Coron Day 3 (Part 3) Smith Point and Skeleton Wreck

After we visited at SietePecados and Barracuda Lake, our next stop was the Smith Point where we had our lunch.

Candid Shot 
Lost in Paradise 

Smith Point is an isolated area of fine sand like Boracay and clear water. This place was amazing and very peaceful. I love this place because less crowded stop for lunch. Actually, hubby and I took 30 minutes nap under the tree. Priceless moment!

Beautiful views while lying on the sand

This island deserves a perfect score when you talked about paradise. It is worthy to be visited again and again.


After a hearty lunch and power nap, we headed to the Skeleton Wreck / WWII Japanese Ship Wreck. Since Coron is also popular destination for wreck-diving site, ooppss.. of course, we aren’t divers, so the most that we can do is snorkel. Anyway, in this place you can see the remnants of WWII Japanese ships which were sunk down.

It’s interesting to see an intact and well preserved sunken ship underwater, which has already become a sanctuary of variety fishes & sea creatures. Take note that it has been there for more than 50 years now. Wow! This is the best and perfect place for snorkeling and fish feeding.  It’s so amazing that these are well preserved and current. There are more sites for other shipwrecks, which can be appreciated only through diving due to its depths. 

Super sad to say that we were not able to capture the scenery underwater. Booo!!!

While snorkeling at Skeleton Wreck, the site of the World War II ship wrecks was a distinctive fun and truly memorable experience!

Overall, Coron is truly exquisite! I found myself in love with the place, and I will definitely go back to Coron, in a heartbeat!