How are you my dear readers? I know you’re doing fine. Pampa good vibes muna so we can have a good week ahead. We just returned from a sweet short vacation for our 4th wedding anniversary celebration, if you’re following me at Instagram, you will know where we celebrated it if not follow me at @rnvillareal.

Anyway, I want to share with you our kulitan with the bagets. O db kasama na sa sitcom ang dalawang macuCUTElit na bata.


Hubby is watching basketball when Rhian caught his attention and their conversation goes like this.

Rhian – Daddy, lipat.
Ian – What baby?
Rhian – Hi 5 na po! Lipat Disney Junior (with matching sayaw sayaw pa)
Ian – Ching, wala pa. Tska pano mo nalaman na Hi5 na?
Rhian – Basta, Hi 5 na po.
Ian – Wala pa nga Ching, kita mo. .(sabay lipat sa Disney Junior)
(E pag lipat ng channel, Hi 5 na nga naman..)
Rhian – O kita mo po, sabi ko na po Hi 5 na eh.

Natawa ko ng bonggang bongga kasi nagtataka rin ako pano nalalaman ni ChingChing na Hi 5! na.

Me – O pano ba yan, alam na ng anak mo kung anong oras yung Hi5. Pwes sa taas ka manood ng basketball mo. Haha.


Every day, before we take our dinner I make sure that the kids already ate their meal. Pag uwi namin, lagi kong pinapaunang kumain si Ian habang ako naman ang in-charge sa pag half bath ng 2 bata para after that iaakyat na ni Ian.  Once settled na sila sa taas tska ako kakain and maliligo, the other night when I entered the room I saw my husband playing some games at his mobile phone.

Me (talking to my husband) – Huli ka! Cge cellphone ka parin yung mga anak mo tingnan mo kaya.
Ian – Hindi kaya kanina pa kami naglalaro ng mga bata eh.
Rhian – No Mommy, Cellphone Daddy. Hulog po Rhaine. (with matching turo sa tatay nya)
Me – Huh? Nahulog si Rhaine? Saan?
Rhian – Don po kama ko.
Me – Kita mo hon, yan ba ang binabantayan ang anak. Tsk Tsk.
Ian – Ching, db binabantayan ko kayo ni Rhaine Rhaine.
Rhian – Hindi po. Cellphone lagi Daddy.
Ian – Hindi kaya Ching. Bukas bilhan kita ice cream ha.
Rhian – Yes Daddy! Ice Cream. (with matching talon talon pa. Excited ang bagets)
Me – Hay naku, hindi kaya nagsisinungaling ang bata. Dinaan mo pa sa suhol ang anak mo ha. Haha.


We had a very long drive going back in Manila yesterday, we travelled NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX, and since inabutan na kami ng hapon sa daan and first time ng asawa ko na mag drive sa 3 express way medyo careful sya sa pag drive.

Ian – Hon, ang bilis naman dumilim noh.
Me – Huh? Hindi naman tama lang naman. Wala pa ngang sunset eh.
Ian – Ay sus! Kaya pala madilim tingin ko, naka shades parin ako.
Me – Hahahaha. Kaya next time, wag adik sa kakasuot ng shades. Pag wala ng araw, wag ng mag shades. Okay.
Rhian – Mommy, san po shades ko?

*Pati si Rhian tuloy nahawa na sa tatay nya na adik sa shades. Hehe**

So that’s it pancit. I will make kwento about our anniversary celebration soon. 
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July 24, 2016…

Today marks our 4th wedding anniversary and our 10th year as a couple. Happy Anniversary Honey!

Our marriage is not perfect, we are not perfect too. We fought but we respect each other and sometimes we let the sun go down without resolving it because sometimes we need some space right? But we make sure to settle things the following day. We made mistakes but we chose to forgive each other and forget about that. For us, it’s always LOVE WINS!

Four wonderful years with the man of my dreams, two beautiful and amazing children, countless memories, many vacations, a handful arguments, a lifetime of memories and more to create, blessed family, lots of love, dozens of “First”, an endless love and the best is yet to come.

We have been through a lot of trials, challenges and problems for the past 4 years, there are times that I almost giving up and asked to be alone. But my husband proves that he loves me and he will never let me go. Our journey as husband and wife is not easy, it’s like a roller coaster ride but at the end of the ride you felt the happiness and fulfillment that you are looking for. At four years, I knew my husband much better, I respect him even more and I love him as much as I loved him 10 years ago. We got ups and down and in times of failure and great trials, we just calm ourselves and honor God.

Four wonderful years, God gave us the greatest blessings ever – our children. Ian is a hands-on father to Rhian and Rhaine, he will give anything for the kids and he will sacrifice everything for us – from changing diapers to taking our kids bathe, my husband is always there to help me.  Ian make sure that we are safe and everything is under control, he is a good provider and a very loving father to our kids. For me, he’s the perfect and ideal father to our children.

Four wonderful years, slowly our dreams come true. Our little family, own car and now own house soon. The secret is that we don’t stop dreaming and believing that we can do it, that in God’s perfect time all our dreams will come true. Matagal man, mabagal man, mahirap man at least unti unti namin natutupad. It’s not easy to make all this things possible but since we have each other, hold hands and faith in God, we believe that we can do it together.

Four wonderful years, we are a happy family. We make sure to raise our kids a happy one, we make sure that our home is the happiest place of our kids, I’m proud to say that Rhian and Rhaine is a happy babies, at home it’s all about love, full of love. I’m so thankful that God gave me a husband who loves us more than he loves himself.

No family is perfect. We argue, we fight, we even stop talking each other at times, but in the end Family is Family. The love will always be there. 

Four wonderful years as wife, ten amazing years with this man is PRICELESS. I cannot ask for more because I’m happy and contented now with my life, together with my husband, my kids and our family, God truly loves us. 

Happy 4th Wedding  Anniversary to Us!

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Before we got married, Ian and I decided to live on our own. This is our mutual decision, we want to experience living together with just the two of us and at the same time, there are no space for us in my parents’ house. Maliit lang bahay namin and I don’t have my own room. His family naman is living in the US na so they don’t have their own house too, they just live with their relatives in Manila and like us, the space is very limited. As we started our journey as husband & wife, one of our dreams is to have our own house, hindi mo kailangan ng malaking bahay as long as own the house, that is much important. We don’t have enough money to buy house and lot during our first year as husband and wife; we rent a house in Makati where we started our little family. For years, we pay Php 10k monthly for the house excluding the utility bills and other expenses per month, so imagine gano  kalaki ang gastos namin. Until we realized na pinapayaman lang daw namin yung lessor namin and at the end of the day, hindi naman mapapasaamin yung bahay.

Late last year when we avail 2BR unit in a mid-rise building somewhere in Sucat, We bought it in pre-selling kaya mas mura pa sya, although the turn over date will be on April 2018 pa, ngayon palang we were so excited on how our happy home looks like. What I love living in the mid-rise residences is that they have outdoor and indoor amenities which our family will enjoy every day like the  pool, gym, game and lounge area, function hall, entertainment room, basketball court, picnic area, children’s playground, pool deck and club house.

Now can you imagine how excited we are in decorating our future home? During my break, I started searching for the designs/peg that I want, halos maubos yung lunch break ko kakatingin ng mga pictures, now look at these photos, nice db.

Now take a look at the kids' bedroom, we prefer to have double deck since we have two beautiful girls and masikip if tig isa pa silang single bed right. We will use the other space for the study table and other stuffs. I also wanted to have a colorful room for them, maybe pastel rainbow color para naman malamig sa mata. Well, good luck to us sana when the time comes matupad namin yung mga plans namin sa bahay.

This is one of the reasons why my husband and I are working so hard for our family. Time really flies so fast, bukas makalawa sa Sucat na kami nakatira.

Note: All photos are grab at the internet. :)
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We had our staycation last Mother’s Day at this hotel where my husband secretly booked one room for us, you know my husband is full of surprises. We arrived at Alabang 30 minutes before 3pm, nalate kami since we’re from Makati Med for the kids’ monthly check up. Our checking-in is a breeze except for one problem; the lobby is crowded because there are lots of people checking in/out, I believe because its Mother’s Day and most of the families chose to spend the special day at the hotels.

Reception Area 

Azumi Boutique Hotel is situated in the heart of Alabang which is within a short walk of Alabang Town Center and close to Asian Hospital and Medical Center. The hotel provides elegant sofas, array of books, travel photos, cozy furnishing and other travel reminders that makes the hotel lobby a picturesque welcome for the guests. At the lobby, you can visit and eat at the iconic Romulos Café and have some pampering session at the chic salon which is the Nail Spa.

The downside of this hotel is that they only got two elevators for the whole 17 floors that can only accommodate at least 10 pax so sometimes people need to lineup and wait for so long before it reaches you. I hope the management will expand the space for another elevator, or they can make it much bigger which can accommodate at least 12-15 pax.

Now let’s go to the room. According to their staff, Azumi Hotel has 186 rooms that are characterized by the use of earth tones with a distinct pop of orange, wood laminate floors and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. Upon entering the room, the first this I notice is the wall mirrors which I found unique. The room is clean, well-maintained and smells so good. It has a soft Queen-Sized bed with fluffy pillows and comforter. Most of the time, my kids will lie down but sometimes they will just jump and roll over in bed. The room has a sofa where my husband slept; it is also equipped with air-conditioning unit, cable LCD television, telephone unit, huge cabinet with security deposit box, working desk, kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, sink and complete set of utensils such as plates and glass. They also provide complimentary Wi-Fi access for the guests.

The comfort room is clean and fresh with hot and cold water. The hotel also provides complete set of toiletries and towels. Another concern that I hope the management will take necessary action is the wall; it is not sound proof because I heard some of the utility staffs that are talking and walking ion the corridor in the middle of the night and early morning which distracts us during our sleep.

At the roof deck you will see the infinity pool, restaurant, meeting and function room. The view from the rooftop is very relaxing.  We were able to enjoy a dip in the infinity pool while looking at the Alabang Skyline. However, I’m not sure why the pool is a bit salty. I don’t know if the water is from the sea or they just put some salt instead of chlorine. Well, I think I need to find it out. The temperature of the pool’s water is well controlled, that’s why my kids love to swim all day. Towels are available upon request; they also serve refreshments and snacks at the small café beside the pool area.

Overall, Azumi hotel was a great experience, facilities are good, the staffs are nice and accommodating, the food at Romulo Café is good (I was expecting they offer wide arrays of food, but unfortunately they only serve at least 4-5 kinds of breakfast) but still we enjoyed our staycation here since we get value with what we paid for. Looking forward for more staycation with the family. :)

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This year, I celebrated Mother’s day for the 3rd time and now with my 2 beautiful daughters. Actually, I have no plans on that day, siguro yung normal thing lang na ginagawa namin magsimba, gala then kain sa labas I have no idea that my husband has a big surprise for me. Here’s our conversation 2 days before weekend.

Me – Hon, may invite ako sa Mommy Bloggers na event this Sunday sa MOA. Punta tayo.
Ian -  Anong meron dun?
Me – Basta meron event dun, naka received ako ng exclusive invitation. Sayang naman tska for sure matutuwa sila Rhian and Rhaine.
Ian – Wag na.
Me – Bakit naman?
Ian – Basta, wag na kasi may pupuntahan tayo.
Me – San naman?
Ian – Secret!

So imagine my reaction when I found out na may pinabook pala sya na hotel to celebrate Mother’s Day and gift daw nya sa akin yun. I’m sooooo kilig! Yun nga lang, medyo ngarag lang sap ag aayos ng gamit especially we have 2 kids and no yaya na kasama.

Anyway, moving forward… We had our staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang. (I will post separately the review of the hotel soon.)  So if you will ask me what we do on that short staycation? Well, this is the best time and our most awaited R&R; eat, swim, sleep, repeat. Actually, we only left our room when we decided to take our dinner at ATC, medyo pricey kasi yung price dun and para marami ring choices. Sharing with you some photos of our happy moments during our staycation.

Mother's Day gift from Azumi Boutique Hotel 
Can you imagine I already have 2 kids? Wow!  
I have to wear headband, as per requested by ChingChing.
with my kids :)
Perks of having daughters, lagi kayong twinning. :)
Our two wonderful gifts from God, Rhian Kelle and Rhaine Sophia
Beautiful ♥
Cuteness overload ♥
Swimming Time 
Daddy and Baby Bunso 
Family is a little world created by LOVE!

Thank you honey for this wonderful gift. You never fail to surprise me and make us happy, looking at the kids happy wala na kong ibang mahihiling pa, I’m so blessed to have a very loving husband who makes us his number one priority in life. Looking forward for more staycation and surprises Mister! :)
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