Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Our Baby’s Health (Quick Updates)

I am supposed to write this post last week, but instead I decided to absorb the things happened to us last Tuesday. I went to my doctor last September 10 and this visit is unintentional. I decided to consult my OB due to my contractions (naninigas yung tyan ko) I want to check if my baby is okay. I can’t concentrate with my work because I’m so worried about the condition of my baby. Ganon pala talaga pag anak mo na pinag uusapan, maiiyak ka na sa pag aalala ng sobra. I’m a first time mom so anything that I feel on my tummy, I consult it with my doctor. Mabuti ng magpacheck up lagi kesa naman magsisi sa huli.

I arrived at MMC around 4:30pm, as my OB called my name I immediately told her that I feel contractions for more than 3 days already. She instructed me to lie down and put my dress up so that she can check my baby’s heartbeat. The moment I lie down, I’m so nervous! As in! daming pumapasok sa isip ko, okay ba si baby? Anong nangyayari kay baby? I close my eyes and pray silently. After 3 minutes, my OB finally heard my baby’s heartbeat. Its 160 beats per minute! Thank God! My baby is okay!

But since my OB wants to double check if my cervix is still close, she recommend me to undergo TVS Ultrasound(TransV). At the time, my heart is racing. I called my husband about my situation and he was so worried about us. He left his work for a while to be there for me. Ang hirap, naiiyak na ko sa takot and kaba. I keep on talking to my baby na “ Baby, I hope you’re okay. Mommy and Daddy loves you so much! Be strong anak” while I whispered this message, I can’t control myself but to cry. I called my parents and they are so worried about us, I told them not to worry too much and I know that the result is positive.

We waited for about 1 hour and 30 minutes before the nurse call my name. As I lie down in the bed, my heart feels like it skips a beat and as my OB started the procedure and confirms that my cervix is still close, I felt so relieved. Thank God! My baby is okay. The doctor asked the nurse to call my husband to see my baby’s development; happily my baby is super active that time. Nagpakitang gilas na naman ang prinsesa namin.

Hyper si Baby :)

Another good news is that, my placenta is now on a high-lying position. Super effective talaga yung pag darasal and pagkausap kay baby. Although our baby is still in her breech position, my OB told me that the moment I reach my 9 months she still change her location and getting ready to face the world.

All of us feel so much comforted as the OB told us that everything is okay, there are minimal contractions but tolerable and because of that contractions, I need to lessen my work load  - less walk, less magkikilos, less using stairs etc. She ordered me to take isoxillan for 1 week and just rest. Hayz! Baby, pinag alala mo na naman kami ni Daddy mo. Wag mo na ulit uulitin yun ha. Basta sipa ka lang ng sipa kahit masakit, basta alam kong okay ka lahat kakayanin ko for you.
Baby Rhian @ 20 weeks

I also ask to undergo OGTT and TSH blood test because I gain too much weight. Worried lang si OB if I have Gestational Diabetes (is a condition in which women without previously diagnosed diabetes exhibit high blood glucose levels during pregnancy).  This is the worst blood test that I encountered! As in! I need to do fasting for 10 hours, then blood extraction every hour for 3 hours plus to drink a super duper tamis na soda. Can you imagine, last kain ko pa is 8:30pm (Sep 12) and it’s already 11:30am (Sept 13) di parin ako nakain.. Oh noh! But I always think that I need to be strong for my baby.

Thank God, all the results are negative in Gestational Diabetes. God is so good! My baby is healthy; Mommy is also healthy so Daddy is so happy! Thank you Lord for everything, for the blessings that we received, for being there for us and for loving us unconditionally.