My 28th Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my 28th birthday at Berjaya Hotel last January 2 – 3, 2013. We arrived at the hotel around 2:20 pm; from the moment we walked into the lobby, we were relaxed. Excited lang siguro kami sa staycation namin..

After checking in, we opted to have a quick merienda at Jollibee. After that, we went back to the hotel for some quality time together. Around 6 pm, we decided to swim at the hotel’s indoor pool. The pool was ice cold, as in super duper lamig.. Bbbbrrr… and unfortunately, the heated Jacuzzi was out of order.. booo..


After 30 minutes, we chose to go back at our room and headed to A. Venue Mall (just walking distance from the hotel) where we had our dinner at Focaccia.

Happy Couple!

We waited for 12am for my birthday salubong, I was surprised because I have no idea that my husband prepared something for me, how sweet!

First surprise: Watch from Swatch
Second surprise: Short video presentation
Last but not the least: Romantic Dance

Honey's birthday gift

I was crying all night, I was overwhelmed with the surprises he made for me. I’m so touch, as in! Thank you honey!

Next day, we woke up around 10am.. Waahh.. I called the receptionist and asked if we can still avail our complimentary breakfast, unfortunately, the hotel’s restaurant serve breakfast from 6am to 10am only.. Waahh.. Di na kami umabot.. Huhu.. Sorry, puyat kasi eh.. Hihi. So we have no choice but to stay in our room and just enjoy our moment together.

Our first attempt for a staycation/birthday celebration at hotel was a success. Although it was only in Makati, I can say that we really enjoyed our stay here. We are so gonna do this again! I swear! Now, my new motto is "You don't have to go far; as long as you're with your love one, anywhere feels like an adventure!" We left the hotel by 12noon and had our lunch at Giligans in A. Venue Mall.

We arrived at our home around 3:30pm, rest for a while and continue our celebration. We watched movie at Greenbelt 3 (One More Try) and had our dinner at Ma-Maison.

Overall, I had a simple but very memorable birthday celebration; my 1st birthday party as a wife. (party talaga, chos!)

Sorry for the poor pictures, we only used cellphone camera here.