Food Trip: Johnny Rocket’s

After our photoshoot at Baby Shower in Alabang, we opted to have our merienda at ATC. Napagod kami kakapatawa kay Rhian eh narin and since we don’t have enough energy to stroll around the mall, I told my husband that we should tried new restaurant that we saw at ATC that’s why we decided to try Johnny Rocket’s.

The first time I heard about Johnny Rockets, I was thinking that there’s nothing special about it and very expensive as in mabubutas ang bulsa mo dito. But since it’s our monthsary narin, kaya gora na kami sa pag order. I asked Ian to order for us since he was craving for burgers and di naman kami mapili ni Tita eh. As we enter the restaurant, I got amazed with the place because the interior was designed with 60’s vibe, like a casual retro ambiance. There are vintage and classic posters all over the place, a big jukebox at the side (near entrance) and small jukebox on the side of each table where in you can insert one peso coin to pick a song then it will be played in the restaurant. In fact, my husband drop a 1 peso coin but unfortunately as the waiter approached us, sira daw pala yun. Haha. Sayang. -_-

The crews are in classic white shirt, shorts and hat and to add up to an amazing dining experience, they perform song-and-dance number, so while waiting for our orders naaliw naman kami sa kanila. Well, the dancers have so much energy and always give it their all every time they dance. Mukhang walang kapaguran sila kakasayaw. Hehe.

The menu does not have the “diner” price range though kaya medyo hirap kaming pumili kasi super mahal. Haha. #akonaangkuripot. Buti nalang at si Ian ang pinapili ko, or else baka mag mineral water nalang ako. Haha. My husband ordered for Rocket Fuel. The servings were huge which includes cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, onion slice and special sauce. Their hamburger patties are a full 1/3 pound of fresh, 100% pure imported ground beef seasoned and grilled tenderly. 

Rocket Fuel Php 320.00

He ordered Club House (Bacon/Lettuce/Tomato) for us. It consists of crisp, thick bacon, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato and mayonnaise. The food was great and the serving was enormous but for the price it becomes very unattractive. Nagkukuripot na naman. Hehe.  

Bacon/Lettuce/Tomato Sandwich Php 300.00

Ian adds Rocket Wings Solo, a tasty and tender chicken wings served with choice of their specialty sauce. We chose Sweet Barbeque.

RW Solo Php 245.00

What’s a visit to a diner without milkshakes, right?! So my husband ordered for Chocolate Banana Shake. Their shake was made with premium vanilla ice cream and malts are blended with real powdered malt. For Ian, it was the best tasting milkshakes that he ever had. Well, for me the taste was actually very good. It’s creamy, thick and tasty; it’s something different and new that you might want to try out for yourself.

Chocolate Banana Shake Php 275.00

A piece of advice, if you’re planning on dining at Johnny Rockets make sure you have enough budget in your pocket. Medyo pricey kasi eh, good thing I just received my incentives that week kaya pasok sa budget ko yun. Hehe. Well, I believed in the phrase of “you get what you pay for”. 

Overall, staffs were friendly and entertaining since we enjoyed watching them dancing, the food were okay but if you would ask me are we going back? Not anytime soon. Ipon mode muna ulit. Hehe

Johnny Rocket’s
Lower Ground Floor Alabang Town Center,
Alabang Muntinlupa City
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