ABE: “Where Good Friends Dine”

Last two weeks, we had our usual Saturday date. Actually, we really have no plan to go out on that day because of heavy rains but my husband insist that we should have another food trip even if the rains started to fall. May nunal ata sa talampakan asawa ko kaya ang hilig umalis.. Haha. After washing our clothes, Ian told me that he was craving for some street foods and suggests trying restaurants in UP Diliman, but I refused to travel long because I’m tired and all I want to do is to sleep. After few minutes, I suggests trying Sarsa Kitchen + Bar in BGC. (We saw this restaurant in one of Kris Reali TV episodes.)  

It’s too early for dinner so we opted to explore Rockwell first; we roamed around to check for our baby’s stuffs, had our merienda and left Rockwell by 6pm. We also visit Market Market to buy ink for our photobooth event; unfortunately we left Market Market with empty hand. Finally, we decided to have our dinner at Sarsa and with the help of our dear friend Waze, we reach the new and famous restaurant owned by Chef Japys. My husband drops me off to reserve our seats while he parked our car. As I approached the store, I was surprised with the numerous people waiting for their turn, as I talked with the staff she told me that they cannot accommodate us, pang 16 pa daw kami. OMG! Ganon talaga kadami ang naghihintay? I convinced the staff if she can still allowed us to reserve our seats and we are willing to wait, happily she advise me that if someone who back-out their reservation, she can accommodate us. Yehey! But sadly, my husband decided to try this restaurant some other day or make a reservation at least one day prior to our visit. Sa bagay, baka anong petsa pa kami makakain pag hinintay pa namin yung slot namin db..

Moving forward, we explore the city of BGC and look for the best place to dine. It’s already late in the evening and our baby is starting to kick hardly, gutom na anak ko.. Huhu. Daddy, you need to decide na! So we parked our car again at Serendra and started to scout for the possible restaurant. We have 3 choices, The Conti’s, Saboten or the ABE. I told my husband that we already tried Conti’s numerous times before and kung conti’s na naman e di sana nag greenbelt nalang kami db. My other choice is to try Saboten, pero kakakain lang ni Ian dun with his officemate on that week, so finally he decided to try ABE once again. Well, sya na try na daw nya dun 6 years ago but it was my first time to eat here that’s why I’m so excited. O db, we were supposed to eat at Sarsa but end up at Serendra. Ayos!

“Where good friends dine” – the tag line what you can see first in the facade of Abe Restaurant. One of the restaurants in Serendra,Taguig with the most number of customers every lunch and dinner. This restaurant serves traditional Filipino food which is mostly with a strong Kapangpangan accent.  The restaurant was packed when we got there but happy to say that we they accommodate immediately. Thank God, we were very hungry that night so we asked for the menu right away and place our orders. The place is small and I guess can only accommodate not more than 100 pax. The ambiance is cozy and very Filipino style.

At Abe, food is prepared and served with a great deal of love while its concept and design provide the ideal setting for friends and family who wish to dine comfortably and have a good time. Abe’s menus are just simple and classic but I guess they all taste good. My husband ordered to Pork Sinigang (this dish is one of my husband’s favorite). I must say that this dish is good for 4-5 persons. I love the soup, vegetables even the meat itself. The soup was served hot, perfect for the bed weather. This dish passed my husband sour standard but for me it’s a little salty. Alam nyo naman si Ian super pihikan sa ulam.

Pork Sinigang Php 395.00

Ice Tea Regular Php 85.00

Note: I’m so sorry for the poor pictures; they were taken in a very low light plus di na kasi kami nagdadala ng DLSR.  Awful photography cannot stop us, so we just use our cellphone camera instead. Hehe.

Ian also ordered for Day after tomorrow.  Pork lechon paksiw stewed in its own spicy sauce, coconut milk and chiliesI love this dish promise! I love the style of their cooking, as in ngayon lang ako nakatikim ng lechon paksiw in coconut milk. Very unique and tasty. The rice costs Php 60.00 but you can eat unlimited as someone is roving around offering extras.

The Day After Php 399.00

Overall, Abe’s a must-eat in Serendra. Waiters are friendly, great interiors, good Filipino food and good servings. Although the menu is a bit expensive but definitely great value for money.

We do have some take out pa ha and naging lunch pa namin the following day. ^_^

Abe Restaurant
Ground Level Serendra

Global City