DIY Souvenirs: Suitcase with Candies

We love to travel, that’s why we decided to have a Travel-Themed Wedding. It’s so easy for us to execute what we want on our wedding day and as I told you on my previous post I’m so meticulous bride, I want everything in detailed. As much as possible I want to do it by myself but of course with the help of my very supportive husband.

For the give aways, I saw in the internet a cute luggage bag which actually suits for our theme, unfortunately it was only available at the US, Oh noh! As I mentioned it to Ian he told me that we buy it as our souvenirs, hhmmm.. pano kaya? Napaisip ako bigla. Then, he said “Paorder natin kay Nikka” (Nikka is his younger sister based in US) Oh Thank God! So I leave a message to Nikka and ask if she can order it for us and we will pay her upon their arrival before Christmas 2011. (Syempre promise ko babayaran namin sa kanya yun, nakakahiya naman db?) But she refused to accept our payment; instead she told us that we consider it as her gift to us. Wow! Instant sponsor kaagad db..

Now, our next problem is what we are going to put inside the suitcase that fits our personalities. Hhhmm.. Again, with the help of my bestfriend Google, I found personalized candies that can be order wholesale. I asked Ian if we could buy for us, but he declined and say “E di gawa nalang tayo nyan, tutal masipag naman tayo sa DIY eh.” Hhhmm.. may point nga naman. So after discussing about our souvenirs we finally decided to use Mentos and Choco Nut. I was assigned for the background pictures to be use in our customized candies while Ian created the layout for the candies cover. 

Cover for Mentos (layout created by Hubby)

Cover for Choco Nut  (layout created by Hubby)

This DIY is one of my favorite tasks since it give us more time to talk about our future. Anyway, we called it a “labor of love”, why? Because we put all our efforts, hard work and lot of patience just to make our souvenirs more creative, unique and one of a kind.


Mint to Be

Our wedding rings and my engagement ring

After our wedding, I heard some of our guest reactions:

“Ang ganda naman ng souvenirs, napaka creative!”

“Pwede pa bang kumuha ng 1 pa? Kakaiba kasi eh, pwede pang magamit”

“Galing! San kaya nila nabili to? Para gawin ko sa birthday ng APO ko.”

“Ang tyaga naman nila RN and Ian sa pag gawa nitong candies, pero in fairness ang galing.”

Hearing those comments and feedback's from friends and relatives makes our heart super happy. All our sleepless night is all worth it. 

Note: This is our 1st souvenir for our guests.