Simplicity is Beautiful

Ever since I got pregnant, finding the right clothes for me is one of the difficult tasks that I encountered. Why? Every week I need chose what clothes/dress I should wear in office. Kasi halos 90% ng mga damit ko di na kasya because I’m getting too fat plus lumalaki na tyan ko kaya di na pwede yung masisikip na damit.

I promise myself not to buy maternity clothes; I need to be more practical this time. I need to save my money for my ultrasound and other tests that my OB required me, I must prepare the money for my delivery next year (hospital bills) and I need to invest more on my baby stuffs more than anything else.

I’m not maarte naman when it comes to my outfit, as long as mukha akong desente and professional okay na. Well, according to my friends blooming parin naman daw ako kahit ano pang suot ko.. Hhhhmmm.. maybe because I’m having a baby girl kaya blooming. Hehe. Anyway, I’m so blessed to have people who really care and loves me so much because of them I was able to wear decent clothes during this period. Di ko na kailangan pang bumili ng bago kc may mga biyayang dumadating sa akin.. Hehe..

So sharing with you guys, some of my outfit during my 2nd trimester.

Dress from my Mother-In-Law 
@ 19 weeks
Dress from my younger sister
@ 19 weeks 
Dress from Ameriza Bautista (officemate), Shoes from Jack Pabustan (F21 Friend)
@ 20 weeks

Now, I’m on my half way to meet my baby girl. I’m so excited to see, hug and kiss her. I promise na pag labas ni baby, 2 na kami magpopost ng OOTD namin.. Waaahhh.. I’m so egggcited!!!

Happy Pregnancy!