Happy 11th Month Baby Rhian

Time flies so fast. I can’t believe that you are almost a year old.  You know what sweetheart, the major milestones have been reached and to tell you the truth this month is super nakakapagod. Why? Because you are so kulit na. You want to walk, to crawl, magkalat and mangagat. But don’t worry baby, because it’s so adorable. I am so blessed to be your mother and I love waking up seeing your cutest smile ever.

Baby Rhian, I want you to know that Daddy and Mommy are doing their best to be the best parents for you. All our hard work and sacrifices are all worth it. You are so friendly, you interact with your environment like a real person (like a toddler should I say). You understand what I am saying like “Don’t do that”, Dirty”, “Bad Smell” etc. and even you know how to show respect to elders. (Mano po) Good Job Anak!

Rhian, always remember that I love you so much! You always brighten up my day, your smiles cheer me up and your silliness amuses me and you Daddy. If only we can stop the time and forever baby ka nalang, ginawa na siguro namin, but we can’t, we just need to accept the fact na mag enter ka na sa toddler stage. Oh my God! Am I ready?! Lord, please guide us. 

You are the most precious achievement of my life! Thank you for promoting me from a certified wife to certified mother! We love you to the moon and back sweetheart! Happy 11th Month Rhian!


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