Our Journey Towards Parenthood: First Trimester Challenge

Pregnancy is a big responsibility but also one of the exciting phase in a woman’s life.  For most women, the first trimester of pregnancy are the most consuming because everything is all so new, so exciting and even overwhelming. First trimester is also the most crucial stage in pregnancy since there is a chance for miscarriage.  Hormones trigger your body to begin nourishing the baby even before tests and a physical exam can confirm the pregnancy, but no matter how the physical changes is distorting your once beautiful body, everything will be wipe out as you know that your baby is healthy inside your tummy is the priceless moment ever.

Now I know that being pregnant needs a lot of courage because you will experience all the pains all over your body. This is my 1st pregnancy and I must admit I was so scared, I don’t know how to overcome the pain/changes in my body. Okay, I will tell the story how we discovered that I’m pregnant.

I really don’t know that the early signs of pregnancy occurs last May, can you imagine nag outing pa kami sa Club Manila East, I enjoyed the wave pool and also tried the zipline not knowing that I’m already 3 weeks pregnant.. Waaahhhh… As far as I remember, I had spotting during our company’s outing so I know that I’m not pregnant, then I feel so tired, I want to stay inside our room and sleep, I also experience some lower backaches I even ask my husband to punch it dahil sa sobrang sakit. Haha. Then, I also notice that I find myself making a few extra trips to the bathroom (well, as far as I know wiwi ako ng wiwi dahil malamig lang talaga sa office) and lastly, I feel cravings for certain foods like sour candies and balot, but again, I have no idea that this are already the symptoms of early pregnancy since as I told you, I have bleeding on that week.

I don't know na 3 weeks preggy na ko dito! Haha. (@CME - Company's Outing)

A week after our company’s outing was my schedule for ultrasound, the result says that everything is normal, I need to continue my medicines for polycystic and vitamins. My OB scheduled me for another ultrasound on Wednesday, May 29 which is also our plan to get student license.  As early as 9am, we went at Makati Med for my 2nd ultrasound, I left my husband at Maxicare for check-up while I proceed to the ultrasound room.

OB – Rackell, kelan ang huling 1st day of your menstruation?
Me – Doc, May 17  po, yung sabi ko po na may spotting ako tapos tumigil kc nag swimming ako..
OB – Huh? Hindi, kasi you’re pregnant!
Me – Po?! Yung totoo po Doc?
OB – Yes! 5 weeks 3 days kang pregnant! Congratulations!
Me – Yung totoo po Doc? (teary eyes)
OB – Mag Pregnancy test ka tingnan mo positive yan then let me know ha. Congratulations again!

I can’t believe it! Kc bakit nung Monday di nakita si baby, then all of a sudden sasabihin ng OB mo na buntis ka. Can you imagine how will I react? I don’t know pano ko sasabihin sa asawa ko since I’m still in the state of shock.

In front of Dairy Queen inside Makati Med.

Ian – Musta check up? Anong result?
Me – (Sabay Yakap) Honey, sabi ni doctor pregnant daw ako.
Ian – (State of Shock – as in di mo maipaliwanag yung mukha) Wow! Sure ba  yan? (Sabay Yakap) Thank you Lord.
Me – uu, need lang na mag PT pero 100% sure na daw.

Seeing the reaction of my husband is the best scene on that day. I really felt he’s so happy, we are both teary eyes as we read the ultrasound result.

Fast Forward.. My OB advise me to leave from work for 1 week due to mild spotting (brownish), she also gave me free Mother’s Book and Anmum. She also advise me to take some medicines to stop the bleeding.

Vitamins and Mother's Book 
Breakfast served!
Oh! Halo-Halo and Siopao! 
From Anlene to Anmum :)

After a week, I was scheduled for another ultrasound. Hubby and I went at Makati Med around 10am, I was so nervous! Okay ba si baby? Nag stop na kaya yung bleeding? I was so scared! But my husband told me to relax and everything will be okay. During my ultrasound, my OB showed me my baby - I almost cried seeing my baby inside my womb. My OB called my husband and together we heard our baby’s heartbeat for the 1st time. Sa totoo lang, maluha luha ang asawa ko sa tuwa. Iba yung feeling na alam mong buhay si baby! Sad to say, my OB saw the spotting inside and advise us to stay at the Hospital for observation. At first, ayaw ko talaga! Ayaw kong magpa confine, ayaw kong magpalagay ng swero but my husband convinced me to follow my OB’s instructions for our baby.

Di na kami pinauwi that day, I went to delivery room, change my dress and proceed to the room where I can stay for 3 hours for monitoring while my husband prepares the admitting documents/papers. I was scared that time, I’m so worried about my baby, I want her/him to be safe, I will do everything just to make sure he/she is okay. When the nurse prepared the “swero” my panic attacks arise, so they need to consult my Neuro doctor to calm me. Para akong bata talaga, iyak ng iyak at nanginginig, after 1 hour, finally nakalma na ko. That moment, I have one thing in my mind, gusto kong makasiguradong okay si baby.


I transferred to my room after 4 hours, ad when I saw my husband I can’t help myself but to cry. Hubby hug me and check if I’m okay, that very moment I realized how blessed I am to have him in my life. He never left me, he do everything for us.

Our first family picture 
Thank You Gen!

Thursday, I was scheduled for another ultrasound to check if the bleeding was subside, I was so nervous that time kasi wala pa si Ian dahil pumasok, as I enter the room, I pray and asked for God’s guidance because I know God will be so good to us. As the procedure started, my OB told me that the bleeding become less and when I saw my baby I almost cry because of the good cardiac activity. My baby’s heart beat is 130 beats per minute. Wow! I can’t stop crying nakakahiya man pero iba yug feeling knowing na buhay at lumalaban si baby. Thank You Lord! Thank You so much!

Hello Baby! :)

I stayed at Makati Med for 5 days, our families are very supportive. Every day nandun sila to check if I’m okay, I almost cry because my dad shows extra effort to bring us food. Umaga, tanghali at gabi, talagang nagluluto sya ng gusto ko. (Naiiyak na aman ako) but honestly, dun ko narealized na super daming nagmamahal samin,  na andyan sila para sumuporta and palakasin ang loob ko.. Super Thank You!

We're going home baby!

Finally, I was discharge last Friday June 14 with Home Instruction given by my doctors. Thank you Lord for your guidance, at di mo kami pinabayaan. Mahal na Mahal ka po namin.

Thank you Roan and Gen sa pagbisita sa hospital.
Thank you Ven and Norman sa pagbisita sa bahay.