Happy Day 19: Certified Breastfeed Baby

Today is my schedule for monthly checkup (to know my pap-smear result) and since I'm not using my breast pump until now (sa weekend pa namin itry-try ni hubby eh) I need to bring my baby with me. (I'm so thankful na kasama ko si Daddy ko and my sister at least di ako hirap kay Rhian.)

And since nasa Makati Med narin ako pina check-up ko narin si Baby, medyo paranoid lang ako kasi feeling ko may ubo sya. Happy to know that my baby is healthy, from 4.26 kilos last month now she's 5.27 kilos! Imagine, she gain 1 kilo in 1 month and according to her pedia, good sign daw yun it's because of my milk. Wow! So she advise me to just continue my breastfeed, no formula milk until 1 year old. I hope and pray that God will give me more milk para kay Rhian.

Healthy Baby

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