Hotel Review: Berjaya Hotel

Before my birthday, my husband and I agree to use the gift certificate I won last Christmas party. Actually, I want a simple birthday celebration because we need to save money for our Coron trip. So before holidays, I called Berjaya hotel and make our reservation for January 2-3, 2013 (Birthday Salubong).

Berjaya Hotel is Friendster sister’s company; this is where we always celebrate our Christmas party. Berjaya Hotel is located at Makati Avenue which gives easy accessibility to shopping malls and business trading in Makati. This hotel is equipped to make your stay most comfortable, they have179 deluxe rooms and suites, 1 restaurant and 2 bars, they also have function rooms - Las Ventas (maximum capacity of 200 persons) and Las Monumental (maximum capacity of 160 persons).

We left our house by 1:40pm and arrived at Berjaya hotel by 2:20pm. I was disappointed when nobody assists us when we reach the reception area. I knock the table until one staff approach me but he was not accommodating. I need to control my temper since I don’t want to ruin my day. I show my gift certificate, filled-up the registration form and hand over Php 1,500 as security deposit. (they will return it upon check-out).
No one assists us on our room and handed our things. Hayz! Nakakapang init talaga ng ulo! Anyway, we stay at Deluxe room on 8th floor; unfortunately, upon entering the room we were shocked because it smells like a smoke of cigarette. I call the concierge and request if we can transfer to other room, but the receptionist told me that all Deluxe room with king-size bed are smoking area while the non-smoking deluxe room has twin size bed. So we have no choice but to take the Deluxe Smoking Room since we want a king-size bed but in one condition, they will spray air-freshener. We left the hotel and remind again the receptionist to spray our room, but after 1 hour we check our room and still we can smell the smoke inside our room. Gggrrr… I called the receptionist again and complain, finally 48 years one staff went to our room and spray air-freshener. Gggrr…
Anyway, moving forward.. Deluxe Room is designed to comfortably house for 2 guests. Well, we were surprised because the room is so huge for 2 people. It is furnished with a king-sized bed, study table, huge bathroom, LCD TV, security box, mini bar and small refrigerator.
 Our Room

King-sized bed

 LCD Television

 Security Deposit

Mini refrigerator and bar
I love the bathroom, especially the bath tub. They provided basic toiletries such as soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. The towels are clean and hygienic. They also provided hot and cold shower.

Berjaya Hotel has indoor pool and heated Jacuzzi. Unfortunately, the Jacuzzi is out of service that time. Booo…

view from the pool
Overall, the room is spacious and well renovated. The ambiance is very cozy where you can relax all day, but the staffs are not accommodating; I think they need some training on how to treat their guests.

Berjaya Makati Hotel – Philippines
7835 Makati Avenue corner Eduque Street
Makati City
Tel No.:  (+632) 750 7500
Fax No.: (+632) 750 6783