Our Journey Towards Parenthood: My Wonderful Birth Story

I know all of you are so excited to know about my birthing story. I’m sorry for not updating my blog since I’m so busy taking care of our little princess. Tama nga sila once you have a baby, mag iiba talaga ang mundo nyo, ang gabi nagiging araw, ang araw nagiging gabi and now I fully understand the true meaning of 24/7.

I’m not saying na pagod na ko for being a mom, but I’m proud to say na super duper sarap ng feeling ng may baby sa bahay. Para kaming may human doll, iba talaga ang dala ng baby sa buhay ng isang pamilya. Well, I can say na we are now one happy family . #teamvillareal

Anyway, will post another article about being a first time mom/parents marami rami akong dapat I share sa inyo, including my post partum period. Yes! I thought di ako tatamaan nun but sad to say tinamaaan ako. Waahh.. But now, I’m okay! Fully recover na for that dull moments. Will make kwento rin about dito as soon as nakaluwag luwag ako tulad ngayon, natutulog na si Baby Rhian and for sure mamayang madaling araw ulit kami mag tutuos sa puyatan. Waahh..

Okay so let’s go to the main topic, my birthing story. Last January 19, Sunday while watching Gandang Gabi Vice around 10pm, I decided to go in our comfort room to pee, but I notice something different. Before I reach the bowl I felt a warm trickle of fluid down before my urine.  I know it’s not that usual urine so right after that incident, I told my husband what I noticed and he started to search in the internet on how to identify if the waters break. That moment, di na ko mapakali basta feeling ko manganganak na ko although no pain at all ha. While my husband was so busy searching for the right answer, I was walking into the comfort room again to take another pee but before I reach the door, a massive amount of water gushed from between my legs. My water breaks!!! Okay, now I understand some memorable scene of pregnant women standing in public place as water rushes down in her legs,kasi ako mismo na experience ko yun. Yes! A huge gush of fluid went all over the floor. As in literal na may umaagos na tubig mula sa private part ko and I can’t control it, weirdest feeling should I say. How can I describe it, hhmm.. it felt like a 5-gallon water had spilled out and the moment I move, the more water came gushing out.

Honey! Pumutok na panubigan ko!!!

As I remember, my husband 1st words was “kalma lang, kalma”, he immediately called my parents to accompany us in the hospital. After few minutes, my parents arrived. That very moment, I know that if my water breaks it is a good sign that I may be in pre-labour/early labour and as per my OB advise once this happen, just text her and immediately go in the hospital. Thank God because a month before my due date, we already prepare the things we need to bring when the big day comes.

We arrived at MMC delivery room around 10:30pm together with my husband and mom. My husband filled up the form while my mom keeps on telling me that they will keep on praying for my safe delivery and wag kakabahan. That very moment, I really felt her unconditional love, I know super kinakabahan sya for me and for my baby but I need to show them that I can do it, that God will be on our side during the procedures.

The nurses assist me and bring me to the examination room to check my condition and my cervical dilation. Some staffs keep on asking me questions, buti nalang wala pang contractions kaya nasasagot ko sila ng maayos. Hehe. But while doing the interview an extreme gush didn’t stop, so the resident OB started to check my cervix and found out that I am already in active labor (3-4cm).   So they called my OB doctor and update my condition while my husband was preparing the forms for my admission.  After 30 minutes in examination room, they transferred me at the labor room where I stay for about 9 hours. Yes! 9 hours of extreme pain. I’m so thankful that MMC allowed at least 1 companion to be with you throughout the procedure, that’s why my husband was with me the whole time while I endure the pain.


If you would ask me what contractions felt like, well, I will tell you mine. It’s unexplainable! Grabe super sakit nya, according sa iba para syang menstrual cramps but for me it feels like I need to have a bowel movement.  At first, tolerable pa yung pain because the contraction is between 5-10 minutes interval, parang humihilab yung puson mo sa sakit but over the next half hour, the contractions became much harder.  waaahh.. super sakit na nya! There’s a device attached to my tummy to monitor the contraction and my baby’s heart beat, it was connected in the nurse station. Around 2am my OB doctor came in, thank God because she make sure that everything is going well.

During my labor, my husband never leaves me. He’s my strength and supports me all the way. Whenever I almost give up he always remind me that I’m doing good, that the contraction is a good sign that the baby is okay, that he will be on my side no matter what happens and keeps on telling me that God is with us, just pray and be calm. He help me breathe and tell me that my body knows what it’s doing and trust in myself that I can do this.

Smile parin during contractions

To overcome the pain, my husband, the nurses and my OB doctor are with me in the room watching American Idol and Master Chef US. Naalala ko pa na sinasabi nila na matulog ako to have the energy to PUSH later on but hello pano ka makakatulog kung super sakit ng puson mo db? So by 3am and I am already 5cm I request for epidural, actually ayaw pa nga akong biigyan ng OB ko since it’s too early pa daw and baka di mag progress yung pag open ng cervix ko, but I beg her and inform her na di ko na talaga kaya. After few minutes, my anesthesiologist came in and gave the epidural on my back. Yes! Spinal Injection sya, at first super takot ako since delikado sya pag gumalaw ka, so one staff hold me and hollah, na inject na pala yung anesthesia. Well, mas masakit parin yung contraction kesa sa injection. Hehe.

After the epidural, it feels good as in na relieved yung pain. Di ko masyadong nararamdaman yung contractions kaya nakapagpahinga rin for about 3 hours, but around 6am I ask for another epidural, na we-wear off na yung anesthesia kaya nararamdaman ko ulit yung sakit. So can you imagine the pain that I was talking about? Or sadyang mababa lang talaga pain tolerance ko?! Hehe.

By 7:30am, my OB doctor told Ian to take breakfast first and they will text him nalang pag ipapasok na ko sa DR. At first, ayaw ni Ian umalis but eventually umalis rin sya, nagutom narin asawa ko eh. As soon as my husband left  the room, my OB doctor check my cervix again and they confirm that I am already 10cm dilated, meaning pwede na kong manganak although yung head ni baby is mataas pa kaya naman daw I push eh. Before they brought me at the delivery room, we did a practice push, well according sa mga nurses ko medyo hirap daw akong mag push but they will help me naman so I don’t need to worry. After few minutes they wheeled me in to the birthing room and told me to start pushing, by that time wala si Ian, I don’t know kung nasaan sya but according to him, andun sya sa labas and ayaw syang papasukin ng OB ko baka daw kasi manghina sya once he saw me in that position. You know what I mean; okay to give you an idea let me go into details.


At the delivery room, I was lying on a bed with different apparatus attached on my body to monitor my BP, my heart beat, contractions and baby’s heart beat. Two doctors were trying to push my tummy, yes! Imagine, 2 tao yung nasa ibabaw ko at dinadaganan ako to help me to push. As I remember, 2 girls yung nagpupush sakin then all of a sudden naging 1 lalaki and 1 babae na, take note yung 1 guy is super laking tao as in literal na malaki (mataba) so can you imagine gano kahirap huminga ang mag push nun, nabugbog na nga yung tummy ko eh. Since I felt groggy that time and I can’t feel the contractions, the people in front of me were counting “1,2,3 PUSH” then I need to inhale for about 10 seconds to push. Para bang silang choir na sabay sabay na nagsasalita. I can’t remember ilan push yung ginawa ko pero I’m so tired and still di parin bumababa ulo ni baby. I thought my last push was okay na, because I heard my OB “Eto na, eto na , eto na yung kakambal” which is referring to poop. Waahh.. nakakahiya. Nagkalat ako sa DR… E hello, since di ko nararamdaman yung lower part ko and they keep on telling me to push, ayun tuloy ang lumabas. Haha.

But seriously speaking, that very moment I really want to see my baby. Pagod na ko, gutom na and super antok na ko, then I heard my OB doctor that they will conduct an emergency CS. Waahhh.. Kahit groogy ako I know what is happening on my surroundings, kung ako tatanungin ayaw ko ma CS but my baby’s heartbeat was starting to slow down so they need to pull out my baby immediately.  That moment, I heard my husband’s voice kaya medyo napanatag ako na whatever happens andyan si Ian sa tabi ko. Then the next thing I remember was I heard my baby is crying, wow! How wonderful to hear her first cry. That’s the sweetest cry I ever heard and I just can’t believe she’s really there, that I can now hold her in my arms. It was so amazing! My husband approach me, kissed me on my forehead and says “Thank You Honey! I’m so proud of you!”. Can you believe that he almost cried upon seeing our lovely daughter. On January 20, 2014 at 8:21am, I gave birth to my daughter Rhian Kelle L. Villareal, who weighed 6.11 pounds.  

Hello World! 
Rhian Kelle L. Villareal 
First Family Picture

That very moment, I’m soooo tired, I want to sleep but I need to see my baby first. I want to make sure that she’s okay. So after they clean my baby, the pedia carried her to me for our “Unang Yakap” or the skin to skin contact. It was wonderful when they put my baby in my chest. Wow! She latched on my breast to suck and she did! Ang galing nya!  Waahh.. Yun na ang pinakamasaya at pinamasarap na feeling ever! Nanay na ko! I can’t believe it! Thank God!

First Latch
Day 0 

At that moment, it crossed my mind that we are now a FAMILY!  Never mind the nine hours of labour, never mind the pain because she was with us now, our healthy baby girl. Having my baby in my arms feels double like heaven. Then all of a sudden, I realize that my birth was not one of the easiest. Haha.


This is the hardest part of all, yung recovery lalo na pag nawala na yung effect ng anesthesia. I can’t remember what time I moved to recovery room where I’ll be closely monitored. Basta I remember, I saw my husband and baby on the room. That moment, I feel more groggy and sleepy kaya after kong ma check na okay si baby, I took a nap. As I wake up, I feel a bit overwhelmed about everything that has happened to me. Wow! Nakaraos rin ako.

with my mom 
Thank You Lord! 

I love MMC staffs because throughout our stay here they checks on my vital signs, incision and vaginal discharge/bleeding, they also assess the pain and give me proper oral medications. The following day, my OB doctor advise me to sit down and stroll the room to gain strength, waahh.. super takot ako baka bumuka tahi ko and hello super sakit parin kaya nung sugat but I have no choice kung hindi sundin ang sinasabi nya or else baka daw magbuhol buhol yung mga laman loob ko. Haha.  Then, finally I’ll begin to eat and drink again,  yun ng lang as in soft diet lang such as broth and gelatin.

After 5 days, we’re going home from the hospital. With strict reminders, my doctors told me not to push myself, not to lift anything heavier than my newborn baby because I need to recuperate soon for my baby. Then after three weeks, I feel a little better. Thanks to my very supportive husband and family, who gives me courage na gagaling rin ako. 

Family Picture

Anyway, I just want to thank the birthing team for keeping my courage upbeat, to my OB-Gyne  - Dr. Rhodora Bustos-Del Rosario  for being so supportive and very flexible and helping me to keep my faith in my body, to my baby’s pedia Dr. Pamela Caedo for taking good care of Baby Rhian, to my anesthesiologist who did a good job in injecting the epidural on my spine (hello, delikado kaya yun), to all the staff in Makati Medical Center (DR Division) thank you!
With Dr. Pamela Caedo (Pedia)
With Dr. Rhodora Bustos - Del Rosario

Thank you Lord for keeping me and my baby safe, thank you for the greatest blessings that you gave to us. Thank you for everything, thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. thank you.

Proud Grandparents
Meet Our Friends

To my parents, in-laws and friends who prayed for us, Thank You! Thank you for your support financially, emotionally and physically. Thank you for taking care of us lalo na sa pag babantay nyo sa amin ni Rhian. Thank you so much!

 Proud Daddy

And for my husband, no words can express how much I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for your support, thank you sa mahabang pacensya, thank you for staying with me and for your trust na makakaya ko lahat for our baby. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and making one of my dreams do come true – to become a mother. I love you to the moon and back.

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