Hello guys, how are you today? It’s bed weather na naman and I’m so happy kasi long weekend na! Anyway, my kids are sick and I’m so worried, I hope they can feel better soon para naman makagala na ulit kami. Please include Rhian and Rhaine in your prayers ha. Thank you in advance.


Last week, ulan ng ulan for whole day lalo na sa gabi and since malamig, masarap ang may kayakap pero ibahin nyo asawa ko.

Me – Hon, ang lamig noh. Baka naman gusto mong i-off na yung aircon.
Ian – oo nga eh, sarap matulog. Okay lang yan, naka power saver naman yung aircon eh.
Me – Okay cge, ang sarap cguro ng may kayakap.. Ang lamig eh. (Naglalambing lang ako sa kanya because I’m not feeling well.)
Ian – Malamig? E di mag kumot ka.  (in serious face!)
Me – Ah ganon ha, okay fine. Sa lapag ka matulog ngayon.

In fairness naman sa kanya, kinumutan naman nya ako but still wala akong nakuhang power hug sa kanya. O db, asawa ko na ang pinaka sweet na tao! Nakakainis.


My husband is not a facebook lover, mas gusto pa nyang mag pokemon or magbasa ng mga updates sa basketball at news, unlike me. I always check my FB account once in a while or sometimes pag hindi busy kaya I read some jokes online na for sure hindi pa nababasa ni Ian.

Our children slept early last Tuesday so we’re having good times together sa room, and since nasa mood akong kulitin sya, ganito ang usapan namin.

Me – Alam mo hon, nung isang araw pauwi ako, sa jeep may isang matandang babae na may dalang balde. Super baho nung balde, halos lahat kami hindi matiis yung amoy nung balde hanggang yung katabi ko nagsalita na at tinanong yung matanda kung anong laman ng balde nya, aba sumagot yung matanda pagalit pa nga eh, sabi ba naman, “Bakit bibili ka ba?” grabe hon, napahiya yung babae. Tapos ayun na nga, di rin nakatiis yung driver kaya nagsalita rin sya sabi nung driver, “Nanay, ano po ba yang dala nyo?” nagulat kaming lahat kasi sumigaw ulit yung matanda, sabi ba naman sa driver, “Bakit bibili ka ba?” So ayun napahiya rin yung driver. E mukhang napikon yung driver kaya ginawa nya, biglang preno sya. Ayun.

Ian – O tapos.
Me – Ayun na nga, biglang preno.
Ian – E anong laman ng balde?
Me – Bakit bibili ka ba?!

Ay grabe ang tawa namin at sa sobrang lakas ng tawa namin, nagising ang mga bata.

Ayun lang mga pare at mare! Sa uulitin! Have a long weekend!
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One year ago today, a beautiful baby girl was born. I can’t hardly believe it. You came to us unexpectedly but your birth brought so much joy and happiness in our family and darling our love grows more every day. I remember the day when I found out we were expecting you like it was yesterday. Today, I was nostalgic because time really flies so fast like what I always tells you “parang kelan lang nung nasa DR ako at hinihiwa ang tyan ko para ilabas ka, ngayon hindi na kita mahabol sa kalikutan mo” and to be honest anak, I am sad to see you growing up so fast, but I am already so proud of the little girl you are becoming.

Rhaine you know what I’m so happy and proud to be your mom. You really look like me, whenever I look at you, parang nakikita ko yung mukha ko nung bata. One time, I told your dad that I love looking at you kasi you’re so beautiful. I love your natural curly hair, your dimples, your cleft chin and your little kuntil on your right ear, sabi nga nila ikaw na ang pinagpala. Sometimes I feel so guilty for not giving you my golden milk for a year, na breastfed lang kasi kita until you’re 5 months old, then natigil na because of my new work. You know what anak, I cried when the day I came home without milk for you, ang sakit sa dibdib naisip ko that I’m being unfair to you because your Ate is a breastfed baby until 1 year old but your Dad told me that I should not stressed myself for not giving you my milk kasi lahat naman ng ways ginawa ko to breastfeed you eh. So I hope someday you will not get mad at me ha.

Rhaine, I hope when the time comes na mababasa mo tong blog na to, you will be proud of me because I documented all your milestones in life by writing a letter to you every 20th of the month. I will continue to write and update all my readers about you and your ate so that when you grew up, may mapagkwekwentuhan kayo ng ate mo. Speaking of your sister, Rhaine always remember that your sister loves you so much!  Lagi ka nyang hinahanap whenever na aalis kami at sya lang ang kasama, ayaw ka nga nyang naiiwan sa bahay eh, ganon ka nya ka love.

First birthdays are always the most memorable so we are making sure that you will remember your first birthday forever, that’s why we throw a party for you today because we want you to feel that you’re special, that we love you. Don’t worry Rhaine, this is just the first of many parties we will have for you. Sa 2nd birthday mo Jollibee naman then ang next is pag 7 years old ka na.  I always pray each day that you will be curious and bold and that you will love God above everyone else. Your daddy and I love you so much and I know that God loves you even more. You have changed our lives so much for better and we can’t wait to see what fascinating things life has in store for you. Rhaine, everyone wants to cuddle you and hold you in their arms. How can you blame them? You are so cute!

Again, Happy 1st Birthday Baby bunso. We love you so much and remember that you have changed our world and our family is now better because you are part of it. 
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My husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary out of town. This is our first time to celebrate outside Metro Manila. Lagi nalang kasi na po postponed eh due to several reasons but now this is it! Finally, out of town exactly on the day of our anniversary. Woohoooo.. it’s actually double celebration, our 4th wedding anniversary and 10th year anniversary as couple or should I say togetherness (we’ve been couple since July 24, 2006). Yes! Isang dekada na kaming magkarelasyon. We arrived at Thunderbird Resort (Poro-Point) past 2pm, after settling-in we roamed around the place and rode in a 4-seater golf cart for the tour.

We then decided to availed the dinner buffet at Vegas Café for Php 330/net, since there is a van ride going to Fiesta Casino and Vegas Café, we opted to try it instead of driving our own car. Isa pa hindi kami familiar sa place baka maligaw pa kami lalo na gabi na and umuulan pa. Yes! During our stay here, every late in the afternoon until midnight umuulan kaya pati yung car show held at the resort for 2 days is unsuccessful dahil sa ulan.

Anyway, there is no special thing about the food, it’s just so-so. Dumating pa sa point na halos ubos na lahat yung food and waiting pa for the refill which takes 10-15 minutes. E pano kung gutom na gutom ka na, e di nahimatay ka na sa gutom. Haha.  Here are the photos of the Vegas Café.
Since we have 3 minors with us, including our yaya we were not able to visit the casino just behind the café. Sayang gusto pa naman namin magliwaliw kahit papano, palubag loob nalang yung nakita namin si Ronaldo Valdez, father of Janno Gibbs that time, kasi may concern si Janno at the Casino at 9pm, unfortunately our kids are sleepy kaya nagpahatid nalang ulit kami sa hotel.

The following day, we woke up a little bit late. Napasarap ang tulog namin pare-pareho dahil sa pagod, we had our buffet breakfast at Olives Restaurant, the food was average like in Vegas Café, there no special thing about the food but still I’m so happy that the management gave us complimentary chocolate cake on our anniversary plus they upgrade our yaya’s meal into buffet. Iba na daw kc yung lasa nung bacon nila (our yaya ordered for plated meal with bacon), we waited for about 20 minutes with several follow-ups and still hindi pa nadating order ni yaya kaya the manager told us na she can get what she wants at the buffet area paying only the price of her original order so we save at least Php 150. Not bad right?

Now the fun part - SWIMMING! The kids were so excited that they wanted to go swimming right away after we were all settled in. This was at about 2pm which would explain why they were only few ones at the pool during that time.  Unfortunate may bisita ako during our stay kaya ingit ako sa kanila. Imagine, 4 years kong inantay na mag out of town kami, na makapag enjoy ako sa pool pero bigla boom! Huhu. Since di ako pwede mag swimming, ako nalang ang nag take ng pictures sa kanila.

 This is life! 

Since it’s our anniversary that day, we opted to explore the city or what they call “Bayan”. We had our lunch at Max Restaurant and decided to take some dessert at one of the must-try restaurant in La Union, Halo Halo de Iloko. (I will make separate post on where to eat in La Union)

The rain started to pour when we were about to go out so we have no choice but to stay in the room. Sayang, di pa namin nalilibot yung buong place eh. Huhu.  So to make our last night at the resort, nag picture picture nalang kami sa lobby.

It seems like the rain won’t stop, we decided to have our dinner at Olives Restaurant. Dapat actually 2 lang kami ni Ian para naman meron kaming quality time together, but since we have a toddler in tow na ayaw humiwalay sa amin, ayan kasama namin sya mag dinner kahit na antok na antok na. (Rhaine is with her yaya na sa room)

And for our last day at the resort, we woke up early for breakfast and to maximize our time. Kaya for 2 hours, nag swimming lang sila ng nagswimming habang ako naman nag eenjoy sa kakapanood sa kanila. Okay, honestly naingit talaga ako sa kanila kasi I really want to swim pero since may biglang bisita ako, hindi talaga uubra. Huhu.

We left Thunderbird Resort by 1pm and got home at Makati around 9pm. We had our late lunch on the way and another stopover in NLEX. Overall, we really enjoyed our 3days/2nights at Thunderbird Resort – Poro Point. This is one of the memorable place for us as this is our first out-of-town as family of four. 

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Our family is not perfect but we are blessed. We went through lot of struggles in life but we chose to face it and move forward for better life. Ian and I we’re married for 4 years and being together as couple for 10 years, we know each other very well but until now we discover something new in our personalities.  Syempre ika nga nila, pag mag asawa na, continue parin ang mga natutuklasan nyo sa isa’t isa. Meron maganda, meron rin panget but we embraced it with all our hearts because we believed that if you love someone, you will accept him/her for who they are.

One of my friends told me that I have a perfect family, but I correct her and told her that I don’t have a perfect family instead I have a beautiful family. Ian is a very loving man, even before I say “Yes” to be his girlfriend, I saw his heart full of sincerity and loyalty. For 6 years as bf/gf stage, we’ve been through ups and downs, there are times that I want to quit, I remember that is almost 1 week to go before our wedding day when we had a fight and told him that I don’t want to marry him. Yes! 1 week nalang nung bigla akong umayaw, but God is so good to us, he guided us and give us time to talk with each other and make things work out. It’s not easy but love wins!

During our 1st year of married life, it’s like we were in a cloud 9 and we don’t think too much about our problems, we just enjoy our life as a newlywed couple and live life to the fullest. God gave us a bundle of joy before our 1st wedding anniversary and we’re so happy that time. Rhian is one of our greatest blessings from God and we will be forever grateful to him for giving us Rhian at the right time. Pero kahit na gano pa kami kasaya, problems will always come in our life. Hindi naman maiiwasan yun db, I found out that I’m pregnant with Rhaine before Rhian’s 1st Birthday. It was unexpected blessings that we received, it’s a mixed emotions and believe me, super worried ako that time because I don’t know how to handle two babies with very small age gap, but I believe that God has another plan for us. Our savings is deflated that time since we’re still recovering from paying our debts from giving birth to Rhian (remember, na emergency CS ako) so yung ipon namin nagalaw narin. Then, another problem came up during my 2nd trimester when Friendster declares to shut down the company. Super hirap noon sa part ko kasi I know we need extra money, I need to work to help my husband in our expenses, lalo na malapit na kong manganak noon, although the company is so good to us because we were compensated properly, binayaran kami based on the years of service and since I worked at Friendster for almost 5 years, I got more than enough money for my delivery.

When Rhaine came into our lives, our life has changed. Mas sumaya kami, mas naging kumpleto, mas napatunayan ko na mahal na mahal ako ng asawa ko, na maayos kong napalaki si Rhian kasi she love her sister so much and lastly, na kaya ko palang mag alaga ng 2 baby at the same time. I am super mom! Despite of all the problems that we faced, my husband told me that we should always look on the bright side of our life, that it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be really hard, that we need each other to work it out because at the end it’s going to be worth it.

I thought our life will be easy now especially financially since I got back to work 2 months after I gave birth but I’m wrong. Mas lumaki ang gastos namin dahil narin nalaki na ang pamilya namin, plus the fact that I need to get yaya for Rhaine. Milk, diapers, vaccines na ginto ang presyo, clothes (basic clothes) lalo na ang bilis lumaki ng mga bata, payment for the helpers/yaya, etc. parang walang katapusang gastos. We have two houses na binabayaran, car loan, insurance plans and other bank loans and expenses every month like groceries, do you believe that our grocery expense per week is Php 6,000. Yes! I don’t know kung bakit ganyan kalaki every month pero hindi naman kami maluho, I mean basic needs lang ang kinukuha namin, I guess kasi every day nagbabaon kami ng lunch ni Ian and mas marami na kami sa bahay ngayon.

But again, I believe that God has a better plan for us, we don’t think too much of our problems in life, because for us it’s just a test papers given by God to see how much we’ve learned in his subject called “LIFE”. I read a quote one time and it really sinks in my head, the quote stated like this “If your problem in life is as big as a ship, never forget that your blessings are as wide as the ocean”. Then I realized that I am blessed. I am blessed because I have a happy family that loves me so much, I have a very loving and supportive husband who never left me, I have two amazing and beautiful daughters, we have a stable jobs, a roof over my head and a warm home, a bed to sleep, a few good friends, food on our table that I don’t have to go hungry, clothes to wear, I woke up every day with more health than illness, I can hold up my head with a smile on my face and truly thankful for all the blessings we received,  I am richer than I think.

It is an amazing thing that I am here now, I am alive and no matter how hard life can get, I will always go to bed grateful for everything and live my life to the fullest!

Happy and Blessed Family


Dear God,

 If today I lose my hope please remind me that your plans are better than my dreams. 


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Ian and I love photography. In fact, we enrolled in photography class way back 2009 and joined several photo marathons. We also printed out some of our photos and put it in the photobook. As of now, we have more than 20 photobooks and 10 big photo albums. O db, kami na adik sa pictures. Well, we decided to print it out kasi naman mahirap kung naka save lang sya sa pc, cd, dvd or even usb kasi for sure in the future pwede syang mabura or mawala, kaya much better na naka print na sya db.

A photo posted by Rackell Villareal (@rnvillareal) on

And since we love photography, we put up photobooth business which helps us in our expenses. So if you need photobooth on your special day, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. Oh by the way, please do like our facebook page. Thanks!

Anyway, to make the long story short, I just want to share our family photoshoot and also the pre-birthday shoot for our dear Rhaine. Dar, our photographer and the owner of Frames Perfect Studios is our friend’s partner in life. Honestly, I love his shots, halos lahat ng kuha nya gusto ko kaya ang hirap mamili ng ipapaprint kaya no choice ako kung hindi ipa-print lahat. Haha. Now, sharing with you guys some of the BEST and my favorite shots during our shoot. Now, if you want to book for your special events like birthday, baptism, wedding or even just a special occasion, I highly recommend Dar and promise hindi kayo magsisisi, isama nyo narin pala ang photobooth namin ha.

First Photoshoot (Together with my in-laws last May 22, 2016)

Date: May 22, 2016

Location: Along BGC and Fully Booked, BGC

Second Photoshoot (Family and Pre-Birthday Shoot for Rhaine)

Date: July 17, 2016
Location: BGC and Kidzooona at Uptown Mall

O tama ako db, ang gaganda ng mga kuha sa amin. So sulit talaga yung package na kinuha namin. So if you want to have your family photoshoot, just contact Dar. Don't worry nagrereply naman agad sya eh, basta state your name and tell him na nabasa nyo dito sa blog ko yung about sa service nya. 

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