Giligan's Restaurant

Rhon, Aloi and I set another get together last Friday. We still cannot get over with the fun and laughter's we shared during our food trip session at T.G.I. Friday's; this time we invite Ian to join with us. We just want to chill and relax after a week of hectic deadlines from work, so the answer to our problem is to have another food trip at Giligan's. I've been trying this restaurant whenever my friends wants to have some food and drinking session since Giligan's is not new in the nightlife-gimmick scene.

Wall Decorations

Giligan's is a nice restaurant to go to; a very casual dining should I say. The decorations will remind you of old galleon ships and their waiters look like extra's from an old pirate movie because of their uniforms. The ambiance is really amusing; a good place for the whole barkada like us. They have  a separate area for smokers and non-smokers. The area for smokers is at the open side or view of Glorietta 4 main entrance. Their food is not pricey as compared to other restaurants, they offers "Barkada" packages that start at Php 500.00, good for 4 persons.

We arrived a liitle bit late since I need to get my free gift certificate from Spaghetti Factory. Rhon texted me that he's already at Giligan's. (Note: they don't accept reservations every Friday.) he ordered for appetizer and bottomless Ice Tea while waiting for us. Upon checking in their menu, our first option was to try their Groupies meal but we finally decided to try their other promo which is you can avail 1 platter of plain rice and 4 glass of regular Ice Tea once you reach your total bill of Php 500.00.

Regular Ice Tea

Plain Rice

The first thing that comes to our mind is to try their Sisig which is one of their specialties. The sisig was cooked perfectly; It's not just an ordinary pork sisig, well flavored and really crunchy. I love the combination of green bell pepper, calamansi and mayo that makes it a little creamy.

Sizzling Sisig Php 168.00

Giligan's also offers the best Kare-Kare that totally never failed to satisfy your carvings for it, so we ordered Kare-Kare Beef. They are too generous in putting lots of peanut butter which causes to taste it nuttier; I surely love the flavor of its especially with its partner, the Bagoong (shrimp paste). Their bagoong is fine and blends well with the Kare-Kare.

Kare-Kare Beef Php 214.00

Special Bagoong

Rhon added Lumpiang Shanghai which was cut into small pieces. It was served with sweet and sour sauce which makes it tastier.

Lumpiang Shanghai Php 85.00

We want to try their Chicken Fingers so we ordered one for us. A delicious French classic boneless chicken rolled around cheese and ham. The dish was served with dippin' sauce that causes our meal delectable.

Chicken Fingers Php 162.00

We really had fun that night the restaurant was great also the food is delicious and we really enjoy every food that we ate.

with the boys I love ♥♥♥

with my dear friends in red

with my honey

Group Picture ^_^

Thank you Rhon for the wonderful treat! Looking forward for our another Gastronomic adventure!

Giligan's Restaurant
3rd level, Glorietta 5
Ayala Center, Makati City