After visiting the Sumlang Lake, we then headed to Daraga Church or also known as the Our Lady of the gate or the church of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria.

“Super Ganda!” this is the only words uttered in my lips. I was instantly impressed upon seeing the church for the very first time.  According to our tour guide, this church was built by Franciscan missionaries after the eruption of Mayon that destroyed the majority of the town of Cagsawa church. We took a lot of photo as this place has the picturesque of Mt. Mayon as their background theme. Sad to say, niyakap na naman ng ulap si Mayon.

Every time we visit places like church, we make sure to say our prayer and wishes as this is our traditional routine ever since I was a kid. So I teach my kids to join us in our prayers. Good thing, mababait sila and mabilis makaintindi. I love the simplicity of the church’s interior, the ceilings and walls are just plain white yet it maintains the solemnity of the place.

Towards the left side of the church, you can see some life size statues of saints or the saint’s hall. You can also see the history of the church and the reconstruction details.

Look at the belfry tower, it was remained untouched. We were not able to explore the place as we were like scorching under the heat and my kids are already irritated. But before stepping back outside, we prayed and thanked our Lord for all the blessings that we received and for giving us the chance to visit and explore the city of Albay.

Next destination: Legazpi Boulevard
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We love to eat, my kids are happy whenever we treat them out every weekend. Ang saya lang sa feeling na I have kids who I believe future food bloggers. Why? Kasi after we say the prayer before meal, Rhian will ask me to take pictures of the food. O db ang saya lang. She even leaves a comment on every food she ate.

One fine Sunday afternoon, after we heard mass my husband decided to try Il Fiore Earth Café Gelato Lab near Century Mall. Actually he just saw it at Metrodeal which offers 50% discount coupons so he grabbed the opportunity and purchased 12 vouchers! Kami na takot magutom.

According to the staff of this restaurant, “Il Fiore” is translated from Italian word as “The Flower”. The owner (Hazel Que) is actually stayed in Italy and studied on how to make healthy and creamy yoghurts and gelato. In fact she actually told me that they throw the gelato after 5 days, hindi na daw kasi fresh pag pinaabot pa ng matagal.

Look at this one, the wall art of this café is made of fresh and real moss. Nice to look but hands-off please. :)

Upon entering the café, the light and colorful interiors will welcome you. I’m so in-love with the pastel colors of the wall, it’s like I’m inside the children’s playroom. The place is well-lighted and well-ventilated. They offer healthy and sumptuous meals like pastas, salads, burgers, organic creamy gelatos that are truly made from heaven, coffees that soothe your cravings for hot drinks and flavorful yoghurts. The prices are very affordable and worth it because it satisfy your desires of delicious dishes.

My husband ordered for Portabello Mozza Burger with side. It’s a fried portabello mushroom burger with crispy zucchini and mozzarella cheese filling along with alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes and lettuce.

Portabello Mozza Burger with side Php 420.00
I chose to try their Mushroom Penne Pesto. It is sautéed with sundried tomato and mushroom in pesto sauce. The parmesan cheese adds such amazing flavor and will definitely prove truly mouthwatering dish. Actually my kids love it!

Mushroom Penne Pesto Php 260
Since my kids love Spaghetti, we ordered for Kofta Spaghetti Pomodoro. This dish is served with fresh tomato sauce, topped with three crispy kofta balls. All meals are good for sharing and served in eco-friendly to-go boxes.

Kofta Spaghetti Pomodoro Php 240
For our helper, she chose the Garden Burger set meal which includes organic sweet potato fries. According to her, the burger itself is tasty.

Garden Burger set Php 295
My husband is so curious for the Mushroom Chips and Dip, so he ordered one for us. It’s like a chicharon but a healthy version with home-made salsa.

Mushroom Chips & Dip Php 280
As a reward for my kids, we bought two cups of creamy gelato. Our gelato was a perfect combination of Mango Dragonfruit and Dark Chocolate Ganache. If you’re not sure with your orders, don’t worry because they will allow you to taste every flavor before ordering.

Gelato @Php 140 /each
Overall, we really enjoyed our delightful dinner as it really gratifies our appetite for some healthy yet scrumptious meals. You can visit their café from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30am – 10:00pm.

Il Fioré Gelato Lab and Earth Café
Unit 101 Argo II Salamanca Street
Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
Tel No.: 555-5645
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After our short trip to Cagsawa Ruins, we headed at Sumlang Lake in Camalig Albay. It was actually referred to us by our friend and told us that this is the newest tourist attraction in albay, good thing we include this in our list because we really enjoyed cruising on the lake using bamboo rafts. I’m so happy that my kids love and appreciate nature; in fact they keep on saying “Mommy, daming trees”.

We pay Php 20/each for environmental fee and another Php 25/each for the raft tour. You will be surprised because it’s not just a bamboo raft, they placed couches with different style and design which makes your cruising more comfortable while watching the Mt. Mayon. According to tour guide, Sumlang Lake is said to be the single body water that can catch the perfect shape of Mt. Mayon. Kaya lang again, nahiya si Mayon kaya paa lang nya ang nakita namin. Ang daya!

My kids are really happy in this place especially when we were cruising on the lake. We were accompanied by boatmen using long wooden poles to move the raft, according to our boatmen the lake is between 4-5 feet deep.  

There are several activities you can do in this place, like Kayaking and Aqua Biking which cost Php 50/each for 30 minutes. Camping and Swimming are not allowed, there are snacks and drinks available for purchased at the intermittent location.

How I wish we can stay here a little more time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery but we need to leave the place as we have other places to visit. Ang sarap tumira dito, fresh air, tahimik and very peaceful. In short, ang ganda sa probinsya!

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My husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Legaspi City and Misibis Bay. We actually score a good offer of Misibis Bay during the travel expo last year which includes airfare and accommodation. I will have a separate post for our Misibis Bay trip. For now I share you some of the highlights of our Legazpi Half-day city tour.

Our flight schedule to Legazpi is 5am, so we were at the airport as early as 3:30am.  Imagine I wake up my kids at 2:30am, binihisan nalang sila since they already took a bath on the evening. There are so many firsts on this trip, our first PAL experience, Rhaine’s first flight, our first travel as family of four and our first visit at Bicol. So imagine how excited I am about this trip.

Mount Mayon is an active volcano with perfect shape and can be seen from any corner in Bicol. My husband is so lucky to capture the volcano during our early morning trip.

We didn’t avail the tour packages that Misibis Bay offer, ang mahal kasi imagine they will charged us Php 5k for 2-3 hours tour. Pricey! Good thing our friend helped us looked for the van who will tour us around the city; we just pay Php 2,500 for the van and gave our driver/tour guide / photographer a tip.

Welcome to Legazpi City!
Our first destination is the famous Cagsawa Ruins. This is always a part of every trip in Legaspi and this has always been a must see place for tourist. Entrance fees are collected at the gate for only Php 20/each. I believe they will use it for the maintenance of the ruins. I was surprised how beautiful the place is, I remember the Ruins of St. Paul during our anniversary trip at Macau, ang ganda nya promise! Since the weather at Legazpi is unpredictable, we just enjoy the gloomy weather that day.

Cagsawa Church was destroyed and buried during the eruption of the Mayon Volcano in February 1, 1814 and this church bell tower remains uncovered by the volcanic debris. This is one of the perfect places where Mayon Volcano appears to be a perfect cone. Kaya lang mukhang nahihiya si Mayon sa amin magpakita eh.

Imagine this is part of the church ceiling.
After Cagsawa Ruins, our next destination was the Sumlang Lake. I will write about this place on the blog soon. 
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