Executive Massage Experience at The Spa

Last February 24 marks as our 7th wedding monthsary, we decided to have a “Pamper Day” meaning from morning till midnight. We had our foot massage and haircut in morning, had our whole body massage on afternoon and scrumptious dinner on the evening. I will post another article about our dinner, but for now I will share with you our experience at The Spa.

Hubby’s college friends gave us two executive vouchers at The Spa during our wedding last July 2012 as their gift. Actually, our first plan was to use the voucher on Valentine’s day, unfortunately I got my period a day before Vday. Booo.. so we resched it and decided to us it on our monthsary.

If you’re an avid fan of my blog, you notice that hubby and I love to pamper ourselves by having a whole body massage. I swear, we love massage because this is one our favorite “ME-time” activities.  I've always wanted to experience a massage at The Spa, I heard lots of good reviews about this store and for the first timers like us; we are so excited as in! Woohooo..

The SPA is a perfect place for retreat and an instant feel of heaven for relaxation and rejuvenation. They offer a wide array of premium pampering services and treatments. As soon as we entered the door, I felt like I was in another dimension. I can’t control myself and ask my husband to take me photo. The interiors of The Spa in Greenbelt are very cool.

Walking through bridge-like corridor with water underneath instantly produced a calming effect on me.
This was the path that we walked through to the front desk area
Outfit of the Day

As we reached the receiving area, a courteous receptionist greeted us with a smile and assists us in our needs. We handed them our voucher and told us to choose what type of massage that we want.  Since we had the Executive Massage Voucher, we got a private room which is perfect for couple like us. The voucher includes the free use of amenities such as sauna and shower to be accessed separately in common wet floor area.  Finally, after few minutes of discussion we chose the combination massage, which combines both Swedish and shiatsu.

The receiving area of The Spa is homey and open to waiting guests and companions. The Spa has the brown on white design, with wooden furniture and wall, comfy seats with mellow background music all throughout. There is also a cabinet full of beauty products for sale.

Receiving / Waiting Area
Happy Couple :)

The receptionist provided a key to put all my stuff and told me to proceed to the female locker area to change. Female and Male rooms are separated by the way.

 The staircase all the way up to the locker room.

As I entered the room, one staff handed me a fluffy robe, slippers and towels. She also assist us to put my things inside my locker but before I change to my fluffy robe, I got a chance to take photos of the area. Oooppss. Pictures are prohibited in the spa area; this is one of The Spa rules. I’m so lucky because the attendants were very friendly and understanding, I told her that I need photos for my blog.. Hihi.  

Robe, Towel, Lockey Key and Slippers

Lockers line the left and right walls, which go as high as the ceiling.  This is where I left all my things before starting with my treatment.

A circular area with separate vanities featuring more towels, wash area, sanitizers, and more. I was pleased with the service and atmosphere of the place.

The SPA's powder room.
Set of Towels 
Note: An attendant is always available nearby if needed.

The SPA accessibly has a supply of toiletries one would need for bathing and freshening up afterwards.

Sterilizer Cabinet for Combs

I change my clothes to cottony robe and slippers and went to take a refreshing shower before starting our session. Oh! Very relaxing! The shower has hot and cold option, plus the body soap/shampoo and conditional was placed in a handy dispenser. The shower rooms are clean and well-maintained. After taking a shower, it’s time to try their steam room. This is safe and also good for one’s health because it helps eliminate toxins, open pores and most important, it removes your stress. Oh! I love it! By the way, I stayed here more or less 15 minutes. After that, I showered again, dried up, and relaxed while waiting for my turn for a massage.  While waiting, attendant asked me if I want a signature ginger tea or cold water, I chose warm water since I’m not a fan of tea. Few minutes later, hubby arrives; we were assisted to our room. We instructed to remove our robe, relax and wait for our therapist.

My therapist did an excellent job in paying attention to those hardened back muscles.  She is also courteous in asking permission if she could massage certain areas on my body, she only speaks to me if I need to turn to other side, front or ask if the pressure is okay. You can tell your therapist what you want, hard, soft, with ointment or regular conventional oil.

Tip envelope

All I can say is, the whole two hours of quiet and comforting massage was worth it aside from the fact that we got it for FREE!  The Spa is one of the best spas in metro where you can say it’s worth your money for the relaxation plus the ambiance experience. I will definitely go back here, but since it’s too pricey I will visit here during special occasions. (birthday, anniversary, more)

 - Make sure to reserve your spot during weekends as walk-in guests are seldom entertained due to full booking.
 - Come at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pamper time.

The Spa
G/F Greenbelt 1, Paseo de Roxas, Makati (drop-off entrance)
Tel Nos: 840-1325 / 840-1326 / 0926-4049316 / fax 840 1321
Mon – Thu 12 – 10 pm / Fri – Sun 12 – 11 pm
Last call: Mon – Thu 8:30 pm / Fri – Sun 9:30pm