DIY Souvenirs: Wedding Bells and Personalized Table Napkin

Traditionally, if you want to see the newlywed kissing, the guests need to tap their glasses. Now, in modern time you can use a kissing bell instead. Ian and I decided to have kissing bells on our reception, this makes our wedding reception livelier and unique plus it can be taken home by our guests as token.

Wedding bells symbolizes of a couple's new life together. Historically, the church bells would ring to announce a new union to the world. Superstition also held that wedding bells brought luck and that their ringing would ward off evil spirits intent on ruining the new couple's joy.

Seven months before our big day, I asked my mom to buy us small bells at Divisoria (which is cheaper compare to our prospect suppliers).  Together with my dad, they went to 168 mall and purchase 150 pcs of medium bells and ribbon that fits our color motif. Since I have a very supportive family and friends, I requested them to help me in our DIY kissing bell. I printed our official logo and the “Ring for a Kiss” signage and cut the ribbons into pieces.

I asked our wedding coordinator to place it per table per person and I’m so happy upon seeing our guests used the wedding bells and yell “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss” 

Note: This is our 2nd souvenir for our guests.

We also provided our guests a personalized tissue paper. Yes! Tissue paper or table napkin! If you are my consistent reader, you will agree to me that Ian and I really love to eat. We are not just a travel buddies but we are also a food lovers, we collected all the tissue papers from the different restaurant that we ate. 

I asked my sister-in law who lives abroad to order me at least 200 pcs of customized table napkin. But surprisingly, when the package arrived last year I received 3 boxes of table napkin (100 pcs/box) wow! So now, presenting to you our customized tissue paper courtesy of Ian’s sister. Super thank you Nikka!

Our customized tissue paper with guest name holder and candies

Note: This is our 3rd souvenir for our guests.

Will post for the other souvenirs we provided for our invitees. Masyadong love namin lahat ng guests kaya super dami nilang take-home souvenirs from us. Hihi.