Tempura Japanese Grill

Ian and I planned to do last minute shopping for our escapade, so we decided to explore Mall of Asia yesterday. I informed him that I will be available around 3pm after my charity work at Sacred Heart Church. We meet around 3:30pm and start our shopping galore.I bought flat shoes and sandals while Ian didn't find any pants suitable for him. Since we skipped to eat merienda, we choose to have our early dinner at Tempura. We've already tried this restaurant 4 years ago; this restaurant was really memorable for both of us because we had our very first dinner together during our first meet up last July 08, 2006. What makes us happier is that we seat at same couch. Nice!

The place is still the same, the ambiance is very relaxing but one thing that makes me disappointed was the service they provided, the staffs are unmindful. I call their attention to place our orders but no one attend us. So after 5 minutes of waiting, one staff gets our orders.

We prefer to have appetizer first, so Ian chose to have Ebi Chizu Tempura. It's a deep fried tiger prawns in crispy batter wrapped in classic cheese flavor.

Ebi Chizu Tempura (5 pcs) Php 255.00

I opted to try Buta Shogayakido, a pork strips with lightly-gingered Japanese soy sauce topped on plain rice. The pork strips was too salty that's why Ian refused to try it again.

Buta Shogayakidon Php 180.00

Ian tried the Gyudon, one of their best sellers; a rice topping with thinly sliced beef tenderloin with mushrooms, onion leaks in light sauce with fresh egg on top. I can't imagine eating rice toppings with fresh egg, usually I seen fresh egg placed on top when we order sisig. Hehe.

Gyudon Php 220.00

So after dinner, we decided to take pictures. Same pose, same location as the last time we were seating here four years ago.

Our picture 4 years ago..

Our latest picture..

Tempura Japanese Grill
Ground Floor, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City