Pepper Lunch

This is actually super duper late post.. I'm Sorry!

Last January 26, I asked my husband to stroll around Glorietta, and then all of a sudden we found ourselves roaming around Greenbelt. Haha. Ian suggested that we eat at Greenbelt 5 for a change, halos nakainan na namin lahat ng restaurant sa Glorietta eh..

We got to Pepper Lunch at around 9:50pm (super late dinner.. Booo!!) I was expecting that we were going to wait for 30 minutes because as you notice this restaurant has a long queue every day, but surprisingly we were lucky as we immediately got seated. Yehey!

Pepper Lunch is a restaurant originates in Japan in 1994, and they opened their first outlet here in the Philippines last May 18, 2008 at Power Plant Mall. This is not our first time to try this restaurant, we've been here countless of times before and I must say that I really enjoyed their food. Pepper Lunch is actually a do-it-yourself restaurant wherein you get to cook your own food over a sizzling plate in just one minute. (Sizzle it your way!)

Hubby ordered for Beef Yakiniku with Egg, the beef strips were juicy, tender and rightfully seasoned.

Beef Yakiniku with Egg Php 325.00

The plate came with the instructions on how to cook your food, it is actually written in a piece of circular paper that surrounds the sizzling plate. (Hurry! Quickly turn over the steak!)

I ordered for Beef Pepper Rice. The meat served is a bit raw but seasoned. The beef was not juicy unlike the one that my husband ordered but I find the pepper rice a bit overwhelming.

Beef Pepper Rice Php 198.00

It was a pleasure mixing the food and watching as the ingredients sizzle on the plate and smelling the delicious aroma which fills the air. Overall, we were both satisfied with what we had at Pepper Lunch, large servings and served sizzling hot is the best!

Happy Couple ♥

By the way, in the restaurant you can also find an instructional video placed on the wall to give you an ideal in cooking your food.

Pepper Lunch 
2nd floor, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati City