Cuteness Overload with Moment Cam

Did you see the latest craze on Facebook News Feed and even in Instagram? Well, I just want to introduce the newest applications that went viral recently, the Moment Cam. This camera application makes your picture into drawings or caricature. Users of mobile devices based on Android and IOS can use this application. You’d be able to find / download it at the play store in Android Devices or in iTunes on Apple devices.

Moment Cam is very simple; you can choose the option of taking photo or choose among existing photos in your gallery. Once you get your face, you need to choose your gender and it automatically attaches to cartoon bodies of anime like drawings or caricature. You can edit the photo by clicking the buttons below such as Face Edit (face, hair style, glasses and eye brows), Background, Signature and you can share it instantly.

So I decided to download this application because I don’t want to miss the trend. Hehe. So presenting my Husband and I’s moment cam photos.

Nice right? So what are you waiting for, download the newest and hottest application and upload your moment cam photos in FB and IG.