Crazy Night with Crazy Friends @ Krazy Garlik

Our dear friend Mec, just came home from Dubai last 3 weeks ago, since she just visit Philippines once a year Mec always wanted to see us for some bonding moments. I planned to have our dinner last Friday and also in-charge in calling our friends for the said mini get-together. I met Norman in PLDT office and straight ahead in our meeting place, then Charis and Noel came up followed by Ian and lastly by Mec. Going out with this kind of people is one of the best things I really want to do ever, although it’s really difficult to choose where to eat as we are facing with hundreds of best restaurants choices in Greenbelt 3 and 5. I want to try Krazy Garlic in Greenbelt 5 since I haven’t try it, I read some reviews about this restaurant and promise myself that if I was given a chance to eat for FREE, I will immediately suggests it. Well, that night its Mec’s treat so I developed an evil plan which is to go for this newest bistro-ish restaurant and of course I had to go and find out why some people are going crazy about Krazy Garlic. 

All of us know that when you say Garlic, first thing that comes to our mind is that it’s the primary sword with supernatural power of protecting us from so-called “Aswang”. Haha. But this time, Krazy Garlic is the newest member of Bistro Group of restaurant who also owns Fish and Co, Itallianis, Flapjacks and T.G.I.Friday’s. They are specialized scrumptious foods filled with garlic, well garlic is a very safe food and herb which may benefit against atherosclerosis, pulmonary blood pressure lowering and also may prevent cancer, Wow!

As we enter, a very nice and accommodating staff assists us in our seats. The ambiance is well lighted with open kitchen set-up wherein you can see the chefs preparing the food you order. They also have comfortable chairs on al fresco area where you relax and enjoy their garlicky foods. The menu design is very stylish and girly, they also provide bag holder so that you can put your bags under your table. Nice!

Bag Holder

Stylish Menu

Open Kitchen

Mec ordered for Chinese style fried rice, mixed with Chinese sausage, vegetables and shitake mushroom. I love fried rice, I have nothing to say the way they cook it but the rice was too sticky and not too oily. Out of curiosity, I was looking for some garlic pieces contain in rice but I haven’t seen one. Hehe. 

Chinese Style Fried Rice Php 365.00

I request for Garlicky Crispy Pata, a deep fried pork leg topped with fried garlic in olive oil. The serving was enough for 3-5 persons depend on your appetite. The meaty pork leg is topped with roasted garlic and chili which raises your spirit to take a bite, the meat is tasty and tender. It is best to spread the buttery garlic on the meat and dip in the sauce before you taste. Well, the sautéed garlic makes the dish extra special.  

Garlicky Crispy Pata Php 595.00

We also add Pork rib adobo which cooked with olive oil, premium soy sauce and plenty of garlic. For me, there’s no special thing about this dish except for the generous amount of seasonings and it have just the right amount of garlic flavor to make it the taste of the dish stronger.

Pork Rib Adobo Php 415.00

Lastly, we ordered Sweet sour calamari, a deep fried squid with vegetables mixed with their special sauce. The squid was well cooked, the special sauce was not too sweet, and the slice of red bell pepper and onions that came with it balances sauciness. It was perfectly combination with Chinese Style Fried Rice. 

Sweet Sour Calamari Php 295.00

Bottomless Iced Tea

Overall, it was a good experience dining out with my true friends in this kind of unique restaurant completes my day. We really had a good experience here, but one thing that makes us irritated was the staffs are very prompt in their service wherein they always check us and ask if we were finished eating while obviously were eating, they simply get our plate even though were not yet done. Gggr… Well I guess because we paid 10% for the service charge.  The taste of the food is very appetizing, the price of their meals and drinks are quiet expensive.

Ian, Me and Charis

Mec, Norman and Noel

Krazy Garlik
Level 2, Greenbelt 5
Makati City