Happy Day 20: New Position

One of my challenges as a mother is patulugin si baby. Yes! Napakahirap patulugin ni Rhian. Sometimes, you need to make "hele hele" for 3 hours straight para mapatulog sya with matching kanta pa ha or sometimes I put my nipple on her mouth kasi ginagawa nyang pacifier yun until makatulog sya.

Since summer is just a few weeks from now, you will agree with me na super init na talaga and kawawa ang baby ngayon. So I decided na di muna kami bumaba sa sala where we usually stay but instead sa room muna kami with aircon on. I don't care kung tumaas ang bill namin sa meralco because what important now is our baby.

While lying on our bed during our breastfeeding time (side lying position), I saw Rhian na sleepy head na and since she really loves to suck my nipple I keep on staring ate her until I notice na nakayakap na sya sa akin. Wow! What a priceless moment! Ang sarap ng tulog ng baby ko kasi naka aircon na, yakap pa si mommy  nya.

Hug Me Mommy, Please!
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