Canon Photomarathon 2010

Ian, Kuya Mike and I had a chance to participate in the Canon Photomarathon 2010 event last Saturday November 06 at Hall1 SMX, Mall of Asia. Last year, we also joined in this event held at Tagaytay International Convention Center. There were more than 1,000 participants in this event of Canon. We were register before 8am and as I was expecting a long queue was about to welcome us but in fairness, it was organized like last year. They had a lot of registration booths which arranged alphabetically by participant's surname.

Official Cap and I.D

The Canon Photomarathon was a big affair where you can meet co-photographers; amateur or professionals sharing same passion, Photography! Before the programs starts, we enjoy taking photos inside the hall at the same time collecting freebies that the sponsors provided. The program started by singing the National Anthem around 9am then a dance numbers while waiting for the main program.

Bloody Red Participants ^_^

The objective of this event is to be able to capture the best picture from among all participating photographers using only Canon cameras, point-and-shoot or DLSR. The on-the spot photography contests are consisting of 3 different themes, it's up to you how do you interpret each themes. With each theme, there was a time limit of 2 hours to shoot within the given area and 30 minutes to download your official entry to your designated station. Just make sure you will return before the time is up so that your entry will count. The themes were announced on the day itself.

For Theme 1: Deep and wide,peaks and valleys go inside or outside, all the places you know near or far. 

First thing that comes into our mind is it was captured on top view. We tried to go out of MOA and straight ahead in MRT Station in Magallanes. We need to move fast so that we can capture our best shot and download it on time. Traffic begin to irritates us, we only have 1 hour left to take photos and finally after taking few top view shots at Magallanes MRT Station, we decided to go back at SMX. Thank God, we are able to submit our entry on time.

We had our free lunch but sad to say the long queue of people bothers me. Ian is so gentleman, he get my lunch meal and told me to sit down and relax for a while. After our quick lunch, the second theme was flashed on the screen.

Theme 2: Big or small, we come in different sizes, short or tall, we grow in spurts and phases round and round the circle of life goes when we stop, Only God knows.

Ian decided to take photos within the area. Thank God there is also an event at Hall 2 about Robotics. As we entered, we are not only thinking for our entry but also we enjoy seeing robots. It;s a competition participated by different schools from different countries all over the world, team Philippines also join in this event. Well, here is my official entry for theme 2.

For theme 3: Happy, mad - sometimes we feel the blues, angry, glad - our moods are changing hues, up and down our lows and highs, we close our eyes and then... surprise!

And for this theme, we knew that the main subjects were going to be people; young or old, girl or boy with emotions, smiles and faces. Since Kuya Mike have already entry for this theme, he prefer to stay at the venue while we decided to just go around MOA and take pictures of people that were walking by or just sitting around especially at San Miguel Bay. There are lots of photographers who also took photos on the people sitting, I even ask a couple if they were willing to be our subjects, but their actions will be natural. I take charge fir the posing while Ian took photos for his entry.

 happy family

couple ♥

This is not my entry but I love to post and share it with you. My official entry was a kid enjoying her childhood days, so I ask Ian to help me in my idea. When we saw this cute little girl, I was surprised when her natural emotion burst out. Look, she's so cute!

Dinner was set and while eating, I know all of us were hoping to win a new DLSR. We are tire, exhausted and excited at the same tim to know who would win in this Canon Photomarathon 2010. The judges led by Mr. John Chua had to sacrifice and hard time in choosing for almost 3,000 photos. Well, we also had a chance to meet the Canon Brand Ambassadors. I'm so happy to meet them in person knowing that they were able to see and criticize my photos. I know I can't make it to the top but for me, joining in this affair is enough.

Overall winner!

Overall, Canon was too generous because all the participants will get a Canon EF Lens Mug for FREE! Yes! It's free! Even if we didn't win the contest, we are still winners because of their freebies.

Canon Freebies ^___^

I'll wait for the 2011 Canon Photomarathon and surely, I won't miss it! Big thanks to canon team for making this event successful.