Yes! You read it right. Our first choice of natural healing is Essential Oils. We’ve been using essential oils  for the past 8 months (different brand because one of my officemates are introduced it to me) before were finally decided to join the bandwagon of Young Living. I will make some short story about how these powerful oils help me in my journey towards parenthood and make my life easier.

Young Living essential oils offer hundreds of essential oils and oil-infused products. Whether you use it for aromatherapy, personal care or household solutions, every aspect of daily life can be benefit from a few drops of oil. The YLEO are extracted from aromatic plant sources via stem distillation and are highly concentrated and far more potent than dry herbs so you don’t need to worry as these oils are pure natural or known as “Nature’s living energy”.

I read a lot about essential oils and I found out that EO are considered mankind’s first medicine and have been used around the world for centuries. Essential oils and other aromatics have been used in religious rituals, help support the body’s natural systems and other physical and spiritual needs. So when I told my husband about this thing, he was interested and told me to read some blogs/reviews about YL. Good thing, one of my mommy bloggers friend, Ciarra invited me to attend the 1st ever seminar of YL in the Philippines. My husband and I attended the seminar, got some freebies and leaflets and right after the session, we signed up.

We just got our starter kits after 3 weeks and started using it everyday. Yes! Ganon na ata kami ka addict sa YLEO. Each basic starter kit contains the following: 11 (5ml essential oil), 2 NingXia Red Single Samples (2 oz), 10 Essential Oil sample packets, 1 Aroma Glide, 1 Rose shaped diffuser, 10 sample oil bottles and Magazines.

Starter Kit
Whenever I forgot to put some EO before going to sleep, our panganay will stand up and picked up the box of oils while saying “Mommy, you forgot to put oils, I want the purple one”. Yes! Favorite nila yung Lavander while my husband and I love the combination of Peppermint and Lavender.  According to the manual included in the kit, Lavender is universally regarded as one of the most powerful and versatile oils. This is also their top products because it offers a host of benefits and a sweet, floral aroma.  

One of my new friends from SG (Jasmine) gave us booklet where new members like me can make fun with the easy recipes which requires only the EO in the premium Starter Kit. I’m so in-love with that book because I can create recipes for roll-ons, sprays, scrubs, bath salts, food, drink and many more. I recently share on my IG account some of my blends which are super effective for me and my family.

Each oils has their own specialties or common uses. I will share you some benefits of each oils so that it will help you find the correct EO for you.

brings a sense of peace and harmony
Promotes restful sleep
Improves the overall appearance of the skin

Supports healthy digestion
Cools the body
Promotes healthy respiratory function
Natural energy booster

 - Supports the immune system
 - Supports healthy lung function
 - Excellent for oral hygiene

 - Supports healthy joints and cartilage function
 - Eases minor head tension
 - Comforts muscles after exercise and physical exertion

 - Freshens the air
 - Eliminates odor
 - Improve the overall appearance of the skin
 - Enjoy the outdoors annoyance free

These are the basic oils that we use everyday and it really helps us a lot. I will make another kwento on how effective these oils on us especially on my kids. Yesterday, our panganay is constipated for 3 days already, as in di sya nag popoops and masakit na tummy nya, she already ate lots of fruits and water but still no effect sa kanya and makikita mo talaga sya na nahihirapan. As a mother di ko sya matiiis makitang nahihirapan anak ko so I decided to use YLEO to her. What I did was, I put one drop of Digize combined with Grapeseed as carrier oil and rub on her tummy, after 5 minutes lumabas lahat ng naimbak sa tyan nya! Effective! Ang galing ng YLEO!

Another kwento, I experienced severe headache few days ago because of puyat and pagod narin from work and mommy duties. I don’t usually take medicines kasi nga ayokong maging dependent sa gamot, so I make some blends for headache (5 drops of Peppermint, 5 drops of Panaway, 5 drops of Lavender and fill the rest with carrier oil), I roll it on the back of my neck, across forehead and on temples to relieve my head tension, after few minutes parang nagdahilan lang yung sakit ng ulo ko at biglang nawala. Kaya everday hindi pwedeng hindi ko dala yung ginawa kong blends.

Last week, my kids are not feeling well because of cough and colds and hindi sila nakakatulog nang maayos, so decided diffusing Peppermint + Lavander + Purification. After few minutes, nakatulog na sila as in late morning na sila nagising.

Last weekend, I try the combination of Aroma Ease which has a cool, minty aroma and contains powerful essential oil constituents that contribute to its calming scent and Purification to neutralize odors and enhance the air in our room. Alam nyo na nagging result, maaga kaming lahat nakatulog. I don’t know kung addict na kami sa EO or sadyang madaming good benefits ang YLEO.

I will make another kwento and new recipes on the blog soon. For the meantime, if you are planning to join this bandwagon and experience the benefits of YLEO, click on here
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Hello my dear readers! How are you? Me? Sorry for not updating my blog as I’m so busy with my work and family of course.  We are now finalizing our #ProjectHappyHome and hopefully in God’s will makalipat na kami early next year. Woohooo..

Anyway, let’s go back in the main topic. Last end of September, I joined in our office challenge called “The Biggest Loser” and now we are on our 8th week and happy to say that I really love myself now. I will make a short kwento about it and why I joined in the challenge.

Before I got married, my weight is 120lbs and my waist line is 26. Yes, you read it right! Ang sexy ko at ang gaan ko noon, well that’s way back 11 years ago. Since lahi namin is tabain right after manganak, I gain 6lbs when I give birth to Rhian, thank God I lost 5lbs after 2 months because of breastfeeding. However, I gain weight again when I got pregnant with Rhaine, this time hindi na ko nag lose ng weight. I don’t know why maybe because I love to eat, we love to eat should I say. Remember, we have our #MarriageFirstFriday and we make sure to eat out during weekends so pano ko papayat nun db. I gained almost 10lbs in fact sometimes people might think I’m pregnant kasi ang laki laki ng tyan ko as in, I don’t know if I will be happy about it kasi ginagamit ko sya minsan to give priority sa jeep but sometimes napapaisip ako, am I that big na talaga. Whenever I asked my husband, he will always tell me na “I’m sexy”, na “I’m beautiful” and no matter what happens he will love me for the rest of his life. Ang sweet!!!

Anyway, since I joined the contest and I have the confidence na mananalo ako (naks! Lakas ng fighting spirit ko db) but seriously I really want to bring back my sexy body (naks!) so I put myself in a strict diet and exercise. Well aside from the money involve, my main reason why I join the contest is that I want to lower my bad cholesterol and improved the good one. Yes! Ang taas ng bad cholesterol ko mga beshies! Although di ako nag mamaintenance still I need to be healthy and take care of my body. Remember, Health is Wealth! Sharing you our progress sa “Balik Alindog” program namin.

Every Monday is our weigh in period and so far, I rank 1st in 4 consecutive weeks. Wohhoooo…. we’re still have 14 more weeks to go before our final weigh in. Matagal tagal pa sya and dadaan pa yung mga holidays, so I wish mapigilan ko pa ang hindi kumain ng madami. But seeing the results, mas ginaganahan akong mareach yung ideal weight ko.

If you will ask me ano-anong ginagawa ko to achieve my ideal weight, simple lang using this formula, DIET + EXERCISE = LOSE WEIGHT. Yes! Effective sya sa akin promise. I have cheat days parin naman every Friday because of our #MarriageFirstFriday and weekend gala with the family. I just limit what I ate, let’s say if before I ate 1.5 cup of plain/garlic rice, now I ate half cup of brown rice. Every Tuesday and Thursday I make sure to run or attend Zumba class in the office, good thing I have supportive friends na sinasamahan ako mag run and mag Zumba, they also encourage me to control my intake. Well tawag ko nga sa kanila mga "Coaches" ko kasi they believe in me na mananalo ako. Sharing with you one of my latest photos na nakaka proud kasi I lose almost 12 lbs. Wow! Tska na ulit ako mag uupload ng photo pag nareach ko na yung goal ko. Hihi.


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It’s been 3 months since our 5th wedding anniversary at Misibis Bay and the memories are still fresh especially the surprise gift that my husband did to me during our stay in the resort.  I’m not expecting any gift from my husband since he shouldered all our expenses for our escapade but I’m wrong, what he did makes me feel so blessed and I’m sooo kilig! Ang haba ng hair ko!

We started our anniversary day by having breakfast at the restaurant and visited the Cagraray Eco Park. We took a nap and on the afternoon we decided to explore the beach. I thought we will be having dinner buffet at night but I was wrong! I have no idea about his plan; in fact I decided to wear ordinary shorts and tshirt that night however I saw my husband wearing semi-formal, nahiya naman ako kaya nagpalit rin ako ng outfit that night.

As we were walking towards the restaurant, we passed by the beach. My kids are heading in the direction of the private set-up on the beach and I keep on calling their names kasi nga baka mya dumating na yung nagpa set-up nun. So here it goes,

Me – Rhian, Rhaine, wag kayo dyan. Di tayo dito, dun tayo sa restaurant.
Rhian and Rhaine: (Nagpunta sa may table at nag check kung anong nasa table)
Me – Anak, naku wag kayong malikot dyan. Magagalit yung nagpagawa nyan.
Rhian and Rhaine: (Umupo na sa upuan)
Ian: (nag vivideo na pala para makita yung magiging reaksyon ko)
Me – (talking to the waiter) Kuya, ang ganda naman ng pagkakaset-up nito. Ikaw gumawa nito?
Waiter – Yes po ma’am.
Me – Ang ganda grabe. Siguro family of four ang nagpaset up sayo nito noh kasi meron mga sand buckets, Beach Pails and Shovel yung ginawa mo.
Waiter:  (nag smile lang)
Me – Rhian, Rhaine! Let’s go, darating na yung may ari nyan cge kayo.
Ian: Happy Anniversary Honey! (sabay hug and kiss)
Me: (In total shock!) Wow! Yung totoo? Tayo ang mag didinner ditto?
Waiter – Happy Anniversary po. Nahihirapan na nga po akong sagutin mga tanong nyo kasi baka po mabuko si sir.

Kala ko magpro-propose ulit eh. Haha
Cheers for 5 wonderful years!

To my surprise, speechless ako for about 5 minutes. My husband keeps on talking with me kasi nakita nya kung pano ako nashock sa surprised nya. Can you believe na this is one of my dreams to have a private and romantic dinner at the beach? After 11 years, my husband makes my dreams come true! Sweetness overload! 

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What can be more rewarding than the pure, innocent smile of a baby?

Keep your babies smiling by keeping them dry and comfortable with Merries Tape Diapers from Japan's #1 diaper brand!

Why should moms choose and trust Merries Tape Diapers for their babies? Because it offers unique features:

  • Excellent Absorbency- Babies’ skin stay dry and comfortable as Merries diaper quickly absorbs urine before theskin becomes wet, which prevents rashes and leakage.
  • Exceptional Breathability- Merries tape diaper has a triple layer air-through system that releases the heat and moisture inside the diaper, giving the babies’ skin long lasting dryness.
  • Gentleness- Babies’ skin has only about ½ thickness of adult and is very delicate, this is why constant friction can lead to skin rashes. Merries tape diaper is so soft and fluffy from the inside and out, it is gentle to the babies sensitive skin.
  • Soft poo leak guard- Stay leak free with Merries diapers, so babies stay comfy all the time!
  • Soft Reusable Magic Seal- Merries tape diaper has a magic seal that can be adjusted easily to comfortably fit to your babies.
  • Color-changing Wetness Indicators- Merries has wetness indicator that can help moms to know how much the baby pees and shows when to change your baby's diaper

Stay worry free from leakage, wetness and rashes with Merries Diaper and let your babies show off their charm with their long lasting smile!

Merries brand is the #1 sales in Japan for 10 consecutive years [#1 by brand in Japan Baby Diaper market in term of Sales Value share, based on research SRI data of INTAGE Inc., Japan from Jan. 2007 to Dec. 2016. (total of tape-type and pants-type)]. Merries Diapers are distributed in the
Philippines by Vibelle Distribution, Inc. and are exclusively available in Rustan’s Makati, Rockwell, Shangrila, Ayala Cebu, Seda CDO and in Shopwise Festival Alabang, Sucat, Sta Rosa Laguna.

To get more information and updates about the brand visit follow Merries at Facebook: Merries Philippines and on Instagram & Twitter: @merriesph

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Robinsons Department Store marks the start of the festive season, bringing fun and excitement for little ones as its launches this September the annual Kids and Baby Fair.

Moms can get up to P100 off when they shop for their precious ones with a minimum, single-receipt purchase of P3,000 from the Children’s & Infants’ Departments on all weekends of the month. They can also get twice the rewards points on all Fridays of September, from 10am to 2pm, whenever they use your Robinsons Rewards Card.

From pastel casual wear that are bright and happy for playtime, to dainty skirts and polos for dressier occasions, clothes come in a magical assortment of colors and designs to choose from. They also sport fun prints for girls like flowers, butterflies and rainbows while boys, on the other hand, get to explore his adventurous side with prints of dinosaurs and monsters. 

Little misses and misters can look sweet and stylish with the latest looks from Robinsons Department Store’s Kids and Baby Fair. 
Your tween wonders can start their style game early with cool separates that are perfect for mixing and matching for the girls, while preppy polo shirts, blazers, shorts and jeans are perfect for the boys.

Little ones can score big on style at the Robinsons Department Store’s Kids and Baby Fair.

Take your kids out shopping this whole month of September, and make their style dreams come true, only where there is surely more to love--Robinsons Department Store. For more information, and to get updated on the latest promos, like Robinsons Department Store on Facebook and follow them on Instagram 
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We want our vacation to be one of the most relaxing one, not only because we have two kids in tow but because we want to enjoy the place itself (stress free) so when we look for the destination for our 5th wedding anniversary, top on our lists is Misibis Bay – a sanctuary for unwinding or for recreation at the same time. 

If you think you have nothing to do in the resort, you’re wrong because aside from the pristine beach and infinity pool, you can also visit the two popular tourist spots in the area – Stella Maris Chapel with overlooking the Mayon Volcano and the gorgeous Amphitheater.

We asked the receptionist about the tour package within the vicinity (Eco Park Tour), she gladly informed us that the rate is Php 150/person for the adults and kids are free of charge. The tour includes a van service with driver / tour guide, entrance to the Cagraray Eco Park, Amphitheather and Stella Maris Chapel. The Eco Park is very close to Misibis Resort, around 10-15 minutes’ walk from the resort. Actually on our 2nd day, nilakad lang sya ni Ian to check kung gano sya kalayo, this is also his opportunity to take lots of photos during sunset.

Our 1st stop is the Stella Maris Chapel located on top of a hill which has become a favorite venue for wedding. Yes! You read it right, if you have much budget for your wedding, please include this Chapel in one of your choices. Ang ganda nya promise! Very solemn with overlooking the famous Mayon Volcano and seascape. The chapel went on renovation after the storm; it is lined with glass windows and walls and more beautiful than ever as the interiors are so gorgeous especially during sunset! I’m soooo in-love with the minimalist design of the chapel, ang romantic!

The Amphitheater on the other hand is a perfect place for photo ops and private dinner. Did you know that this was where the Amazing Race Asia 4 had a pit stop here? Yes, you read it right. There isn’t much to do here but to take lots of photos, you can also have a romantic dinner for two set-up with candles lights. Make sure to pass by the amphitheater during sunset for the best view and dramatic feel of this site.

If you want to make most out of your stay in Misibis, then you should include Cagraray Eco Park on your things to do. Don’t worry, it’s very near the resort lang naman. You can also enjoy the resort with their own amenities such as the kayak which my husband tried. My kids love to play in the sand while I enjoy watching them. Oh before I forgot, the pool is awesome! We really had fun under the gloomy weather in the resort. 

Simple advise, if you're planning to visit Misibis Bay all you need to is to enjoy the place and relax kasi super ganda nya talaga PROMISE! 

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