Our Journey Towards Parenthood: Perks of Being Pregnant

As I've said before, I really love and enjoy being pregnant. I’m not maselan at all, I did not experience vomiting or nausea during my 1st trimester, di ako mapili with the food, in short, di ako maarteng mag buntis kaya swerte ng asawa ko..

I’m so happy that I have lots of friends, very supportive husband and family because they spoil me a lot. As in and I love it. That’s why perks of being pregnant is that they are so generous in giving me food. Buti nalang di ako nataba, nalaki lang tyan pero same parin ang braso and hita ko. (although ramdam ko na yung bigat ko, still sexy parin daw ako.. naks!)

Here are some treat from my friends, husband and family for me and baby rhian. Thank You so much! 

I want something cheesy and my husband gave me this.. ^_^
I'm craving for J.CO donuts and my husband gave this as his pasalubong.. ^_^ #spoiledwife 
Baby wants something sour and sweet, my husband bought me these. ^_^ 
I'm craving for puto bumbong and my dad deliver this in our home..  
Guava Cake from Sir CJ. (Ian's Immediate Supervisor) 
Life is Sweet! Thanks Honey for the yummy ice cream! 
Cadbury Chocolate from Karen.. Yum Yum! 

Thank you guys for treating me like a Queen. Sarap naman maging buntis.. Lahat ng gusto mo binibigay sau without reklamo.. Hehe. On behalf of my baby rhian, thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. Sa uulitin..Mwah!