Back to School! I know you can see those words in mall nowadays because June is one of the busiest months of the year. Ikr, shopping for your kids’ school supplies and uniforms is super nakakapagod talaga but don’t tell me hindi kayo nag enjoy? Kasi as a first time mom of preschoolers, nag enjoy talaga ako sa pag sho-shopping ng mga gamit sa school. Anyway, on my previous post I make kwento about our little pre-schoolers and how we chose the school for our kids now I will share you their first day at school. Another milestone for our kids!

Their first day of school is actually last June 13, however due to bad weather I opted not to send my kids at school, tumawag naman ako sa school nila to ask if may pasok and the staff told me na meron but since I have pre-schoolers, the discretion is still with us kung papapasukin namin sila or not and I decided the latter one. I am looking forward for a good weather the following day, I woke up early, prepare their things and excited to send them at school, however the city government where we live decided to suspend the class due to bad weather. (Pero ang ganda ng panahon that morning) and so wala na naman silang pasok.

June 18, I look forward to this day and praying for a good weather. I’m not feeling well that day because of my monthly period (Yes! Girl Thing!) but I manage to prepare my kids’ stuff. Ako nang gising sa kanila, nagpakain, nagpaligo and nagbihis ng uniform. I want them to remember their 1st day at school na ako nag asikaso sa kanila. I’m so glad that I have a very supportive husband who takes his VL para masamahan kami sa school, we left the house at 7:30am and arrived after 5 minutes. Yes! Ganon lang kalapit yung school from where we live.

Rhiane: Nursery | Rhian: Kinder 1
This is it! We have pre-schoolers na talaga. Our kids are also excited maybe because bago lahat ng gamit and I told them na they will meet new friends and teachers too. As a first time parents we make sure to capture every single moments of their 1st day, parang kami nga lang ang nagpipicture sa mga bata habang naghihintay kami ng loob ng school. They line up according to their height and boys are separate from girls and since new environment medyo shy type pa ang mga anak ko, I know its normal kaya I di ko pinepressure yung mga kids ko to be friendly on their 1st day.

Rhaine is nursery while Rhian is Kinder 1. I still can’t believe that we have kids now going to big school, grabe ang bilis ng panahon. While my kids are already inside their respective classroom, I just looked at them and can’t control myself but to smile with teary eyes. Buti nalang di sya tumulo kung hindi baka tanungin ako ng teachers kung bakit ako naiyak. Haha.  Why teary eyes? Because time flies so fast, parang di parin ako makapaniwala na nasa school na sila talaga. Ganon ba talaga kabilis ang panahon? Pwede bang tigil muna kahit sandali.

Their rooms are beside each other kaya madali for us na ihatid sila sa kanya-kanya nilang room. I asked my husband to assist Rhian while I am with Rhaine. Since Rhian is already old enough to be with herself, di na sya umiyak when we left her unlike Rhaine na nasa loob ng room si Van (Yaya) all throughout the class. Well, Rhaine is only 2 years and 10 months old, kaya talagang maninibago sya but I believe eventually masasanay rin sya sa school.

Sharing with you some photos taken during their 1st day at school.

Waiting for Daddy

Hands on Dad!
Rhaine with her yaya
Now, I’m so excited for the upcoming activities at school. How about you momshies, how’s your experience on your kids first day at school? Share nyo naman and I’m so excited to listen on your stories.

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When I became a mother, I told myself I wasn't going to spoil my kids. This included not giving them chocolates or anything too sweet. But then I realized that I also want my children to enjoy their childhood. And part of that is experiencing the happiness of eating chocolate. When I was a kid, I ate lots of chocolates and candies, so why was I not going to allow my children to do the same thing? Of course, I always remind them to drink lots of water and brush their teeth every day.
I give my kids time to use their iPad for one hour per day. In this one hour, my kids love watching different videos for children especially the endless unboxing videos of the surprise eggs, which come with a small toy inside. (This is now a huge hit with the kids these days). My kids get so excited whenever they watch these kinds of videos. If you disrupt them while they are watching these videos, they will end up in tears.
During the weekend, we have endless playtime! We go to the playground and have snacks afterwards. KINDER JOY is always present during our playtime because this little cute egg gives so much joy to my kids. Here’s the proof.

Whenever we do our grocery shopping, Kinder Joy is always on our list! This is our reward for them for their good behavior, i.e. listening to our instructions and putting their toys away. So let me share with you what I discovered about this product. What is inside a Kinder Joy pack?

Kinder Joy combines an edible product made with high quality ingredients and exciting toys that stimulate our kids’ minds.
It consists of two delicious cream fillings (milky cream & cocoa cream) with two crispy wafer balls in A 'spoon-sized' portion for controlled serving.

It has exciting surprises for kids that are fun and encourage creativity. This will enable your children to use their skills in assembling the toy and in following instructions.

Kinder Joy is a product designed for kids aged 3 years and above, which can be carried easily and is convenient to eat.
And most importantly, this product is more than just a snack since it also encourages bonding between parents and kids where they can play and enjoy happy moments together during playtime. Look at us!
Happiness comes in surprise EGG!
So if you want to surprise your kids, get them Kinder Joy at any leading supermarket nationwide, priced at around Php 45.00 depending on where you buy them. I know it is a little pricey, but remember the saying “kill two birds with one stone” (enjoying both the edible product and exciting toy in one egg) is something my kids always look forward to if they are doing something good. A wonderful surprise!

You may also visit their official Facebook page for more details.
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Sometimes life is so unfair. A handful of misunderstandings, a season of miscommunications and every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better. Then I realized that at some point, some people can stay in your heart but not in your life for everything you have missed, you have gained something else and for everything you gain, you lose something else. It is about your outlook towards life. You can either regret or rejoice.

Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering and doubting. You just need to have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be. I need to remember this: 1. Time does not heal everything but acceptance will heal everything, 2. Learn to accept that things will never be the same again and last but not the least, 3. You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

I know that a single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous that it makes us forget the hundred lovable moments spent together within a minute.  I’m not perfect, I make a lot of mistakes but still I love those people who stay with me after knowing how I really am.  I’m a simple person who hides a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile. Every day is a new beginning, I just need to take a deep breath, smile and start again.

Happy Weekend Guys!

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Our kids are now preschoolers! Mixed emotions mga mumshies, I don’t know but until now di parin ang sink in na my kids will go to big school na. We all know that preschool is an important stepping stone for children that’s why choosing a preschool is an exciting experience but can also be overwhelming because there are so many choices offering a variety of programs that parents can choose from.

#RhianKelle is already 4 years old while #RhaineSophia is turning 3 this August. My kids develop at different paces; have different personalities, different interest and different intellectual stimulation. Marami silang pagkakaiba and I cannot compare each other because every child is different but since I’m their mother so I know my children very well, I know their capacity and limitations and I know what will make them happy. Simple lang mga anak ko, simple lang sila pasiyahin at simple lang ang gusto nila – Mag laro at Matuto through interactive play.

Enrolling our children in preschool is a big decision for us. We think about our children’s listening, socializing and communicating skills. You know, iba na talaga pag nasa big school, because they are developing the basic life skills, independence and knowledge that they will need as they enter the school.  Some children start as early as two years old while others begin closer to age four. My mom told me that I entered nursery when I was 4 years old, she also send me photo wearing toga with medal kasi according to her, top 1 daw ako sa class. Wow! Rhian graduated nursery when we were at Makati, sa barangay lang naman namin yun and happy to say na maayos naman at naturuan rin sya dun ng maayos while I homeschool Rhaine since 1 year old so this will be her first time to go to school.

When we transfer here in Sucat, the first thing we did was to look for the best school for our kids. Alam nyo naman parehas kami ni Ian na walang alam sa South. We have list of qualifications in choosing the right school for our kids:

1.       Private school
2.       Location (it should be near our house lang)
3.       The environment and safety
4.       The staff (Interaction between the teachers and the students)
5.       Class Schedule (morning or afternoon, hall day or whole day)
6.       Curriculum (Hands-on activities, teaching plan)
7.       Kids Ration (Number of students in a class)
8.       Last but definitely not the least – The School Fees

We have no idea that choosing a preschool is not an easy task as we want to be sure that it will be a healthy and safe place to our kids. We want the atmosphere in general to be positive, supportive and will give a big impact in developing our children skills. We have list of schools in our mind but still undecided where to enroll our kids, good thing my kumare who is just few blocks away from our home, suggests us to visit the school where she enrolled her son. I asked her opinion and she highly recommends this school kasi natutukan daw talaga yung anak nya, I trust her and so we decided to visit the school.  

We visited the school last April and scheduled our kids for entrance examination.  I’m so proud of my kids as they both passed the entrance examination. Yun nga lang, si Rhaine medyo natakot at umiyak at first kaya we let her play nalang muna sa area kasi we don’t want to pressure her.  After examination, we enrolled our kids and as expected hindi naman pala biro talaga ang magpa aral ng anak! Nursery and Kinder palang sila pero yung tuition fee is parang pang High School na but its okay what important is nasa magandang school yung mga anak namin, walang problema.

Ongoing Examination
Our parents are also excited for our kids, in fact my mom bought our kids pair of school bag while my sister gave them umbrella and my dad bought them lunch box. O db sila na ang excited. My uncle sponsored my kids uniform with a condition na pagbubutihin nila sa school.

We already bought their books and school uniforms at school, last week we got them new pair of rubber shoes for PE and this week we are planning to buy them school supplies. We are so excited, I even created a calendar for them to use for counting the days left before their 1st day of school. We don’t pressure our kids to be on top of the class or even got a perfect score instead we told them to enjoy the preschool and be able to interact with other kids.

Right after we bought their school uniforms. Ang cute nila! :)
I will make kwento about their 1st day at school here on my blog pag nag start na class this coming June 13. How about you momshies, have you already enrolled your kids at school? 

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If you’re avid reader of this blog then you know that we love to eat (although I forgot to write about some restaurants na natry na namin), whether I cooked or dine in a restaurant. Kaya nga siguro tumataba ulit ako kasi if we have EXTRA money, we make sure to splurge it in FOOD. Well sino ba naman ang hindi mahilig kumain db? So when we moved-in somewhere in south my husband decided to try some restaurants nearby especially in Aguirre Street in BF Parañaque which is one of the well-known food spot in in the metro. Yes! Ang dami pala talaga ditong makakainan na di pa namin natr-try and I’m so excited to share with you the first 2 restaurants we tried here.

 Aguirre street in BF Parañaque is one of the well known food spot in the metro but this place is also well known as one of the Korean town in Metro Manila. When you pass by the area for sure you’ll see left and right a Korean restaurant or grocery.

J-Rams Coffee Bistro Pastries
#63 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque City

My aunt celebrated her birthday last April 16 at J-Rams Coffee Bistro located inside BF Homes Parañaque. We initially plan to try Sing Sing Restaurant since according to the reviews, this is one of the “must-try” restaurants in Aguirre Street but unfortunately it was jam-packed when we arrived so my husband decided to try J-Rams which is just across Sing Sing Restaurant.

As soon as we entered the place, the spacious interior welcomed us. I love the sophisticated vibe with black and white walls and modern lighting fixtures they have. This restaurant offers varied menu from unlimited pork, unlimited beef, combination and unlimited crabs. Actually it gives us a hard time choosing what to order as everything comes out of their kitchen smells so delicious.

But since my husband loves Korean BBQ, he chose to try their unlimited Korean Pork BBQ for Php 349.00 per person which comes with complete unlimited pork with difference marinades every plate, side dishes, rice, lettuce and soup.

As soon as we get seated, the staff served the side dishes, sauces, soup, service water and egg side dish. The meats are tasty but I really enjoyed the flavorful marinated meats, it’s a sweet barbeque flavored charcoal grilled meat which according to them, it’s their best seller.

Service is excellent. I love how they are prompt with the refills. They even offer us na sila nalang ang magluto since we have two kiddos who are so kulit and since we told them that we are celebrating my auntie’s birthday, they sing a happy birthday song for her with free mini cake. Good Job!

You can have access to their unlimited dessert such as halo-halo and buco pandan once you ordered for unlimited meals. Wow!  

This coffee bistro also offers extensive choices of food like sandwiches, burgers, cakes, pizza and pasta. They also offer all day breakfast at very affordable price and coffee and frappes too.

By the way, you can choose either unlimited pork for Php 349/person, unlimited chicken for Php 399/person, unlimited beef for Php 549/person, unlimited pork and beef for Php 449/person or unlimited pork and chicken for Php 549.00.

I love all the meats they offer however the down side of this restaurant is that they don’t have any exhaust so you will leave the place smelling like a Korean meat. Haha. Nevertheless, for me this is one of the sulit kbbq in Manila.

Sing Sing Restaurant
268 A-Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque City

Whenever we look for best Korean BBQ in Aguirre Street, it always Sing Sing Restaurant on top of the list and since we failed to try this resto during my auntie’s birthday, the husband decided to try it a week after we dined at J-Rams. Ganon kami ka addict sa Korean food!

Sing Sing Restaurant is an old-timer unlimited Korean barbeque joint along Aguirre. According to my research, this restaurant is best for those who want to enjoy Southern legend and coming in with an empty stomach. Sabi rin sa mga reviews, super sarap daw dito at sulit pa! So we really got curious about this place. Masubukan nga.

We arrived at around 7pm and to our surprise the place is not over crowded (maybe because hindi pa sweldo that time. Haha) The restaurant looks small at first but actually extends to an extra room. There are tables with chairs and there is also one part of the restaurant where you can sit on the floor, this is where we ended up.

Don’t expect too much about the place because there are some areas that needs an improvement like the floors which is a little bit oily and slippery, the common comfort room and the ventilation. Well, maybe because ang daming gumagamit ng CR kaya nasabi kong need ng complete renovation and also I wish they have enough exhaust fans so you are not going to smell like grilled pork/beef afterwards.

As soon as we settled to our seats, the staff started to serve the side dish, soup, sauces and lettuce. We ordered for Unlimited Samgyopsal + Short Plate Beef for Php 380/each. (Remember this, your table is supposed to get the same type of unlimited meat, so kung 4 kayo dapat pare-pareho kayo ng order) They also have cheaper deals (you can choose on their menu) and for beef diners, they offer three kinds unlimited for Php 599/each.  

The plate was stacked with meat; they are too generous on the servings as they give you huge pile of meat. All meats are unseasoned and not marinated, the cuts are very thin so it’s easy for us to cook it. Lettuce, soup and side dishes are all unlimited but ordering/refilling of meats are limited to two orders at a time.

The sauces are so-so, but the lettuce was nice and fresh. They are too generous in serving lettuce kaya sulit na sulit sa amin yun bayad. The pork itself was alright but too many fats as in halos puro taba yung napupunta sa amin kaya we ended up eating 4 plates piled with beef. Haha.

There’s one incident that makes us so disappointed, it happened to the family of four besides us (with 2 kids). Can you imagine having live lizard with lots of mosquito larvae inside the pitcher of water? And yet halos makalahati na nila yung water bago napansin ng tatay yun. As in kadiri! Kinilabutan talaga kami and got worried for the kids kasi nakainom sila ng tubig na super dumi. I know this is just isolated case but it’s so disgusting! Kaya tiniis nalang namin ni Ian and sa bahay nalang kami uminom. I don’t know what happened after they talked with the owner, pero ang bait pa nung mag asawa as they are very calm while having conversation with them. Kung ako siguro yun baka mag escandalo ako dun. Haha.

Overall, I can still recommend this restaurant because you can get a good return from less than Php 400/each you paid for unli meat. But I suggest you just ordered soda instead of asking for service water. Mahirap na. 

But if you are going to ask me where the best Korean Restaurant in town is, I will really recommend Bornga in Makati. I think I should try the famous Samgyupsalamat kasi based on my research super sulit and sarap dito. Well, let’s see.

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Summer is my favorite season of the year. I know you, some of you will hate summer because of the extreme heat weather here in our country, andyan na yung kakaligo mo palang e tagaktak na agad pawis mo, andyan rin yung papasok ka palang ng office e “Baskil” ka na agad, eto malupit yung hindi ka makatulog dahil sa init na kahit naligo ka bago matulog e mainit parin. But on the other side of the story, I love summer because of yearly outing (beach or pool time! Wohhooo!!!) I remember when I was young, our family will go to the resort for our days escapade. Di na kami makatulog a day before ng alis because we were so excited for our outing. New bathing suit, shades, hat, sun blocks, and floating devices are some of the must-have in our bag. Di pwedeng di kumpleto yan kaya may check-list kami lagi. Now I have my own family, I continue our tradition to bring our kids out during summer. If we have budget, we make sure to bring them at the beach for 3 days or more to enjoy the sand and the environment but most of the time we just booked to Airbnb for staycation and since we are just moved-in to our #TeamVillarealHome recently, I guess no need for staycation for the pool, bababa lang kami and 2 pool na agad ang bubungad sa amin. Hehe.

Seriously speaking, I love seeing my kids happy whenever they are in the pool. Ang saya nila promise! Na halos ayaw na ngang umahon eh. Haha.  Well, bata eh at yan lang naman ang simpleng kaligayahan nila. So when I saw the poster posted at the bulletin board in our building regarding the #CaptureMomentsofSummer, I immediately joined the contest. Here are my entries:

Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your sunshine. ♥
Age doesn't matter to enjoy summer! 65 years! Looks 35, Feels 25, Acts 5! ♥
Let's have some fun in the sun!
Don't be afraid to swim, you will only succeed if you try. You can do it ate! ♥

Here's my husband entries, so beautiful!

Escaping the Sun
A quick play on this wonderful summer ♥
And I get to spend more time with this little one ♥

I hope I can win in this contest. So please guys, once the official photos are posted at DMCI Facebook page, can you please like and share it, may points rin kasi yun eh. So that’s it pancit, if you have photos taken at any DMCI properties, you can join in this contest. Malay mo kayo Manalo db?

To know more about this contest, you may check their facebook page or visit DMCI official website. 
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