Happy 1st Birthday Rhaine Sophia

One year ago today, a beautiful baby girl was born. I can’t hardly believe it. You came to us unexpectedly but your birth brought so much joy and happiness in our family and darling our love grows more every day. I remember the day when I found out we were expecting you like it was yesterday. Today, I was nostalgic because time really flies so fast like what I always tells you “parang kelan lang nung nasa DR ako at hinihiwa ang tyan ko para ilabas ka, ngayon hindi na kita mahabol sa kalikutan mo” and to be honest anak, I am sad to see you growing up so fast, but I am already so proud of the little girl you are becoming.

Rhaine you know what I’m so happy and proud to be your mom. You really look like me, whenever I look at you, parang nakikita ko yung mukha ko nung bata. One time, I told your dad that I love looking at you kasi you’re so beautiful. I love your natural curly hair, your dimples, your cleft chin and your little kuntil on your right ear, sabi nga nila ikaw na ang pinagpala. Sometimes I feel so guilty for not giving you my golden milk for a year, na breastfed lang kasi kita until you’re 5 months old, then natigil na because of my new work. You know what anak, I cried when the day I came home without milk for you, ang sakit sa dibdib naisip ko that I’m being unfair to you because your Ate is a breastfed baby until 1 year old but your Dad told me that I should not stressed myself for not giving you my milk kasi lahat naman ng ways ginawa ko to breastfeed you eh. So I hope someday you will not get mad at me ha.

Rhaine, I hope when the time comes na mababasa mo tong blog na to, you will be proud of me because I documented all your milestones in life by writing a letter to you every 20th of the month. I will continue to write and update all my readers about you and your ate so that when you grew up, may mapagkwekwentuhan kayo ng ate mo. Speaking of your sister, Rhaine always remember that your sister loves you so much!  Lagi ka nyang hinahanap whenever na aalis kami at sya lang ang kasama, ayaw ka nga nyang naiiwan sa bahay eh, ganon ka nya ka love.

First birthdays are always the most memorable so we are making sure that you will remember your first birthday forever, that’s why we throw a party for you today because we want you to feel that you’re special, that we love you. Don’t worry Rhaine, this is just the first of many parties we will have for you. Sa 2nd birthday mo Jollibee naman then ang next is pag 7 years old ka na.  I always pray each day that you will be curious and bold and that you will love God above everyone else. Your daddy and I love you so much and I know that God loves you even more. You have changed our lives so much for better and we can’t wait to see what fascinating things life has in store for you. Rhaine, everyone wants to cuddle you and hold you in their arms. How can you blame them? You are so cute!

Again, Happy 1st Birthday Baby bunso. We love you so much and remember that you have changed our world and our family is now better because you are part of it. 
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