The Iscreamist Experience

This is long overdue, I’m sorry.  I’m so lazy this past few days, dahil cguro marami na kong nararamdaman lalo na this Saturday I will enter the third trimester of pregnancy. Meaning, 2 more months to go makikita and makakasama na namin an gaming munting princesa. Yehey!

So let’s continue our food trip in Maginhawa St. After our healthy dinner at Fresh Selections, we opted to visit The Iscreamist which Ian has been raving about ever since he found a blog entry about it. Nagbabakasali na umunti na ang tao, and thank God wala ng pila sa labas ng store. Yahoo.. This store is located just by the corner of Magiting and Maginhawa Street. 

I really don’t have any idea about The Iscreamist, ang alam ko lang nagbebenta sila ng ice cream, that’s it! But I’m wrong; my husband explains that this shop offers ice cream with the use of Liquid Nitrogen and Flash Freezing, very unique right and lakas maka science nito. Anyway let’s talked about the place itself, Hhhhmm.. There is no parking space at all for anyone who brings a car but you can park at the streets nearby (Parking is tough here I swear!), the store is small and can only fit about 5 groups inside or approximately 15 people only, the establishment is decorated to look like a mad scientist’s laboratory, the menu is periodic table arranged according to ingredients (very unique and nice idea) plus the restaurant is lit by blue lighting (so para ka talagang nasa loob ng science laboratory).

The Iscreamist put up signs to let the customers know that safety isn't to be taken lightly around this stuff, ika nga nila fair warning that liquid nitrogen can be very dangerous when mishandled. O db, nanakot naman bigla. Hehe. But it’s better to be safe than to be sorry and they’re not kidding.

We waited for the available seats before we order, mahirap na baka mya wala pa kaming upuan tapos andyan na yung ice cream. As I looked around, I noticed that some customers or should I say all the customers inside the store has a smoke that comes out of their mouth and nose. As in humanga talaga ako pano nangyari yun.. Waahh.. #inosentelangpo Well, according to my husband, the smoke that comes out to their mouth is come from liquid nitrogen. I’m sure most of you will find this interesting if you’re like me who’s a innocent/virgin with the concept. Hehe.

Some reminders before consuming or playing with liquid nitrogen.

My husband is very strict when it comes to my food intake, so he doesn’t allow me to taste any ice cream that The Iscreamist offered. Ang duga talaga! So pumunta lang kami dun para sya lang mag enjoy sa ice cream.. Waahh.. Well, according to him, he’s not sure if Liquid Nitrogen is safe for pregnant woman, nag iingat lang daw sya. Okay, I understand! #sadface

Ian ordered for the famous Dragon’s Breath S’mores (before ordering, make sure to read their precaution). Cguro kaya Dragon’s Breath yun kasi you’re gonna look like a dragon while eating the ice cream. Hahaha.  Anyway, the Dragon;s Breath S’mores consist of four bite-sized pieces of wafers and marshmallows sandwiched in between Graham served in an ashtray stuck with popsicle sticks and a cup of liquid nitrogen. When the staff handed us our orders, she gave us instructions on how to eat these treats; just dip each s’mores on the cup for about fifteen seconds and consume it in one big bite. This is the start of the so called “Dragon’s Breath”, the smoke escapes from your mouth or nose making look like you’re breathing fire, looks pretty cool right? I was bit scared to try this, as I consider our baby’s health.  I may not be able to explain the whole ice-cream thing, so just watch the video below so you’ll have an idea of what the Dragon’s Breath it is.

 Dragon’s Breath S’mores
(Liquid nitrogen is not a toy, it can be harmful but can be eaten.)

Ian also decided to try the Toasted Marshmallow. According to him, it wasn’t too sweet nor was it bland. It was just right. The process was flash frozen which instantly melts in your mouth once you take a spoonful in. Oh, I love the torched marshmallows thing on top. My husband couldn’t stop eating it that he didn’t notice that the cup was already empty. . Ako na ingiters sobra sa kanya.. Huhu.

Overall, there is nothing bad to say against this place except that I hope they can expand their space to accommodate more people. The price is overpriced but if you want to experience something new and are willing to shell out a bit for it, I highly recommend to try this shop has to offer because it brings out the kid in you by using science and sweets, I am sure that you will not regret it. So guys, if ever you're in Maginhawa Street make sure to drop by The Iscreamist.

Since I was not able to taste the ice cream here, my husband bought me Magnum Ice Cream at Ministop. Pampalubag loob sa pagkatakam kong kumain ng ice cream. Waahhh..

The Iscreamist
46D Magiting Street, Teacher’s Village
East Diliman, Quezon City