Blessing # 2: Baby Number 2!

You read it right. We’re pregnant!

This pregnancy is unplanned and unexpected but having a baby is always a blessing from God. Yung iba nga dyan halos maubos na yung pera nila para lang magkaroon ng anak while some of them waited for many years para mabiyayaan ng anak, kaya we are so thankful for another blessing this year. I told you before; we claim that 2015 will be our year again.  Before year ends, our baby number 2 will come. Wohooo… We’re so excited and I just can’t hide it.

If you will ask me, how and when did I found out that I am pregnant? I will make some kwento. (with matching kilig pa.. Hihi)

Right after the earthquake in Metro Manila (correct me if I’m wrong, that’s 2nd week of January), super duper mega to the highest level ang pagkahilo ko, I thought because of that earthquake kasi super lakas naman talaga nya. Then, I observe my feelings kasi sabi ko parang lagi akong nahihilo and parang nasusuka at nagbu-burp. So I assume na because uminom ako ng softdrinks kaya nagka acid reflux ulit ako (Hindi ako nag sosoft drinks ever since, kaya baka nabigla yung tyan ko nung uminom ako ng napaka lamig na coke – that’s what I thought ha)  Moving forward, I wonder why until now  wala pa monthly period although I assume na naman na irregular kasi talaga ako, but the last time I remember I had my period was November and January 3rd week na wala parin ako, so again sabi ko baka next week magkakaroon na ko, but I have this feeling na parang iba talaga. So last January 15 (Holiday due to papal visit) I went to the office for overtime work, I decided to buy pregnancy test. So before I start working, I went to the comfort room and viola 2 lines appeared. I was shocked and shaking, I don’t know what to say or what to do so I texted my husband and sent him the picture of pregnancy test. He told me to try it again after lunch, so I did. And guess what, 2 lines again meaning positive talaga. That very moment, mixed emotions ako happy, nervous, excited basta iba sya compare nung nalaman kong preggy ako with Rhian. I’m still on denial, nasa isip ko kasi pano na si Rhian, I should stop breastfeeding her because of my pregnancy, what if this pregnancy is ectopic, what if hindi ko maalagaan si Rhian ng maayos kasi maselan ako. Super daming questions ang nasa isip ko that time, that’s why I’m so thankful to my very supportive and lovable husband.

And to end my pagka praning, my husband and I went to Makati Medical Center for check-up. I had my transv ultrasound to double check if I’m pregnant, and hooray! I’m already 6-weeks pregnant that time. Wohhoooo.. Hindi ko alam na last December pa pala ako preggy e halos pagoda ang beauty ko that time, buti nalang no bleeding and malakas heartbeat ni Baby Bunso.

Until now, we can’t believe na ate na si Rhian. Some of my friends told me na maaga kong nasundan si Rhian, na keso CS ako ang hindi pa heal yung wound ko but you know what, Ian and I believe in God - remember what Pope Francis told us during his papal visit here in the Philippines, “Allow yourselves to be surprised by GOD.” So talagang na surprise kami. Hehe.

Anyway, to answer all your thoughts/questions about my 2nd pregnancy. Eto sasagutin ko na lahat. :)

1. Maaga pa nasundan na agad si Rhian.

Again, I reiterate what I told you. This pregnancy is UNPLANNED and UNEXPECTED. Maybe God wants us to be a family of 4 this year. Big blessing from him right.

2. Hindi pa heal masyado yung tahi mo sa loob, need pa ng 3 years bago mag totally heal yun.

According to my OB Gyne, as long as I had my monthly period back plus I do breastfeeding for almost 1 year meaning, heal na yung tahi ko and functional na lahat ng parts ng body ko.

3. Kelan ka manganganak? Kaya mo bang mag normal?

September 2015. Since Emergency CS ako kay Rhian, this time schedule CS na daw ako.

4. Boy or Girl?

I prefer boy para quota na. But either will do as long as healthy sya.

5. May plan pa kayo for baby number 3?

What?! Baby number 3 agad? Hehe. Pag boy na si baby bunso, malamang hindi na. Masakit kaya ang recovery pag CS and masakit rin sa bulsa. Haha.

6. Musta pagbubuntis mo ngayon?

Ibang-Iba! As in! Hirap ako sa pagkain, sa pagtulog at ngayon ko nararanasan yung sinasabi nilang morning sickness, kc kay Rhian wala akong hirap. Kita mo nga noon, nagluto pa ko ng babaunin namin the following day ng biglang pumutok panubigan ko. Hehe.

We were not able to post or tell anyone about my 2nd pregnancy as soon as nalaman namin kasi ninanamnam pa namin yung saya and we just waited for the right time to announce it, hindi muna namin sinabay sa pagbili ng car and birthday celebration ni Rhian. So that’s it pancit. I will update you regularly about my 2nd pregnancy. For now, playtime muna kami ni Baby Ate. :)
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