DIY: Misallete

We called all our wedding stuffs as “Labor of Love” since we give our 110% love, patience and of course diligence and perseverance (sipag and tyaga) #DIY

Last April, we received a soft copy of our nuptial mass or misalette from NSSH and as per Sister Josie (our contact person) instructions we need to change the names, cover, etc plus we need to provide at least 6 copies to be distributed during the ceremony (priest, couple, commentator and the readers). NSSH also allowed us to design our own misallete cover, yahoo!!! DIY na naman!

Ian didn’t think of a DIY style of misallete, for him a simple print out would do until I volunteered to create our misalette. I saw some sample of DIY misallete from the internet and this makes me inspire to do our own version. My goal is to have a simple and cheaper one, so I started creating a design in PowerPoint and MS word. A simple, 10 pages booklet style printed colored in A4 size bond paper.My officemates helped me to print a couple of samples and to get the correct paper feed from our printer to print on both sides, and after getting the correct sequence, we printed several copies for our guest.

Two weeks before our wedding day, Sister Josie emailed me about the revision. What???!!! Revision? We already printed 50 copies.. Huhu. Thank God, it’s only minor revision. From “And also with you” to “And with your spirit”, this revision came from Rome (Memo from our Santo Papa). As soon as I read her email, I printed the word “And with your spirit”, cut it and put over in the revised phrase.  

Presenting you our simple DIY Misallete.


Estimated Cost: More or less Php 300.00 (cost of the papers / board).  Thank you sa printer namin.. ^_^