2015. Super fresh parin sa isip ko lahat yun and now look at her, she’s growing up too fast. 

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I tried this restaurant when I’m still working at Friendster way back 2010. I must admit that the food was fantastic and taste good. So when my husband invited me to try this restaurant for our #MarriageFirstFriday, I immediately say “YES” kasi I know the price of the food here are worth it.

The Plantation is a located near our office, very accessible and easy to locate. This restaurant is open 24 hours; they have a live band at night so if you want to chill out and unwind with your friends after work, go to this perfect place and you will surely love it.

We went here early to have the best available seats, as they don’t have any reservations during Fridays. I’m still in-love with the ambiance because it’s not that crowded, however the only down side is their service. The staffs were a little slow in terms of serving our orders, maybe because there are several people still coming in.

My husband ordered for Oragon na Liempo, a grilled liempo with laing, steamed rice and tomato salsa. As per husband, there’s no special thing about the liempo, mas nagustuhan nya yung laing!

Oragon na Liempo – Php 270.00 + SC
I ordered for Chicken Teriyaki, I super love this dish promise! The softest chicken fillets bathed in sweet teriyaki sauce served with a sliver of orange for that sweet and sour taste. The serving is big so I’m really satisfied with my order.

Chicken Teriyaki – Php 220.00 + SC
Prior to our usual #MarriageFirstFriday, we had our dinner here before. I ordered for Herb Crusted Dory, this is one of their specialties, a dory fillet steamed with herbs and spices. This dish comes with pesto rice and mixed veggies.
Herb Crusted Dory – Php 230.00 + SC
The husband was craving for some salmon so he opted to try their best seller, Salmon Plantation. This poached salmon fillet topped with spinach pesto sauce, served on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and a side of mixed green makes him very satisfied. A bit pricey, but it’s worth the price.

Salmon Plantation Php 320.00 + SC
So if you’re looking for a good food, good ambiance and reasonable price, try this restaurant and you will surely love it. The Plantation is a nice place to dine and to have some drinks with friends and family.

The Plantation
106 C. Palanca Street Legaspi Village
Makati City
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Finding the perfect diaper for your baby's needs can be a frustrating – and sometimes painful process, as a wrong choice can lead to your baby's discomfort, leakages, and even health concerns.

Babies’ skin has only about ½ the thickness of adults' and is very delicate, which is why they need a diaper that provides extra care and comfort. It's a good thing that Merries Diapers, Japan's #1 baby diaper brand for 10 consecutive years, are now available in the Philippines! Last week, I received a sample pack of Merries Diapers and let my baby use it for a week for me to have accurate review about the product.

Since the product is from Japan, the packaging is written in their language with English translation. Merries diapers are available in Tape type for newborns to toddlers up to 14kg, and Pants type for toddlers and kids from 6 to 22 kg.

Merries diaper is so gentle to the babies’ sensitive skin like my daughter. The material is so soft from the inside and out while quickly absorbing urine before the skin gets wet, thus preventing rashes and leakage. It has “Airy Channels” a unique technology used in it that wraps softly around your baby’s waist which makes help to releases heat moisture between diaper and the skin.  The inside of the diaper contains wavy top sheet that allows air to flow freshly between the diaper and the skin, so that your baby can enjoy maximum dryness and comfort 24 hours a day. We used it at night and I must say that it keeps my babies’ skin dry and comfortable as she sleep kaya mas energetic sya pag gising.

Merries diaper is also better fit at the crotch area. These cuts do not affect the quality of the diaper instead it helps improve the diaper fit at the crotch, don’t worry because the leakage will not occur as a result of these cuts.

What I also love about this diaper is that it is really comfortable to fit. The soft gathers hold the diaper in place at the waist so it does not slip, no matter how active your baby is. Kaya kahit takbo ng takbo si Rhaine, talon dito talon dun, intact parin ang diaper sa kanya.

Rhaine is super active and will not stand still as we have to chase her around when trying to make her wear her diaper, so I prefer to use diaper pants compared to the tape diapers. Then if I want to change her diaper, all I need to do is to tear off the sides seam and pulled off the diaper pants. The diaper is lightweight and very soft comfy material because it has a triple layer air- through system (tape type) and airy waist channel (pants type) that releases the heat and moisture inside the diaper.

In summary, I highly recommend Merries Diapers because it offers seven (7) features and benefits:
  • Soft Poo Leak Guard
  • Color changing wetness indicators
  • Excellent Absorbency and Long Lasting Dryness
  • Exceptional Breathability
  • Ultra Soft and Fluffy Surface that is gentle to baby's delicate skin
  • Soft reusable magic seal
  • Merries Bunnies cute designs

Merries Diapers are distributed in the Philippines by Vibelle Distribution, Inc. and are exclusively available in Rustan’s Makati, Rockwell, Shangrila, Ayala Cebu, Seda CDO and in Shopwise Festival Alabang, Sucat, Sta Rosa Laguna. You can get a free small tape pack when you purchase 10 packs of Merries Diaper at any participating stores from now until November 8, 2017. You can check out Merries Philippines website and social media pages for more details.

Instagram @merriesph
Twitter: @merriesph

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Accidentally I saw a facebook page about Ipon Challenge, I guess one of my friend commented on the post kaya nakita ko sya and I got curious about the photo she liked, so what I did was I read the post and got inspired with it. I click the page and followed it immediately. During my lunch break, I read some post in the page and got challenge with it. Actually, malakihan pera ang usapan dun but I know that page will help me/us in our financial crisis.

According to their page Peso Sense is your #PartnerForChange which is now has more 1.7 Million followers. Wow! So after a week of reading some inspirational post, I am here now accepting the #PesoSenseIponChallenge. I know super hirap ang #FirstMillionChallenge or even #FirstThousandChallenge but wala naman mahirap sa taong nagsusumikap. We have debts now; we are paying our house and car loan, insurances, utilities, etc. and to tell you honestly, we really don’t have any emergency fund as of this moment, that’s why we came up with this challenge and totally accept it.

I know you already heard about the 52-week Money challenge and the Php 50.00 Money challenge. Actually, ang dami ng naglabasan mga money challenge today and now we are joining the bandwagon. I know it’s hard, definitely very hard for us especially now in our situation, pero sabi nga nila "pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw may dahilan". So what’s the challenge, since hindi namin kaya yung 52-week or yung Php 50.00 money challenge, we make it simple as keeping Php 20 na meron kami. So para syang invisible sa paningin namin, we will try our best not to touch the money, no pressure naman on our part. Like the commercial, “Anong mabibili mo sa Php 20 mo?” A cornetto ice cream? Cellphone load perhaps?" 

How about change your life for Php 20? Is it possible? Of course YES! Basta think of your goals and dreams in life, remember “Kung walang tyaga, walang nilaga”.

We just started this week and promised ourselves that every week we will deposit the money in our bank account. Maliit man sya pero at least meron kesa wala, tama ba ko? Malayo man sya sa #FirstMillionChallenge pero hindi naman sya malayo para sa mga pangarap namin.

Let’s see if we can make it until the end of this year, pag successful then we shall continue this challenge in the following years. How about you? Can you accept this kind of challenge? 
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Our Club Balai Isabel trip will not be complete without trying their newest attraction - Aqua Park. I won 1 ticket courtesy of our company and one of my bosses gave me another ticket but unfortunately we can only use it on the day of our summer outing and since we are already at the resort a day before our outing, hindi namin pwedeng gamitin yung tickets that’s why my husband decided to just purchased tickets during our stay.

Aqua Park includes obstacle courses, trampolines, small and towering slides which are available all-year-round, meaning kahit tag-ulan na, open parin sila. I love this half hectare structure with the backdraft of the Taal Volcano which gives us picturesque of the Taal Lake.

The activity will last for 1 hour and before you experience this extreme adventure, you need to sign a waiver and listen to more or less 10 minutes orientation. Just make sure you’re wearing a safety jacket that fits so well, not too tight, and not to loose either and aqua shoes is not necessary but highly recommended.

Kinds below 13 years old are not allowed to enter the aqua park since the obstacles are difficult to cross. Honestly, I don’t know how to swim, siguro langoy aso pwede pa, but believe me takot ako sa dagat but since gusto ni hubby I try, go narin ako. (Sa hirap at ginhawa, dapat magkasama kami. Hihi)

The life guard told us that we should learn how to balance a walk. So he suggest that we just bounce a little while walking or running, at first I’m so afraid that I might fall in the water but as time goes by, I enjoyed it, di naman ako malulunod eh may life jacket ako. Hehe.

 There are no rules once you're on the floats; however here are some tips for you in case you might try this inflatable.
  • Remove any jewelry or accessories. The lifeguard insists that I should remove my eye glasses, but I refused! Hello, wala akong makikita pag tinangal ko yung salamin ko. Hehe.
  • Apply sunblock lotion
  • Wear swim wear. Either rash guard and shorts or you simply wear your favorite bikinis. But make sure you’re ready to get some mild bruises and scratches after the trail.
  • Always wear your life jackets. Please do not remove it even if you know how to swim. Better safe than sorry.
  • Bring your water-proof camera, to record and capture your precious moments.
  • Pregnant women and those with special or health conditions are not allowed to use the floaters. 
  • Try all the different kinds of challenges and enjoy it! It was fun and super exciting but I refused to try the biggest slide, takot eh. Haha. But my husband did it! Sorry mas adventurous sya kesa sa akin eh.

Ian at Big Slide




Overall, we really enjoyed it and at least for one hour we had husband and wife bonding time, so para kaming bumalik sa pagkabata. Take note, we tried this Aqua Park twice, kami na ang nag enjoy sa mga floaters. We will definitely come back here next year. :) 

Photos and videos were taken using our Go Pro SJSCam.  

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