Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

My husband and I came up with updated rules when it comes to food choices. First, avoid eating at the same restaurants that we've already tried before or at least trying other meals from that restaurant, second, to eat healthier dishes (for our baby) and lastly, it be so much better if the food is affordable.

So right after his whole body massage, we decided to take our early dinner at Sarsa. We came up with the idea of eating here while watching KrisTV plus sobrang nagcra-crave talaga asawa ko sa isaw and other Filipino foods that this restaurant has to offer. As early as 6pm we arrived at Sarsa but can you imagine there are tons of people waiting for their names to be called, meaning mas maaga pa sila sa amin and still di pa sila natatawag.. Waahhh..

While waiting, I got one brochure from the cabinet (near entrance) and according to their leaflets, Sarsa Kitchen + Bar features the best of traditional Filipino and Negrense dishes, done with a contemporary touch and using the best local ingredients. Bacolod-born chef JP Anglo has created a range of signature sauces to complement and provide a new take on these dishes. Now, lalo kaming na excite to taste their specialties.  (I’ll try to describe our orders as much detail as I can but please bear with me, these are only my personal opinion and still there’s no better way to describe the food than experiencing it yourselves.)

Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Fish Sauce, Calamansi and Chili Pepper

For our appetizer (SUM-SUMAN), my husband ordered for Crispy Dilis with Chili Pineapple Sauce. This is the best Dilis that I’ve tasted so far, as in nakakaadik sya promise! The coating plays with sweetness and the fish itself is so crispy and flavorful. As per my husband, this is super perfect partner for beer or any alcohol drinks. Haha.  But for me, this is an appetizer that will satisfy your cravings and a very good start to your heavy meals.
Crispy Dilis Crispy Dilis with Chili Pineapple Sauce Php 90.00

Ian also ordered for Isaw (chicken intestine) with Sarsa BBQ Sauce. I didn't taste this one because I’m pregnant, alam nyo naman pag buntis maraming bawal so I rely on my husband feedback and according to him it was so tasty, sweet and has a smoky flavor compare to the isaw that we bought in the street. Hhhhmmm.. Sayang di ko natikman.. Huhu. It’s okay, next time nalang..

Isaw with SARSA BBQ Sauce Php 145.00

As per reviews, visit to Sarsa ain’t complete without trying their Sizzling Kansi (Sizzling Bulalo) with Batwan Gravy. This is the first time we ate sizzling bulalo, usually when you say bulalo it comes with a soup, but here in Sarsa they offer this one of a kind dish, drier version. It was served on a sizzling plate, smoking and extremely hot. It tasted divine! The meat was perfectly cooked plus a bonus of bone marrow. A must try dish here in Sarsa!

Sizzling Kansi (Sizzling Bulalo) with Batwan Gravy Php 335.00

Ian ordered for Lechon Kawali with Batwan Tsokolate and Pinakurat. This was not the typical Lechon Kawali that we usually ordered in some restaurant; again I must say that this is the one of the best Lechon Kawali I've ever tasted. The meat was cooked evenly (well-done), a bit juicy and tasty. For our surprise, this dish offers you two sauces dip to choose from, Tsokolate and Pinakurat, uniquely good dish right? Well, I have no idea that the chocolate can be used as a dipping sauce. I chose Pinakurat which is basically spicy vinegar (coconut vinegar with spices) while my husband prefers to dip his lechon kawali in Tsokolate. This dish deserves two thumbs up! I highly recommend this when going here.

Lechon Kawali with Batwan Tsokolate and Pinakurat Php 250.00

For our rice, I choose plain rice while my husband ordered for Garlic Rice.

Plain Rice Php 30.00 / Garlic Rice Php 40.00
Ice Tea Php 45.00

As evidenced by the empty plates, we had a very wonderful time at Sarsa. The price is very affordable; the food was worth every peso. Unfortunately, I’m so shy to have pictures with Chef Jayps, feeling ko kasi pag nagpa picture ako sa kanya lahat ng nasa restaurant tumingin sakin.. Hihi. Hayz! So sad, I’ll let the opportunity pass by.. Huhu. But promise, I will definitely come back here for the isaw, dilis and syempre makapagpapicture kay Chef Jayps.

Anyway, Sarsa Kitchen is located in the new building called the Forum in BGC with many more new restaurants! But a piece of advice, parking here is impossible. You have to park on the road with the risk of your car being towed or park your car few meters away from the Forum (You can park the Fort Strip). I think the building has to address this. Plus, it is really important to make a reservation before going here to avoid waiting for so long.

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar
7th Avenue, South Forum
Bonifacio Global City