Crazy Little Thing Called "Marriage"

From the movie “Crazy little thing called “LOVE”. Haha. Mushy naman masyado.. Anyway, this is the right time for me to realized how being married changed my life. O db change talaga! Yes! Being married to Ian for two months, I realized that my life really changed and I learned two things which I guess applicable to all married couple – Enjoyment and Sacrifice!

Before getting married, I’m just focus on myself, para bang “Me, Myself and I” ang peg ko.. But now, it’s about “US”, “WE” or “OUR” can you imagine that?! Syempre big adjustment not only for me but also for my husband.  Years ago, It’s was only a dream to marry a man who would love me for the rest of our life, I know every girl dream to have a perfect life, to be with someone who will accept you for who you are, and now I’m so thankful that God gave me someone who will never leave me for better or worse, sickness or in health and till death do us part. (Naiiyak na naman ako..)

Anyway, tama na drama! Kaya ako nasisita ng asawa ko eh, kaya dapat daw tigilan na kakapanood ng teleserye.. Haha.  Here are some lists (and I know marami pa kong madidiscover in long run) that I consider SACRIFICE on being married:

  1. You become more responsible not only for yourself but also for your husband.
  2. I need to wake up early (than the usual) to prepare our breakfast and baon for lunch.
  3. I need to prepare not only my things (underwear, towels, socks, etc) but also for my husband.
  4. I learned how to be a multi-tasking wife (nagluluto habang naglilinis ng bahay, naglalaba habang nagliligpit ng gamit, etc..)
  5. I learned how to do laundry (before we have labandera) but now, I need to wash all our clothes every Friday.
  6. I learned how to iron clothes (before we have plantsadora) but now, I need to stand for 4 hours to finish ironing all our clothes. Huhu.
  7. I learned how to BUDGET! (Every Saturday, we do groceries and can you believe this, we spent 2.5k-3k for our weekly food! Oh noh! Taas nang bilihin)
  8. Go home early because I need to prepare food for our dinner. Ian really loves lutong bahay.
  9. I learned how to COOK! Yes! Marunong na kong magluto, thanks to Kitchenomics and mareng google for the recipes and procedures. Haha.. 
  10. I need to wait for my husband to come home (kahit 11pm pa sya dumating, kailangan gising ako para asikasuhin sya)
  11. I learned to take a leave of absence from work to take care of my sick husband.
  12. When I want to do shopping spree, I need consent from my husband. (Budget wise!)
  13. I try living with a snoring husband. Haha.
  14. Etc.. Etc.. Etc.. For sure kulang ang 1 buong araw para isa-isahin ko lahat.. hihi..

Anyway to make it short, I began doing things I didn't do when I was still living with my parents and still 
single. But as I said, it’s not all about SACRIFICES but also there is enjoyment and happiness I felt for 
being a wife.

          1.       First is that sleeping and waking up beside him.. Wow! Priceless!
          2.       Taking shower together.. (Rated SPG) Haha.
          3.       Eating together (Breakfast, Merienda, Lunch – every weekend or during holidays, Merienda, Dinner 
                  and Mid-Night Snacks)
          4.       Being taken care of when I’m sick (nakukuha pa nyang mag leave for me.. – how sweet!)
          5.       Cooking and Cleaning our house together (Tulong-Tulong sa Pagsulong!)
          6.       Our favorite past time, Grocery and house shopping.
          7.       More Dates (Since he doesn’t need to pick me and drop me home because we are now living 
         8.       Playing Wii together during weekends or pag maaga aga pa during weekdays.
         9.       Movie Marathon while lying on our bed (minimum of 4 movies per day – especially during   
       10.      Kwentuhan to the max before going to sleep na kung minsan nakakatulog nalang kami bigla. Haha.
       11.      We pray together before going to sleep (Priceless!)
       12.      Received a sweetest kiss every night with matching Good night ek ek and every morning (Dati text        
          lang ngayon actual na.. Haha)
      13.       Planning together about our future dreams while eating our favorite ice cream.
      14.       More Food Trips!
      15.       Kulitan mode! As in KULITAN! Since we’re just two of us in our rented house, mas naeexpress 
               namin yung kakulitan namin! Habulan, sumasayaw kahit parehas kaliwa ang paa at kumakanta kahit 
      16.       And the mere fact that I will live him for the rest of my life is something that I’m really looking forward 
                to.. (naiiyak na naman ako, every time I remember our wedding vow)
      17.      Etc. etc. etc.

      I felt truly madly deeply happy to finally have something important happen to my life. Being married is the 
      best decision we’ve ever made. It’s kind of overwhelming whenever people says “Ang saya nyong 
      tingnan”, “Ang cute nyong mag asawa, para kayong mag bf/gf lang” or sometimes “Parang wala 
      kayong problema kc iba ang ngiti sa face nyo”. O db, san ka pa.. Nakaka touch and teary eyes ako 
      everytime I hear those flattering words.

     Now, I’ve already set myself to face whatever sacrifices, problems or misunderstanding that will come into 
     our life. I just need to remember my vow in front of the Catholic Church that I will love him in Sickness and 
     In Health, for better or for worst, till death do us part.