Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Welcome Baby Rhian Kelle L. Villareal!

Hi Guys, I'm back! I just gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl last January 20 and I'm so busy taking care of her. Grabe ang sarap ng feeling na may baby! Priceless talaga! I'll try to update my blog and share with you my birthing story, for the meantime just enjoy the pictures of our little princess.

Name: Rhian Kelle L. Villareal

Date of Birth: January 20, 2014

Type of Delivery: C- Section

Weight: 3045gms / 6 lbs 11 oz

Length: 49cm / 19 1/2 inches

I thought I knew what love was until a child got into my heart. 
I love you Baby!
I can see you Daddy!
Pa cute na smile :)

As fragile as porcelain as rare as the red diamond.
Hi Mommy! Hello Daddy!

She was actually sleeping when I took these photos. Mukhang naglalaro sila ng guardian angel nya..

 Mommy, I want milk!
Bleh!  Uuwi na kami! Yehey!
Smiling While Sleeping! Priceless! Happy 1st Week Baby Rhian!

Thank You Lord! She's the greatest gift we've ever received!

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