Movie Stars Café

I am a certified online shopaholic wife, meaning I always purchased a deal specifically food deals in group buying sites. Fast forward, my recent purchased was a deal from Metrodeal, “Mouthwatering Steaks, Sausages & More at movie Stars Café’s Unlimited Dino Buffet for Php 399 instead of P699 at SM MOA” I got two vouchers since I wanted to try this new place out with my husband.

We don’t have any idea about this restaurant, so I gave myself few hours surfing the net and just read some reviews about this place. I was amazed when I found out that this is a themed cafe, Oh! I’ve always had a penchant for themed restaurants. Anyway, last Sunday marks our 8th wedding monthsary and we planned to use our vouchers on that day. We arrived at the restaurant 20 minutes before 6pm; we don’t make a reservation at all but happy to say that they still accommodate us. Hello, 2 lang kami kaya kahit saan pwede kami.. Hehe.

From the outside, the café is already eye-catching with its flashy lights and movie memorabilia display.

So if you find the outside interesting, wait until you see the interior of the cafe.  Here are some photos of the Movie Stars Café!
Restaurant Ceiling 
 Stage for the band

An extraordinary café and restaurant!

We immediately went around the place, took lot of photos and got amazed with the restaurant. Wow! As expected from a movie memorabilia, there are wide array of Hollywood movie posters that filled the place and life-sized statues of your favorite movie characters such as Spiderman, Ironman, Shrek, Batman, etc. which transports you to a whole new world indeed. The café looks really cool, with characters in full costume greeting you from outside, well Movie Stars Café has no waitress and waitresses rather actors and actresses who are all set and ready to serve you wearing some movie blockbusters characters attire. Ika nga nila, “E” for Effort! Who wouldn't get thrilled with that? You can even have your photos taken with the servers.

Batman and Joker
Life-sized statue

Iron Man 

The restaurant was surrounded with four big screen and a hundreds of monitors playing movies simultaneously (HBO, AXN, Star Movies, etc). Di na nga magkandaugaga yung mata ko sa dami ng tv. Haha. I love the special lights creating a superb and lustrous ambiance especially when the performers started their presentations on stage.

Main Stage
Televisions all over the place
Movie Memorabilia and Props. 

The dining area is really impressive; I love the orange cozy seats. The whole place actually reminds me of Universal Studios with the set-up and characters roaming around. I know Movie buffs will love it here.
We were seated comfortably near the front row table inside, but there is also an alfresco area by the bay with a separate buffet table and stage there too. 

Now, it’s time for the food. The Dino buffet area is located at the back of the café which is just one strip 
with an open kitchen. (why Dino? I hope you notice the fascinating life-sized T-Rex head in the middle) hihi. The buffet is created as “mix and match” your very own signature eat-all-you-can burger patties, Italian sausages, chicken, sandwiches and beef hotdogs. There is also includes roast chicken, roast beef, roast pork, steak, green salad, mixed vegetables, fish and chips, onion rings and fries. Wow!

The Dino Buffet Area
T-REX Head

The burger patty is pure beef so it'll make you bloated. I couldn't even finish mine.

For the dessert, there’s a fruit platter and a small tray of sweets such as cake and brownies.

After we had our fill of the buffet, the lights began to dim.  We were surprised when a loud voice boomed across the café (it was Super Mario - the host) announced that there will be 3 sets of shows for the night. Wow! Watching the Movie Stars Cafe Performance Show while enjoying your meal is an awesome experience. 

Storm troopers dancing, mini-comical and weird plays, and another thing they had were performances from the waiters and waitresses. You will get surprise because all the servers in costume taking your orders for a minute, then the next minute they become the “MSC Dancers,” called on stage for a production number. They are very lively that’s why it’s so fun to watch it.

MSC Dancers

After the show, the large screen is turned on and the live band on the side by the bar started to play some official sound tracts from our favorite movies.

Live Music Bands and Performances.

There was never a dull moment during our lengthy visit, fyi, we started around 6pm and we stayed until 9:30ish. Oooops!.  They have a happy mix of everything - hosts, live bands, comedy plays and even Storm troopers danced to a medley of music which includes Gangnam Style and Cha-Cha! Bwahahaha.. Can you imagine what I mean? Well, watch this video. Haha.  After that, the other 'characters' went up the stage and danced as well. So cute!

Another video here, you've got to watch another Star Wars Storm Trooper's dance! Now, tell me how can I finish my burger while it's dancing in a cutie weird way? Bwahahaha..

Go Go Power Rangers! :)
Go Go Power Rangers Part 2! :)
Dancing Star Troopers :)

I tried to capture some shots of the servers; they were very friendly and accommodating when it comes to photographs. Ooopppss.. Some of them have a small box wherein you can put donations after you grabbed photos with them. Side line ika nga.

with ATOM 
Go.. Go.. Power Rangers 
Sorry, sino nga ulit to? Hehe.. 
OMG! I'm Scared! 
Spiderman! :) 
Black Spiderman 
Bumblebee :)

Star Movies Cafe is a must-visit for anyone looking for a good time; it is a fun place to be I swear. Although the food is quiet pricey, but definitely worth every centavo after all the entertainment and detail with the venue and the awesome experience. Well, it’s like paying for the entrance to a performance show, live band, museum plus you get to dine and have fun plus a bonus that everyone was so friendly and attentive - take our orders, clean our table especially the used tissue paper, answer all our questions and last but not the least, game to pose for pictures! We weren't paying for the food, but we were paying for the entertainment! I recommend this place to everyone. This is really one of a kind theme restaurant!

We're not in the Lost World but in Movie Stars Café!

Star Movies Cafe
Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia

Operating Hours
M - Th: 12pm to 2am
F - Sa: 12pm - 4am
Su: 12pm - 12am