Fresh Selections

After our photobooth event in Tandang Sora last Saturday, Ian and I were attempting to try The Iscreamist in Maginhawa Street near UP Diliman (Teacher’s Village), unfortunately when we arrived at the store, the place was packed. Well, I’m not really surprised. Dinadayo talaga sya ng mga tao who wants to try their ice cream with a twist.  

So we chose to go to Fresh Selection instead. Since we hadn't been around the UP area, Ian suggested that we should try new restaurant that popped up near The Iscreamist. By the way, none of us had ever eaten there before kaya ganon kami ka sabik mag try ng new restaurant na makakainan. Hehe.  If you’re going to visit Maginhawa Street, there is no parking slot within the area, so you have no choice but to park your car on the side walk. Ika nga nila, park at your own risk. Hehe.

Fresh Selection is so easy to find, it is located in front of Mini Stop in Maginhawa St. The store is noticeable, attractive and inviting. Ang liwanag naman kasi talaga ng signage nila kaya mapapansin mo talaga, and from the word itself, matatakam ka talaga. As I said, there is no available parking slot in this restaurant so my husband parked our car on the other side of the street, sa tapat ng isang bahay. Haha

Before we enter, the interiors of the store are visible from the outside. As we arrived, I got fascinated because the place is well-ventilated and has very clean and cool wooden walls that are lined up with several paintings. The place has moderately spacious, the counter is so small and you need to fall in line before you order which means pay as you order. Even the spoon and fork, water and condiments are self-service. The tables are aligned properly; you can choose to sit at the couches or by chairs.  

Fresh Selections has a mission to everyone which is to serve healthy food at an affordable price. Wow! Nice Mission! So let’s talked about the food, Ian ordered for Pork Asado Rice Meal. According to Ian the taste was good. The meat was not that tender but it was okay. Hhhmm.. Gutom lang cguro talaga asawa ko.. Hehe. The meal was served with small amount of veggies (sayote), well I thought the meal will include soup which I think normal any combo meals.

Pork Asado Php 75.00
Freshly Brewed Ice Tea Php 40.00

Since I’m still full with our merienda, I choose to try their Lumpiang Ubod. I really love vegetables even before I got pregnant. I love lumpiang ubod that Goldilocks offered and I must say that their version of Fresh Lumpia in Fresh Selections was also superb. Very filling and yummy! I enjoyed my food which is prepared perfectly. Bitin nga lang, sana nag order pa ko ng isa pa. Hehe.

Fresh Lumpia Php 60.00

Mission accomplished! Healthy and good food + affordable price + nice ambiance = Happiness. I would definitely come back and try their other dishes.

Fresh Selections 
Maginhawa corner Magiting Street 
UP Teacher’s Village, Quezon City