Second Time: Mesa Filipino Moderne

I received a text message from our dear friend Sharon and invites us to a simple dinner as her birthday treat for us last Wednesday. This is our 2nd time in Mesa; remember we celebrate our 44th monthsary in Mesa located at Megamall where in we enjoyed our sumptuous dinner together. When we arrived at Mesa around 7:15pm, Jim together with Sha and CJ is already there. While waiting for the others to arrive we do our favorite part, Picture Taking.
us :)
with birthday celebrant

with Sha and Jim

the couples

The heavy rains started to fall, and we have no choice but to move our table from left side to the other side. By the way, our seats located outside the restaurant. The place was pleasant and the service crew was very attentive. Compare to their branch at Megamall, Greenbelt branch was huge. Sha already chose for our orders, but she asked us to order separately for our drinks. The 1st dish to arrive was our appetizer, Baked tahong with cheese. The food presentation was excellent. I really love the combination of saute garlic and cheese, it was really appetizing and you will have the eagerness to take the main course.

Baked Tahong with cheese

Next to arrive was the Sinigang na Baboy in Guava and Pineapple. The first time we experience this kind of Sinigang when Ian and I try the famous, Guava Restaurant in Serendra way back April last year in celebration of our 33rd monthsary. Instead of putting the common tamarind, they include Guava and fresh pine apple as main seasonings. I love the taste and have a good quality especially when they are served burning.

Sinigang na Baboy in Guava and Pine Apple

Followed by Baby Squid in Olive Oil, this one was too oily. You can see the squid floating with lots of oil included. It was only steam but mouth-watering.

Baby Squid in Olive Oil

Sha also ordered for Pinatayong Manok. When our group saw this, we can't hide to laugh. Maybe because this was our 1st time to saw that kind of presentation. Jim, keep on teasing the waitress to chop it immediately because it maybe too harsh for the chicken to fry on that kind of position. Haha.

Pinatayong Manok

I'm not familiar for the last dish arrived. I think its Crispy Duck. The meat was full of saute garlic with soy sauce which makes it more scrumptious.
Crispy Duck

Ian ordered Green Mango Shake while I go for Ripe Mango Shake.

Ripe and Green Mango Shake

After our classy dinner, Jim gave our birthday gift to Sha. It's a polo shirt from Terranova.

Can we ever forget to have our group picture?! Of course not, so here our pictures..

Thanks Sha for your birthday treat, I know you truly like our gift for you.

Mesa Filipino Moderne
Greenbelt 5
Paseo De Roxas, Makati City