Pamper Night + Food Trip + Quality Time = Happy Married Life


Who says that being married means overlooking the things or activities that you love to do during your boyfriend/girlfriend stage? Not us! We make sure that at least once a week we will do our usual date, extracurricular activities and sometimes visit a salon and spa outlet to just relax and unwind.

Ian and I really love to go in massage center; we want our body to relax, remove all the stress in our body and chill out. One of our lists is the Wensha Spa, but due to budget constraint we opted to check the online buying site which offers cheaper and affordable massage within Makati. Thank God for Groupon who offers discounted deals which includes a whole body massage.

I purchased a voucher two months before our wedding for 60-minute Shui Hilot whole body with Ventosa for only Php 200.00, actual value is Php 1,020.00. Wow! Great Deal right?! Actually, this is our 2nd time in Shui Hilot and I can say that they do a great job! Oh Ventosa, I love you! Hehe.

Photo taken via Instagram (follow me @ rackell24)

We were schedule at 7pm last night; as soon as we arrive we were assisted by two young ladies and instructed us to remove our shoes and put our feet on the warm tub. Very relaxing, I heard one girl told Ian “Sir, ayaw nyo naman dumihan yung tubig” then she laugh, Ian defends himself and told the girl while laughing “Sa medyas ko kaya yan”. Haha. Anyway, after 5 minutes we were aided at the room wherein you will remove all your clothes except for the underwear. The session last for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, I love the Ventosa; this is an old traditional massage in China which is meant to restore the flow of Chi.

Shui Hilot uses a suction cups which is according to the therapist it will sucks out all the so called “lamig” on our back which causes us uncomfortable and back pains. After the session, all the tightness on my back disappeared and I really felt refreshed and very relaxed. Now that's getting your money's worth.

After our very relaxing massage, hubby decided to take our dinner at Mom and Tina’s Bakery Café. We really want to try this restaurant before that’s why we were so excited come in as soon as we open the door. Pero ang totoo nun, gutom na gutom na kami.. Haha.

The place is very homey, the interiors are fabulous, I feel like I’m at home waiting for my mom to serve pancakes. Oh, I love the wall! Pang girl na pang girl.   It also looks like a large living room – with the couches, tables, and decors.

Mom and Tina’s Bakery Café was started off as a family pastime for mother and daughter tandem which eventually became the establishment that it is now and  aims to satisfy the customer’s craving for traditional home cooked meals and fresh out of the oven pastries and baked goodies.

We immediately looked into the menu and search for the best food to satisfy our cravings, but the moment I saw their price, my mind freak out, “Ang mahal naman dito!” Yes, it’s like you dine-in into a popular fine restaurant in Greenbelt 3. But it’s my hubby’s treat that night, I told myself that I need to order what I really want kahit mahal! Haha.

Since we really both love Caesar Salad, Ian ordered for Mango Kani Salad – a medley of crisp lettuce, ripe mango slices, kani sticks and dried seaweeds, stipe with a special Japanese mayonnaise dressing. Oh, I love the combination of Mango and Kani. The lettuce is quite fresh and crunchy, the nori on top of the salad was a great add-on plus I love the Japanese Mayo!

Mango Kani Salad Php 155.00 / half
I chose Baked Chicken Macaroni, a very tasty chicken, tomato and a cheesy cream sauce with macaroni noodles. It’s so creamy, cheesy and tasty! I love cheese so this was perfect for me but for those who don’t adore cheese, you might find this dish a bit overwhelming. All pasta meals includes garlic roll, well this so yummy. It was soft and the garlic flavor was subtle, it was perfect with my Baked Chicken Macaroni.
Yum yum!

Baked Chicken Macaroni Php 140.00
Hubby order for Chicken Alexander, one of their specialties – A chicken and mushroom in a cream sauce topped with fluffy mashed potatoes and sweet corn.

Chicken Alexander Php 205.00

 And finally, hubby is craving for some sweets, so he bought two jars of Meringue.  Yum Yum!

Meringue Php 90.00/each

Happy Couple :)

Shui Hilot Healing Spa
G/F Tropical Palms, Perea St.
Legaspi Village Makati City

Mom and Tina’s Bakery Café
G/F Unit 104
Tropical Palms Condominum
Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village,
Makati City