Jack's Surprise Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. Belle plan to give a surprise bridal shower for jack a week before her big day. Actually, we had a limited time to prepare because of our budget and availability of the participants. We only talked via Facebook and finalized this event by Thursday.

I arrived at the venue around 6pm to helped Belle and Ate Dondee in preparing the room. We rent for One Bedroom Suite in LPL Suites in Greenbelt and focused on the decors and setting to create the mood we wanted.

Belle and Ate Dondee

 the organizers

picture taking while waiting for the others to arrive.

We ordered food at Shakey's added by some sweet cupcakes from Conti's and chichiria.

JR is one of the organizers of this event; he accompanies Jack in doing window shopping within the vicinity of Greenbelt. She has no idea about our surprise that's why we are all excited on how she reacts. So after gatheriing all the invitees and all things are okay, Belle informed JR to bring her Jack at the venue. Since Jack was too tired, she got irritated not knowing that we prepared something special for her and when the door open, she was really suprised. Look at her reactions. Hehe.



Then, we decided to take our dinner and do lots of picture taking before the main programme.

with soon-to-be bride

 people close to her heart ♥

with the groom ^_^

After our slight dinner, the game was about to start. First is "How much you know the groom?" Participants are Belle, Mona and Jack. Unfortunately, some questions answered by Jack are wrong. Haha. Then, we are all excited for the main and exciting part of this event. you know what I mean; there is one stripper who dances with us. Yes! It's like a macho dancer who use to dance wearing only his underwear. Eewww... honestly, I can't even look while he's doing his dirty dancing, take note he remove his underwear for more fun. Well, I can't upload those photos since they are too nasty. Haha.

1st game

Don't be nervous Jack! ^_^

After 2 rounds of grimy dancing moves, we set our next fun game. It's called "Shape the man's organ using banana fruit". Haha. I facilitate this game since I don't want to participate at all. Hehe. Look at their faces; they concentrate to win in this game.


winner (Ms Claire!)

Since all of us are tired but happy, we chose to take a group photos while at rest.

 Former Officemates

 F21 Manila



Of course, this event will not be complete without giving exotic gifts for the bride.

Jack's bridal shower was successful. Just for a couple of hours, we make her single life in high spirits and memorable.