J.Co Donuts and Coffee

J.Co is really hard to pass up because I've been hearing and seeing a LOT of buzz about this brand; naturally, I wanted to see and taste if it is as good as everyone has been saying. Anyway, to give an idea about J.Co, this is a popular lifestyle café chain in Indonesia and some parts of Southeast Asia. According to their website, it first opened in Jakarta, Indonesia way back 2005 and now J.Co opens branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, and Philippines!

The first time I tried J.Co was during our trip in Singapore, Day 4 specifically. After having our lunch at Full House, we decided to explore Raffles Mall until we saw J. Co. Ian insist to try their donut while putting our feet up and prepare for our next destination; of course we need some energy for another walkathon within the city.

While inside, I felt like the place was made just for us because I'm all for warm and romantic lighting! Oh I instantly fell in love with their ambiance. There are two counters inside the area, one is where the donuts are and the other one are selection of drinks and yogurt.

They have a lot of items on their menu but we decided to try the Tiramisu, J.CO Chocolate Caviar and the cappuccino specialist, JCoccino. The first bite was sooooo delicious! Nakakaadik I swear! Of course, Ian wouldn’t leave without trying some of their drinks so he chose the JCoccino, it’s a cup of premium cappuccino which is a bolder and better taste of Itallian espresso with a dip of milk, it was perfect pair for our donuts.

And since bitin kami, we opted to order another set. Haha. Nag adik lang sa donut! Ian chose Avocado Di Carpio. Ian was so excited to try this and when he took a bite, the avocado fruitiness was very quiet. I opted to try their Jacky Chunk which is a combination of Dark-Chocolate and Peanut kick on glazed donut.

As much as we want to try the Alcopone which is the J.CO’s signature soft bite donut topped with Belgian white chocolate and roasted slices of almond, our tummy was full already and promise ourselves that we are going to try this one as soon as we arrived in Manila.

Our 2nd try in J.Co was during Ian’s birthday. He asks me to buy him 6 boxes of donuts for his teammates. Wow! Ang dami ha! Ikaw na mayaman! I’ve waited patiently in a long line in Greenbelt 3 branch just to comply with my husband’s simple wish. Okay cge pagbigyan na natin at birthday! It is much cheaper if you purchase 2 dozen since it only cost you Php 550.00.

Prices are:

Php 42.00 – each donut
Php 350.00 – 1 dozen
Php 550.00 – 2 dozen

He also gave me 1 dozen for my officemates. Thank you hon!

For the 3rd time, my hubby and I were craving for JCo donut after our whole day trip in Corregidor. So right after we stroll at Robinson Pioneer, we opted to visit JCO at Megamall. (By the way, were looking for his new shoes that he will going to use on Oct 1 – as usual basketball event)

Ian waited for almost 30 minutes to purchase 2 dozen of donuts. Yes! We got to take home two dozen donuts! Di naman kami adik sa donut db. Well, it’s very soft and not too sweet at all kaya we really love JCo!!!

So guys, what are you waiting for? Visit any branches in Metro Manila. (SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, Greenbelt 3, Trinoma) Soon to open in Alabang Town Center, SM Fairview and Eastwood Mall.