My Bridal Shower (Part 3)

My God, I can’t believe that I had three bridal shower within a week; 1st courtesy of my former officemates at First Data, 2nd from my officemates at Friendster and last but not the least, a warm and blissful mini bridal party from Ian’s officemates not only for me but for also for the groom. I’m so overwhelmed! 

I don’t know Ian’s officemates personally, but based on his stories I knew they are all kind and cool. I received an email from Gen asking when we will be available for dinner.  I replied to her stating our schedules for the week and after finalizing it, we ended having scrumptious dinner last Wednesday night. 

Gen's Invitation via email

I arrived late at the venue since the rain started to fall (as in super lakas with matching kulog and kidlat pa), Roan, Gen and Camille are in-charge on our orders while Ian and Olyn are in-charge in taking photos.
Our orders are as follows:
Silican Chicken Salad 

Silican Chicken Salad - Chicken breast, crispy romaine, mangoes, red grapes, and pine nuts tossed in a creamy lemon-mustard dressing.
Shrimp Fra Diablo

Shrimp Fra Diablo - is one of their specialty, consist of Fettuccine pasta sauteed with shrimp, garlic, pine nuts, spinach, asparagus and feta cheese in pomodoro cream sauce. 

Fettuccine Alfredo

Sea Bass Mediterraneo

Sea Bass Mediterraneo - Angel hair pasta sauteed in butter, olive oil, black olives, capers and tomatoes crowned with a pan-fried sea bass fillet

Angus Steak Pizza

The big size pizza according to Roan is not listed on their menu; I think they saw it online. 

After our scrumptious dinner, Ian and I are both surprised when they told us that we are going to play a little game. Wow! The game was simple but funny, it’s about how we know each other. So Gen give us separate clean bond paper and pentel pen and all we need to do is just answer all the questions that they will ask. Kinabahan ako baka magkamali ako.. Haha.

As far as I remember, here are some questions that they asked:
1.       Kelan and Saan kayo nag meet?
2.       Ano yung damit ni Ian nung 1st kiss nyo?
3.       Saan ang kiliti ni Rackell?
4.       Ilan ang gusto nyong maging anak?
5.       Ano ang favorite dish ni Rackell?
6.       Ano yung event na kung saan both kayo umiyak?
7.       Anong araw ka sinagot ni Rackell?
8.       Kailan ang huling kiss nyo? Extra point pag may time. Haha
9.       Ano yung unang binigay ni Ian?
10.   Ano ang nakakapang init ng ulo ni Ian?
11.   Ano yung unang pinag awayan nyo ni Rackell?

The Jurors.. Haha

Kailangan talaga may explanation? Haha

Wow! Parehas na parehas kami ng sagot! :)

Well, I think we got 97% correct. Wow! Ganon pala namin kakilala ang isa’t isa. Haha. Actually, I really love the games, this is the 1st time that Ian and I played that kind of game, nakakatuwa pala sya.
While we are in the midst of happiness, the staffs of Itallianis sing a song for the couple on the other table. I guess they are celebrating their anniversary; our group joins and sings together while clapping our hands. Nakisali ba sa kantahan ng may kantahan.. Haha.

So we continue our game until one lady staff approach us and ask “Sino po yung malapit ng ikasal?”, followed by a plate of ice cream with note “Best Wishes”. Wow! I’m so touched!  Thank you Itallianis.
After our games, I cannot believe that other than the games they prepared, they also give us simple gifts. They handed me a sexy nighties for honeymoon while Ian received a notes from his officemates..  Wow! How sweet!

Happy Couple.. ♥

Notes from his officemates

Nighties from EWAM Girls!

We all had a fun, relaxing time celebrating our sendoff party. Thanks to guys for pitching in and helping put this together.  

with the group

with EWAM Girls
I am so grateful and it really warms my heart to see all the wonderful women that came together to celebrate me and the love of my life. I have so much and I am so lucky to have them in our life.

See you all on 24th!