My dearest Rhian, you turned three today and you know what I’m so happy and a little bit emotional because you’re growing up so quickly. It’s just seems like yesterday when I gave birth to you and now look at you now, you’re amazing, smart and beautiful  little girl like me.

Mother and Child

I just want you to know that you and your sister Rhaine, are the most wonderful gifts that we received from the Lord. At 3 years old, ang dami mo ng achievements and new milestones in life, and I’m sooooo proud of you. At 3 years, ang daldal mo na, ang dami mong questions sa lahat ng nakikita at napapansin mo, ang dami mong dahilan pag kinakausap kita at ang dami mong gustong mangyari sa araw-araw, kaya ginawan kita ng sarili mong hashtag #EverydaywithRhian kung saan sinashare ko sa social media yung usapan natin so that other people will know how cute you are. I am celebrating this day also as it marks my 3rd year as a “Mother”. You know what darling, you are the sweetest child ever, you always make me smile kahit na minsan napapalo kita, but ChingChing it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you anak, I just want you to learn from your mistakes so that you will not do it again. I’m so sorry my dear kung napapadalas kitang pagalitan at mapalo, I know as of the moment hindi mo pa sya maiintindihan but believe me when you grow up you will realized that I do that for you.

ChingChing, you like to smile in front of the camera (ikaw na nga ata ang #SelfiePrincess), you like to capture every moments with us. You like to dance, you like to go out and explore the world, you like to study and read books, you like play dough and you really love Doc Mc Stuffins. You love you sister very much na ayaw mong ipamigay sa iba pag niloloko ka namin, you love staycation na to the point you want to celebrate your birthday in the hotel (kaya eto, sa hotel tayo ngayon birthday mo.) ,you love to spend our whole afternoon at Kidzooona (halos lahat na ata ng branch ng kidzooona napuntahan na natin), you love to eat (as in ang gana mong kumain), you love to watch Disney Junior and Ninja Warriors. At 3 years you love to drink your milk (although hindi pa tayo nag tra-train na mag milk ka sa baso, but now as your reached another year older dapat sa baso ka na mag mi-milk ha), I allow you to eat ice cream and jelly ace (pero unti lang), but forgive me darling if I won’t allow you to eat chocolates and candies ha. Tska na cguro pag nag school ka na.

 At 3 years, you already know how to speak in English and Tagalog. Yes! Hindi ka naman namin sinanay na mag salita ng pure English as I want you to love our own dialect. You can recite the alphabet, you can identify colors, shapes, animals, numbers and kahit anong ipakita namin sayo alam moa ng isasagot mo. That’s why we decided na ienroll ka na this coming school year sa barangay because we want you to learn more and prepare you in the big school when you’re 5 years old.

ChingChing, I’m so surprised on how you recall the places we’ve been. For example, you know kung pauwi na tayo or papunta tayo kila Lola mo, you know kung on the way tayong Church or Mall. Actually, you already familiar with the place! Ang nakakatuwa pa is at your age, ang galing ng memory mo. Good Job Rhian. At 3 years, I'm so happy na nakakasama na kita sa mga bloggers event and you appreciate it so much! Hinding hindi ako magsasawa na isama kayo ni Rhaine sa mga events lalo na alam kong hindi lang ako ang nag eenjoy kung hindi pati kayo.

I love you Rhian! No matter what happens your Daddy and I will be here for you. Ang dami kong natututunan sayo, to see the world in a positive way. You are such a jolly and happy kid kasi kahit na simple things lang super happy ka na. Yung makita ako na umuwi everyday from work, yung saya na nakikita ko sa mga mata mo at yung mga ngiti sa labi mo, I must have done something good and right to deserve you in my life. You always tell us “I Love You”, “Thank You”, and “Yngat po” Everyone congratulates us for raising very smart, loving and talented children at ang sarap sa pakiramdam ang marinig yun. I am not perfect mother but I am the BEST mom for you and for Rhaine.

So today since it’s your special day, let’s enjoy the day and make this occasion memorable. 

Happy 3rd Birthday My Little Cupcake.

I love you to the moon and back. 

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Last December 24, together with my husband and ChingChing, we were able to witness one of the most prestige and big-scale circus in town – Le Grand Cirque. Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for the complimentary tickets. 

We were seated at the VIP portion of the Araneta Coliseum that’s why we were able to witness the acrobatics, aerial tricks and amazing stunts up close.  Sharing with you some of the highlights of the event and be amazed on the spectacular acts done by the most talented and world-class artist from different country.

Some of the stunts they performed are the Aerial trapeze, Fire Dance, Hoop Diving and my favorite – The Strongmen. Remember, these are just some of the electrifying acts from the 2 hour Las Vegas style show. Although sometimes some of them fall during the performance, they still stand up and continue what they are doing. Ang galing napaka professional talaga.

Overall, we really enjoyed the show and one of the best gifts ever for our daughter as she keeps on saying “Wow! Ang galing”!” until the end of the show. Nakakatuwa! 
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Every year I write my/our goals for the coming year here in my blog. This serves as a reminder for us to work hard and make every effort to reach our dreams. So far most of our goals ay na-achieve na namin and we are so proud of it. All our hard works and sacrifices are all worth it.

This coming 2017, I separate my goals related to myself, my family and perspectives in life. As much as possible I limit my goals this year as I need to focus on my top priorities, mahirap kasi kung ang dami kong ilalagay and yet at the end of the year hindi ko naman sya kayang iachieve, so much better to maximize it and exert extra effort to make it possible.



Ever since I got married, I have no savings at all. Believe me, halos negative lagi ako because of our debts that I need to pay. Utilities, Insurance, Loans and other expenses that Ian and I shared. Ang hirap pero I believe in time makakaluwag rin kami, hindi naman kami nawawalan ng pag-asa eh, instead we always think positive that we will overcome it and believe in God’s plan for us. I want to have my own savings account even though I have VUL Insurance, iba parin yung may savings right? So I will try my best to save a little for myself on the bank this coming year.


Before I got married, my father taught me how to drive a car. I remember that day ng mahuli kami sa may MOA, good thing my dad has a Professional Drivers’ License and I have a valid Student License that time kaya pinalagpas nalang nung MAPSA. Now that we have our own family, I guess it’s time for me to learn how to drive lalo na if in case may emergency and wala si Ian to drive, so at least I am there para maipag drive ko sila. This is also one of my preparations if ever we will transfer na on our own house.


Since we need extra income for my family, (remember we have 2 mortgages na binabayaran our car and house) thank God I was able to complete the training courses offered by Pru Life and just last quarter of 2016, I got my license to be an agent and closed  5 cases for 2 months. Ang sarap ng feeling pag nakaka close ka ng deal and at the same time nakakatulong ka sa mga taong naniniwala sa VUL and this year one of my personal goals is to close at least 1 or 2 cases per month, in this matter I can earn extra while still working in the corporate world. Ika nga nila, side line side line rin pag may time.



If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you probably know that we are certified traveler ever since kahit na mag bf/gf palang kami, and travelling with the kids in tow is a very challenging yet fulfilling for us since we need to deal with the unexpected tantrums and excessive luggage, mas masarap parin mag travel with the kids and let them experience the new things in their life. Ooppss.. by the way, we will have our first family out of town via plane this July at Misibis Bay and I’m so excited! Hopefully, by end of the year makapag travel naman kami out of the country, if budget permits.


Again, if budget permits I want to get an educational insurance for Rhaine. Sya nalang kasi ang walang insurance sa amin eh, I hope I can get one for her before her 2nd birthday on Aug kaya need talaga ng extra income to sustain our monthly bills if ever kukuha na kami for Rhaine.


We always pray to the Lord to keep us safe, healthy and happy family. I want my children to grow up in a happy environment. As much as possible, I want them to see how blessed are they for having a beautiful and loving family. So this year, we promised to provide the best things in our children not only in the material things but also to feel they are being loved.

So that’s it. I really hope and pray that at the end of 2017 I can proudly announce in the world that I fulfilled all my goals I wrote on the first day of the 2017. 

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