FullHouse Theme Café

When I first heard of the name “Full House”, the first thing that comes to my mind is the popular Korean Drama starring Rain and Song Hye-kyo not knowing that “Full House” is also popular as Singapore’s latest theme restaurant. Haha.

Hubby is so busy finding a romantic place to celebrate our 1st week as husband and wife, until his friend Pau suggested to visit the Groupon site which offers discounts within the city. As he browse the site, there are lots of restaurant that offers discounts however they need a one day reservation prior to your visit. Huhu.. Finally, as my husband look through the webpage, he noticed this one of a kind restaurant that offers a very cozy and stylish ambiance, a warm Victorian-inspired house should I say. We called the restaurant and ask if they accept a walk-in guest, fortunately they allow it. Yehey!

We decided to walk along the road to reach the Rendezvous Hotel from City Hall, well this is a short walk from Fragrance Hotel plus I love the weather, it was really a godsend. Full house Café was dressed in white with a touch of black.  We are so excited to try this lifestyle café and restaurant that attracts many local and foreign tourists like us. As soon as we step into the restaurant, I was amazed for having a warm cozy atmosphere plus a nicely decorated surrounding at Tony’s Party Lounge. Sana meron ganito sa pinas! We were greeted by a cheerful hosts and told us that the restaurant is located on Level 2 but before that Ian went crazy snapping photos of the Bar and outdoor courtyard located on Level 1 of Hotel Rendezvous where they offer signature beers.

Level 2, the entire walkway was leading to the restaurant itself. We were greeted us again with a bubbly staff and assist us to our seats. My eyes really amazed with this beautiful restaurant! As in first time kong nakapunta sa ganito kagandang restaurant! Haha. 

Oooppss.. Say hello to Mommy Tracy!

Full House Theme Café is designed to look like a house. Wow! This one is totally awesome! Let me bring you on a mini tour. You’ll see how I fell in love with this restaurant! :p

The Living Room!

This is the first part of the house (ooppss should I say, Restaurant) that you will see as you enter from the outdoor garden. Wow! This place is romantically-decorated living / dining area with miniature plants, quirky clocks with relaxing plush sofa! Very cozy and spacious! Oh I love to the warm feeling when I sit down in this area.


I must say that this is very lovely place with matching pairs of Styrofoam dove!  

Master Bedroom

All girls would love to visit this area; you will see the bed strewn of Tiffani’s collections of accessories, hand bags and apparels.  Well, most of the items are for sale! You can even try the clothes on in the fitting room :)

Cozy Corner

Bar Counter

Outdoor Garden

Outdoor Courtyard

So this was my view from the nice corner.

All items inside the restaurant are for sale – clothing items, decors, miniatures etc. Fullhouse Theme Café brings new scopes to the shopping and dining experience, with an edge in creating a dream home for all. They also caters special occasions such as Family Gatherings, Reunion, Shopping Thrills, Relaxing Meet-ups, Formal Meetings, or ever Pre-nup – anything you desire can be done in this restaurant.

They have food served and environment pimped like it’s a restaurant, but what I like is their menu. Masyadong pambata, they include comic strip towards the end. So cute and very appealing! Ian and I was looking through the menu, it’s really difficult to decide what to order since there are lots of tempting choices they have, from appetizer, main course and drinks. Wow!

He opted to taste their shake, so hubby order for Rose Strawberry Magic Ball Blended. The tapioca pearl is different because it explodes when you put into your mouth. Nakakatuwa sya promise!

Rose Strawberry Magic Ball Blended - SGD 8.90

For Ian, he chose Wok-Sear Chicken Chop – grilled chicken thigh served with mashed potato, vegetables and black pepper raisin jam.

Wok-Sear Chicken Chop - SGD 16.90

I chose to try their Carbonara set which includes soup of the day and iced tea. I love the taste of their spaghetti and they are too generous in putting milk and other ingredients on their pasta.

Soup of the Day

Carbonara Spaghetti Set 1 (Soup, Iced Tea and Carbonara) - SGD 18.90

Lemon Iced Tea

After our lunch, we decided to continue our picture taking until one couple who wears wedding gown and coat & tie arrived. Aba pre-nup ito! Yes! It’s sooo cute! Sayang tapos na wedding namin di namin naisip na mag pre-nup dito. Haha.

Overall, we enjoyed dining at Fullhouse Café. I love the place, very warm, cozy atmosphere and welcoming; I love the light and bright colors of the wall, the concept, the food and the staffs because they are very nice.  If I will give a chance to visit SG, I would most probably go back to try more of their main course and try their desserts.
We ended up taking photographs with some of their cute vintage Aston Martin mini Cooper Classic parked at the Car Porch. I like the idea that photography is allowed in this cafe. Plus points for them! I mean, at least I get to capture and share all those special moments spent there.

Happy 1st Week!

Note: Your visit at FullHouse is not complete without having photos taken with this colorful baby!

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe
9 Bras Basah Road
Rendezvous Gallery
Singapore 189559
Tel: 6336 6328
Opening Hours:
11.30am – 3pm (Lunch)
5.30pm – 9.30pm (Dinner)