Reader’s Corner: Lore (Loverofmysoul)

I created this blog simply because I want to document every single day of my life with my friends, family and love ones. Our travels, foodtrip, married life, being a certified wife, journey towards parenthood and anything under the sun. I don’t care if some people leave a negative comments on my blog because like what my friends and husband always told me “Kung ayaw nila sa blog mo, e di wag nilang basahin. E since ingetera yung mga yun, binabasa parin nila, meaning idol ka nila..” this makes sense right? and then I realize that no matter how my bashers reacts on my blog, I don’t care anymore because I know at some point there are people who still believes in me and somehow I inspire them too.

I met new people through this blog and I’m so proud to say that I consider them one of my friends, yung iba nga ka FB ko na eh and alam nila yung story namin ni Ian because they read my blog whenever I have updates. After Ella Vicedo sent me message via FB and told me that she is one of my avid fan reader (touch naman ako dun), I keep on asking myself “May nagbabasa pa kaya talaga sa blog ko or wala na? Nakakapagbigay kaya ako ng inspiration through my writings? But again, I don’t care if you read my posts or not, it doesn't matter anyway not until one of readers comment on my posts. Sharing with you a heartwarming message from Lore.

“To Mr.Ian and Mrs.RN: God awaken my dreams when I've seen this site... I can't do nothing but to cry and ask God about the vision He had given me same date last year...Still I don't have an answer but as I continuously browsing your page I get more amazed, inspired and so much blessed about your long love quest…That made me uphold to the dream in searching the better half of my soul. Though, I was not there in your wedding day I still feel the touch of the love and joy that your united souls have brought to all of the attendees on your special day. How I wish I was there too, and get so much inspired of your story. You know what, since I was reading your article I burst into tears... Can't do anything but to cry, God really blessed your relationship with so much excitement and abundant love that overflows not just to the people whom you know personally but to every lonely single soul, yes oh yes, you made me amazed to believe that there’s still always be a forever and never ending lifelong happy everlasting journey of couples… Your married life is indeed remarkable and it’s a sun that brighten ups my gloomy world. That’s made me look forward and enjoy my very tiny steps towards in the arms of my eternal lover of my soul. THANKS A LOT of sharing this blessed story of your love quest. May God continuously pour out the gladness, love, success and all the blessings that you need in every single day of your life together that no room can ever contain it. ABUNDANCE of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; be upon your relationship and to your family. I know the next generation of your descendants will be extremely fruitful and faithful for they are covered by your unfailing love. Thanks…. I look forward to see more posts. THANKS A LOT and God bless –Lore(loverofmysoul). “

I’m speechless when I saw her comment; actually I really don’t know how to react. All I can say is nakakataba naman ng puso na meron palang taong patuloy na nagbabasa ng blog ko and what more can I ask for? She told me everything that I want to hear from my reader -  that through my writings I inspire her.

“Hi Ms.RN, I am really glad that u took time to reply. Thanks, don't really know why this site is so special to me. Your words are indeed a hope and food to my soul. I do claim that God will bless me with a happy life N with an eternal mate.If that would happen I will surely let u know, I also want to know u better and to know more about ur love story. I am still reading ur other articles. Thanks for sharing ur thoughts and Life. Godbless.”

After reading another reply from Lore, I feel so blessed! I even told my husband to read her message because I want to share with him my over flowing happiness. Can you imagine, a simple post can make one person to be positive in life and not giving up, to just believe in God and to inspire about everything especially in LOVE.

For Lore, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for taking your spare time to read my post, you don’t know me and I don’t know you but you know what God is so good because he created his own way para magkakilala tayo. I'm so glad that now, we consider each other as "FRIENDS."  Hopefully, someday magkita tayo.. So if you have problems, especially love life don't hesitate to send me private message and I will do my best to give you advise. Take Care Always and God Bless You!