All about our health

I know it's too late to post this but I want my readers know what's really going on with us specially on our health. Last February 24, I had my 2nd HPV Vaccine here at our office. In fairness, di na ko umiyak but still masakit parin ang injection.. huhu..

One more injection this coming June! Huhu..

Then last February 28, 4 months before our BIG day, God test our faith. I was diagnosed for having muscle spasm and panic attack while Ian undergo major operation for appendicitis.

We don't blame God or even questioned him about what happened to us, instead we pray and offer our pain and sufferings, ask for more strength that we overcome the physical and emotional ailments which now bother us. This test makes our relationship stronger and looking forward to our 100% recovery.

As of today, we are getting better. Thank God for keeping us safe all the time.