Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Maternity Photo Shoot (Rhian Kelle)

Today marks week 30 of this pregnancy. Wohooo.. Two more months to go, makikita na naming si Rhian! #excitedmuch

Anyway, I wanted to share with you our experience with Nice Print Photography last November 16. (We really wanted to invest in a professional photographer to get the quality of photographs we were wanting.) As I mentioned on my previous post, we had our 1st ever Maternity Photo Shoot at Nice Print in Megamall and we were so excited about it. We brought our own props although Nice Print has their own; we prefer our photo shoot to be more personalized.

I was exactly 28 weeks when we had our photo shoot and you know what our baby is so cooperative that time. Di sya sumakit or I was so comfortable during the session. So sharing with you some of our favorites photos from my maternity photo shoot with hubby and rhian. Sorry for the maternity photo overload...it was so hard to narrow it down!

Check out our pictures and let me know what you think. ^_^

Edited by: Ian Villareal 
I think the best thing about being pregnant would definitely have to be seeing just my belly grow and seeing like, Wow! There is, you know, something inside of me. 
I truly loved being pregnant and feeling what was going on inside my body and watching it change. 
She’s the greatest gift we've ever received..
You never understand life, until it grows inside you.
A grand adventure is about to begin.
My husband, who always has great ideas, asked our photographer to shoot him while kissing my stomach but the photographer suggests him to just put his one ear to my tummy na parang pinapakingan nya si baby. So I had to stand straight and Ian got to down low to the ground to shoot straight across me. This was one of my favorite shots of the day, not including my head just my stomach and Ian. This photo makes my baby bump the subject without competing my pretty face. Naks! This is now my husband’s profile picture in Facebook.

This photo was definitely a favorite of mine and is now my profile picture in FB.

We wanted to try something different, shooting with Rhian’s 3D photos. Nice huh?!

One of the most difficult poses during the photo shoot because I need to raise my right leg to create a better body line. #tiisganda but this was one of my favorite shots of the day.

Overall, I must say that I have one fantastic photographer. All photos are superb! Now, while we were so excited for the arrival of this little girl, I know that the major changes in our life will start to begin. Our life won’t be like it has been for the last 1 year and half years. These changes and adjustments is a big challenge for us but with God as a center of our relationship, we are now ready to face it with hold hands.