My Bridal Shower (Part 2)

NOTE: This post is rated SPG! Haha

Like what I had said on my previous post, I’m so blessed to have good friends who want me to be happy, friends / officemates who are excited for me on my wedding day. Yesterday, my officemates prepared a mini bridal shower for me at our office (Hello! Bridal shower during office hours?! Why not, kasabwat naman nila HR officer eh. Haha) Okay so here it goes, actually I already knew that they will throw me a bridal shower since I was the one who look for the naughty cake but I have no idea that they will prepare some food and short program. I thought that it’s just a simple picture taking and kulitan mode during lunch break.

Our original plan is do it on Thursday (which is today) unfortunately, Karen (HR Officer) changes her plan. Until now, I have no idea why she changes it from Thursday to Wednesday. Haha. It doesn’t matter, what important is my bridal shower was successful.

Ate Ana is in-charge of everything; she called ambers for Spaghetti, Barbecue and Chicken lollipop and drinks, while Edward and Jomar (our security guard) pick up the cake at Pasay Road. Everything goes well, even though they didn’t inform me about their plan, I feel that this celebration will be one of my happiest bridal shower.

Around 3:30pm when I got a phone call from Karen and instructed me to be there at her office since the party will start in a few minutes. (Party daw talaga oh!) As soon as I arrived at her room, the first thing that I noticed was the food (gutom na eh..) I was curious about the design of the cake, so I asked them if I can see it, but as usual they didn’t allowed me to look at it. Hhmm.. May plan pala sila sa akin gawin.. Haha. I really had no idea what’s waiting for me. Ate Ana and Jomar hold me, put a blindfold and instructed me to just follow what they will say. (OMG! Kinabahan talaga ako! Haha)


Katakot naman kc meron pang sinusubo sa bibig ko.. Haha

OMG! (Rated SPG)

Look at the picture, kawawa talaga ako.. Haha

As I was about to remove the blindfold, Jomar holds my hand tightly (kulang nalang lagyan nya ng posas kamay ko) Huhu. Karen, keep on putting icing on my lips (waahh.. kinilabutan talaga ako!), Gino and Ame are assigned to take photos, while others are just screaming and laughing all the time. Haha.
The Cake: One big crazy cake!

Blushing Bride

Kunwari nagulat.. Haha

Oh noh! I know it’s too obscene to post these photos, but hey it’s a bridal shower so what do you expect right?! Haha.  Anyway, this cake is courtesy of Kink Cakes for only Php 1,700++. You bet how all of us girls and boys laugh out loud when we saw this! We can’t get enough of it! Di namin napigilan maghiyawan not knowing that on the other room, the meeting was about to start. Haha. Every one doesn’t want to hold it or touch it, di ko alam kung nandidiri lang or nahihiya since we have 3 boys at the room. Haha. I know Gino have a video of my funny reaction but until now I haven’t seen it. Booo!!!

Cute nila noh!

Oh noh! kahit security guard namin game rin!

So I know you are all dying to have a glimpse of the cake again, so I'm gonna post different shots. Hahahaha!  Well, it’s legal! Remember, It’s a BRIDAL SHOWER! Whoooo!!!

Crazy Cake from Kink Cakes

Ooppss.. Mini Me ng cake ko.. Haha

-          Bridal Shower during office hours
-          Bridal Shower at the office (HR Room pa)
-          Crazy Cake
-          Crazy Games
-          Bridal Shower while having a serious meeting at the conference room (tibay namin db)

People behind my successful and scandalous bridal shower 
My girls

Macho Dancers.. (Kita mo naka pose pa! Haha)

Thank you guys for such a very nice and hilarious bridal shower!