Cold Rocks Ice Creamy


After watching Beastly at Greenbelt 3 last Easter Sunday, we opted to take some sweets that day. So for our desserts, we decided to use our Cold Rocks coupon. Yes! This time we avail it in MetroDeal. This site was launched recently, last Jan 7, 2011 which features one daily deal on the best things to do, see, eat and buy across the Philippines. According to their website, their company philosophy is simple; “We treat our customers the way we like to be treated”. Amazing!

The deal is that you can avail 2 large cups and mix-ins at Cold Rock Ice Creamy for only Php 250.00 instead of Php 530.00, discount for almost 53%. 

  • Get 2 delicious large cups of ice cream flavors and mix-ins - so don't forget to bring along your friend(s) or relative(s) - or both and have a wonderful, delicious time!
  • Buy multiple vouchers to treat yourself, your family and your friends to a unique and absolutely unforgettable ice cream experience
  • Over 3000 delicious flavor combination to choose from
  • Watch in delight as the Cold Rock team smash up your selections on their famous and very cool "Cold Rock"
  • Cold Rock Ice Creamery was founded in Australia in 1996 and has since expanded to several markets worldwide, including Singapore and the Philippines, offering premium ice cream experience to delight everyone

Whenever we stroll at Greenbelt 3, we always wanted to try Cold Rock but since their price range is quite expensive we always end up availing much cheaper ice cream, Sundae at Mc Donalds. Haha. Since the weather is starting to limber up, there is nothing more refreshing, generous and enjoyable on a summer day than a cup of your favorite ice cream.  Cold Rock is one of the best place to create your dream ice cream, you can choose from various ice cream flavors then add up your desire mix-ins such as fruits, chocolates, pastry treats then finally smash it all together for more heavenly and creamy treat. 

There are lots of ice cream and toppings to choose from and perhaps a hundred of unique ways to have your desire ice cream. Sad to say I saw a posting at the counter prohibiting cameras inside. Waahh.. I’m so sad knowing that they don’t want free advertisement since I’m writing their products on my blog. So sorry for the poor photos, we just use Ian’s cellphone camera instead. 

This is our first time at Cold Rock and we were both excited to try their ice cream. Ian ordered for Bubble ice cream plus strawberry fruits. Yummy! While I chose to create my own ice cream, chocolate plus snickers. Yippee!!!

It’s so nice that we avail discount at Metro Deal since it’s too pricey for ice cream.  Anyway, Ice cream is always one of my comfort foods and for that reason, Ian and I had good times that day. 

Cold Rock Ice Creamery
Level 3, Greenbelt 3
Makati City