Mouth-watering gastronomic delights, a kiddie fun fair, and great entertainment await everyone at the Makati Block Party, which promises to delight everyone on Sunday, July 3, 2016.

Capitalizing on the distinct Makati vibe and community spirit, the business district’s iconic avenues will be transformed into a culinary street party that will feature some of the most well-loved vendors of the famed Salcedo weekend market, a revered Makati tradition, and benchmark of all weekend markets around the country. Over the years, Salcedo Market has become the melting pot of Makati residents and guests who come over each weekend to relax and come together as a community.

The Makati Block Party recreates this community spirit, and takes it several notches higher with the partial road closure of Paseo de Roxas, a major city thoroughfare, for this culinary street experience.  For one afternoon, the city’s pedestrian-friendly streets will come alive with friendly banter and the street vibe that is distinctly, uniquely Makati’s. With the party happening footsteps away from famous Ayala Avenue landmarks, people can simply walk to take part in the community festivities.

The Makati Block Party promises something for everybody, from 4PM until 10PM, Paseo de Roxas, the stretch between Ayala Avenue to Makati Avenue adjacent to the Ayala Triangle Gardens, will be transformed into a gastronomic festival centered on Salcedo Market, with lots of exciting activities synonymous to Makati’s hip lifestyle. A curated selection of Salcedo Market vendors will be on hand for a culinary street extravaganza as they serve up their signature offerings that people from all over Metro Manila come for every weekend – baked goods, artisanal delights, hometown favorites, and the most luscious concoctions whipped up by homegrown chefs and foodies.

We aim to create communal spaces where residents and friends can converge, so that we can bring the community closer together. Over the years, the Salcedo Market has served this purpose.  The Makati Block Party builds on this tradition and takes it to the streets, with the hope to get the Makati community to use the streets more for activities and things that they love to do,” said Shiella Aguilar, Project Development Manager of Makati.

Kids who tag along with their parents can look forward to fun-filled activities at Kids on the Block by Hunt & Gather. Let the kids discover their inner artist with art and crown-making sessions, or play to their heart’s content with interactive fun.
For those who are just lounging around, musical performances by Vince Lahorra’s Quartet and Johnoy Danao will keep everyone entertained throughout the evening.  As an added treat, Snoopy and The Lorax will be ready to meet and greet all the kids and young at heart. Wellness buffs and strained souls can find some relaxation with free yoga sessions at the Ayala Triangle Gardens with a Vinyasa Music Night Class by Urban Ashram Manila.

The Makati Block Party once again showcases Makati as the go-to destination for the best food, entertainment and lifestyle offerings as it imprints a great community vibe. It also captures the city’s efforts to increase walkability in the area by providing activities that encourage people to actively use its streets.

“The Makati Block Party gives residents and visitors something fun and relaxing to do, right in their own community, on a weekend. It’s our way of bringing activities and treats that residents love and enjoy, just a few steps away from where they live. We want people to discover that there’s lots to do and enjoy just by walking and exploring the streets of the city,” said Aguilar.

Participating food vendors are Down to Earth, Uncle George Gourmet, Plaza Ilocandia, Sabor. Bun Appetit, Dela Rosa's Deli, La Cuisine, Real Girl Toy Kitchen, Connie's Kitchen, al halabi, Jiro's Lechon, Delicane, Authentic House of Curry, Mgourmet, Merry Moo, Johanna's House Of Lumpia, All best Organic Juices, Gostoso Piri Piri, THC, Don Churro, Michelle's homemade putong ube atbp.,Grace Pate, Rita's Kitchen, Bersi Gyros Shawarma, Tuna Town seafood place, Stanford Shaw Brew, Cheryl's Cuisine, Antipolo Delicacies, Bats Tilapia, MCV Trading, and Haici Food Services.
Kids On The Block activities by Hunt and Gather include Painting with Learning on the Gogh, Crown Making with Little Luli, Decoupage and Upcycling Activities with La Pomme Home, Free Play and Active Fun by Playworks ECC, and Science, Art and Music with Hedcen.

The Makati Block Party is supported by Alveo, Magnavision, Urban Ashram Manila, Hunt & Gather.

Admission to all Makati Block Party activities is FREE on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis. For more information about the city that makes it happen, visit or like and follow Make It Makati on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.
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Bubi Trampolines was established in the Philippines in 2011. It began to operate under SMAI (Sia & Mak Amsement Inc.) in December of 2013. SMAI has more than 12 years of experience in the quality production and distribution of trampolines all over Europe. What makes the difference with SMAI is the excellent after sales follow-up, high quality products and availability of stocks.

SMAI constantly checks and improves the production to keep the customers extremely satisfied and happy with our trampolines.

The technology and current design of Bubi Trampolines are the results of significant years of experience in the European market which caters the need of every customer whether for outdoor or indoor use.

Bubi Tampolines are not only for fun but it also has medical benefits for kids. It helps in developing their motor skills, teach persistence and improves their self- esteem and behavior. It also reduces restlessness and alleviate stress, stimulates internal organs and strengthens the immune system. It can also help weight loss and maintenance as well.

Mommies will definitely love Bubi Trampolines! Let every child bounce with happiness! An ounce of bounce brings a million joy to your kids!

Bubi Trampolines are situated at the following malls:

SM Malls

Cebu - Seaside
San Lazaro
Cebu - Consolacion
San Pablo
Cebu - Mabolo
Cebu - Seaside

Robinsons Malls:                           Other Malls:      
Metro East                                       Starmall SJDM
Cainta                                              Starmall Taguig
Antipolo                                          AliMall
Cainta                                              Farmer's Plaza

Bubi Blocks and Bubi Sand Castles are also part of the Bubi Family! For sales and rental inquiries, please contact us at 941.5708. Like and follow us on Facebook (Bubi Trampoline) and Instagram (@bubitrampoline).

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Hello Love! How are you? I know you’re not okay because you are not feeling well for almost 1 week na and we’re so worried about you. It’s your special day pa naman today as you reached your 10th month in this world. This past few days is very tough for us, your weight gain nothing and your Ninang Doc is so worried about that that’s why she gave you lots of vitamins and food supplement that will increase your appetite. Honestly, I’m not happy on what you are experiencing now, it really breaks my heart seeing you lonely and no energy at all. I miss your giggles, I miss your smile, I miss those glowing eyes kasi now all you want to do is to lie down and cuddle. I must admit I’m not perfect mother for you and to your ate, but darling I will do everything for you and to your sister.

This month you achieved more milestones and I’m so proud of you. You know the play hand games such as close open, Hi-5, Align, Wave Bye-Bye and Flying Kiss. Rhaine, you were able to crawl well on your hands and knees but most of the time you may have a go at pulling yourself up from sitting to standing position, well actually you love to stand, you don’t want to sit and just stay on the place where you are, even though you can sit confidently now. Super likot mo na, na kahit you’re not feeling well you were able to crawl and crawl and stand and stand. Darling, what I like about you is you can now walk while holding on to my hands or furniture, you’re so brave anak! I guess kaya mo yung katawan mo kaya it’s so easy for you get up to a standing position.

You even try to bend and pick-up a toy as I hold one of your hands. Sometimes, you tried to stand without my support however, you may find it a bit nervous that’s why you sit down again but don’t worry sweetheart because I’m here to help you. I know in the next few more months, you will able to take your first magical steps toward independence and I know when the time comes, ready narin akong hayaan kang maglakad mag isa at sundan sundan ka sa paglakad or pag takbo mo.  

Your first sand experience :) 

Now at 10 months, you already know how to operate my cellphone because your sister taught you on how to use it. Sometimes I caught you scrolling my facebook while laughing. Buti nalang kinuha ng ate mo yung phone ko before pang may mapindot ka. I remember one night, when you won’t stop crying I don’t know how to calm you until your ate gave my cellphone and tadan, ayun tumigil ka na kakaiyak. You still love to play your lips, minsan pa nga nagpapasaboy ka ng laway eh kaya in the end, para akong naligo sa laway mo. Look at you now, you have 6 little white teeth which attracts me more kasi ang ganda mon a, ang ganda pa ng ngiti mo. Your hair now is growing so fast kaya lalong lumalabas ang pagka kulot nito and you know what, your Daddy loves to touch your curly hair, ewan ko ba sa kanya mukhang na amazed sya sa buhok mo.

Rhaine, your hums are sounding more like real words. If I’m not mistaken, I heard you call you sister “Ateh” I guess yung ang una mo talagang masasabi kasi you and your sister are very close with each other. She consider you as her bestfriend and I saw you guys enjoying each other’s company. Sana hanggang tumanda kayo ganyan parin kayo ka close ha. Anyway, you show interest in what you want to say and you keep talking, don’t worry honey soon makakapag salita ka narin like your sister. 

Your personality is really emerging now, you complain if we take your toy away from you and you begin to understand many simple words or phrases that we are saying that’s why we keep on talking you so that you learn new words from us. Your social skills are developing as you give extensive smiles to everyone you meet, but you know what darling sometimes you may feel a little shy and hiding your face when you strangers try to chat you.

You can now hold your bottle on your own. All I need to do is give your milk, place you in proper position and that’s it, you will immediately grab my hand and milk time na. Did I say you love solid food? Yes! Ang lakas mo kaya sa rice! You and your sister love sopas so much! Halos sa 1 linggo thrice tayo nag sosopas and now you tasted different kinds of food and biscuits. I hope on our next monthly check-up you gain weight na ha, since our target weight on your 1st birthday is 10 kilos. We can do it anak!

So for the celebration, your dad opted to dine at Shakey’s para di na daw ako mahirapan pang magluto and same lang rin naman daw ang magagastos if ever, so right after our work sinundo na namin kayo sa bahay. Look at the photos, halatang matamlay yung eyes mo but still you manage to smile when I kissed you.

Family is LOVE! 

Happy 10th Month Rhaine! 
Mommy, Daddy and Ate Rhian loves you so much!

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Being a mother of two girls with very small age gap is so tiring, challenging yet fulfilling. I have two kids ages 2 years old and 9 months, both beautiful like me of course but with different personalities. Ganon naman talaga eh, iba iba ang mga ugali ng mga magkakapatid. Solet me share with you on how I/we handle two kids at the same time, kasi I know mapapasabi rin kayo na super mom ako. Naks!

Rhian is planned pregnancy, while Rhaine is a surprised blessing from God. I got pregnant with Rhaine when Rhian was only 11 months old. Yes! Ganon sya kabilis nasundan, I heard lots of chismis about my 2nd pregnancy but I don’t care, baby is always a blessing right, whether it is planned or unplanned, it’s one of the greatest gift from God and hello, kasal naman kami  ng asawa ko, so anong problema dun and isa pa hindi naman sila ang gagastos at mahihirapan sa pagpapalaki ng mga anak ko. Haha. Anyway, moving forward, we faced lots of trials and problems last year but thank God we finally overcome it with hold hands. Thanks to my very supportive husband who never left me.

Everyday our house is full of joy and happiness, given na super kalat ng sala and kwarto namin especially now 2 na silang naglalaro, so imagine ang gulo ng bahay namin. You can see their toys everywhere you go, mapa CR nga meron eh, but kids will always be kids. Minsan lang sila maging bata kaya I let them explore everything. So how I handle this kind of situation? Okay let me start, during weekdays I wake up at 6:30am (but before, nung wala pa kaming yaya I woke up at 4am to prepare for breakfast), I prepare our baon (Yes! Nagbabaon kami ng lunch para tipid), I prepare my daughter’s food (gusto ko kasi ako ang nagpre-prepare ng food ng mga bata), I prepare their clothes to wear for the day, I prepare their milk and make sure na na-sterilized na yung mga bottles and may water ng laman and I prepare their vitamins, once done na lahat dun palang ako mag aayos para pumasok. Thank God hindi naman ako nalalate. Hehe. 

Even though I work for 10 hours a day, I make sure na nababantayan ko yung mga anak ko. If you will ask me pano ko ginagawa yun, well we decided to put CCTV cameras in our house. Yes! May CCTV buong bahay naming since Rhaine was born, except sa CR and kwarto namin (papalagay palang kami) and once na umalis na ko ng bahay, naka open na CCTV application on my cellphone. So every time meron akong nakikitang hindi okay sa bahay, I call them and get their attention or sometimes, nag aala-Big Brother ako kasi nagsasalita ako then naririnig nila. Yes! Ganon ka high-tech yung CCTV na kinuha namin. We invested in CCTV for our kids because we wanted to monitor every actions that they will take lalo na pag wala kami sa bahay. aba mahirap na noh.

Best Friends Forever!

Anyway, I got home by 6:40-7pm then maglalaro muna kami ng mga kids then luto na ko for the lunch the following day. Yes! Hands-on ako when it comes sa food na kakainin namin. I want to make sure that everything is clean and healthy. After that, we will have our dinner then lilinisan ko na yung mga kids (My husband is in-charge in taking care of them sa taas) and then ligpit ng ibang kalat sa bahay. Yes we have kasambahay, but I want to help them kasi syempre I know pagod rin sila the whole day and para mas madali kaming matapos and maaga kami makapagpahinga. Then, pag nasa taas na kami, we will start playing again -singing, dancing, seesaw, habulan and reading time. So approximately one hour quality time with the kids then by 10-10:30pm, sleeping time na, sometimes nasasabayan ko na sila sa pagtulog dahi lsa pagod kaya minsan nagtatampo na husband ko kasi we don’t have any quality time together pag nasa bahay na kami because we’re too busy in our kids, kaya what I do para hindi ako makatulog habang nagpapatulog ako is kinukurot ko sarili ko. Hehe. I woke up at 3am para magpadede sa 2 bata and check if they're okay. So laking ginhawa sa akin kung makatulog ako ng 4 hours straight. 

Having Rhian and Rhaine in our lives is PRICELESS. Whenever I’m sad, I just looked at them then all my fears went away. They are my pride and honor and whenever I saw them crying, it really breaks my heart. Lalo na ang babaw pa naman ng luha ko, imagine minsan nga sumasabay pa ko sa pag iyak nila, I thank God that my husband is there to comfort me.

Rhian is a very sweet and loving ate to Rhaine, every morning as she wakes up she immediately kissed her sister and smile. Walang  mintis yun, the moment Rhian open her eyes, kapatid nya agad ang hahanapin nya and tatabihan nya. Rhaine is a happy and sweet little baby, she always wear her killer smile. Actually ang dali dali nyang patawanin at pangitiin, mag smile ka lang sa kanya and she will smile back to you, yun nga lang pag sya sinumpong ng inis, ayun parang wang wang sya kung umiyak.

Rhian is very particular when it comes to her things. She has a favorite pillow na kahit kaming magulang nya ayaw nyang ipahiram, although pag nag staycation kami hindi namin dinadala yun pag uwi naman sa bahay, ayun yung pillow na yun ang hinahanap nya agad. Rhaine loves bolster, yun yung lagi nyang kalaro pag nauuna na syang gumising sa amin. I don’t know why she loves it, sometimes I caught her biting it lalo na this moment na nasa teething stage na sya, kala mo kaaway nya. When it comes in sleeping habit, they are the same kasi they are both super likot. Si Rhian, madalas mahulog sa kama nya buti nalang kama namin ang babagsakan nya. Rhaine naman paikot ikot sa kama hanggang makatulog. They both love sleeping na nakadapa, kaya isa rin yan kung bakit wala akong maayos na tulog kasi I check them every 2 hours kung okay ba sila, kung may kumot pa, etc. Oh by the way, before I forgot, ayaw ni Rhian and Rhaine ng may kumot kasi hindi sila makagalaw masyado,

When it comes in taking a bath, they are the same. They love water but they don’t like na mabasa yung ulo nila. Yes! You read it right, parehas silang naiyak whenever na bubuhusan namin sila ng water sa ulo, ayun iiyak na sila. But they do love to swim, I allow them na mag swim sa bath tub pero mga 15-20 minutes lang. For the food, they both love vegetables especially sayote. Can you believe that Rhian doesn’t eat meat, chicken or pork? Rhian only loves vegetables. Kaya sa bahay namin, hindi pwedeng mawalang ng sayote, patola, upo,  hilaw na papaya, baguio beans and kalabasa kasi pag alam namin hindi kakainin ni Rhian yung niluto ko, magluluto na kami ng gulay.

Now, let’s go to the physical look, you can see naman their difference. Rhian has a straight hair, while Rhaine has curly hair,  Malaking bulas si Rhian while Rhiane has a slim body; Rhian is morena while Rhaine is fair complexion, magkaiba man sila physically, they consider each other as best friends. Ang sarap lang tingnan at pagmasdan na lumalaki ang mga anak ko na magkasundo at nagmamahalan. I have no regrets in my life na nasundan agad si Rhian kasi the happiness that they brought in our life is incomparable and PRICELESS.

Whenever I look at my kids I realized how blessed I am to have them, this is my life now. Nanay na ko ng 2 magaganda at malulusog na bata and they are my priority now. We are working so hard for them to have a better future, our weekend is for family kaya minsan hesitant kaming sumama sa mga lakad ng friends na hindi kasama ang mga bata. Even in our #MarriageFirstFriday, yung mga bata parin ang topic namin eh, minsan I told my husband that God is so good to us because even though he gave us trials and problems he still love us. I thank him for all the blessings that we have now, a loving husband, our own family, own car, own house (move-in very soon!), very supportive family and friends, stable jobs, enough money for our leisure, saving funds for our kids and lastly, for the unconditional love from my husband. I don’t entertain negative vibes, kasi I’m too busy working on our future plans.

Now if you will ask me if we still have plans for another baby, the answer is YES! But not in anytime soon. My husband and I agreed to have 3 kids, maybe after 5 years para naman maenjoy muna namin yung 2 bagets and remember, I’m still taking maintenance medicine for the blood pressure. Hopefully, yung ika 3rd na baby namin, baby boy na para quota na kami, but for now we are enjoying our 2 lovable babies. 

We love Twinning! This is one of the perks of having 2 beautiful daughters! Thanks to my in-laws na laging nagpapadala ng magkaparehas na damit. :) More twinning post soon!
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