Last Tuesday, Ian picked from office after his 2nd day of work at Petron Plaza. We decided to have dinner at our house, but unfortunately my mom didn't cook for dinner that is why I make a decision to have dinner outside. Since it's our payday that time, I told Ian that I treat him but I will decide where we are going to eat. I've been seeing this fun and catchy words of Chicken and Baboy, the so-called "Chic-Boy" restaurant, so we settled to try it. This restaurant offers the best Lechon Manok and Lechon Liempo. According to their website these two are marinated and stuffed with herb and spices and charcoal broiled to juicy and tasty perfection. It was only open last May 5 that is why the facilities were all in good conditions.
The place was only walking distance from our office, very accessible for both of us. Since it's only past 6 in the evening when we arrived at Chic-Boy, there are only few people who dine in the restaurant. It's a self-service that is why you need to prepare your order before facing the cashier. Their service was efficient; the crews are very attentive to their customers. They make sure that they will prioritize you and your entire request will be granted. This is a rice and soup all you can that is why we took advantage of it.

The waiter gave us first a hot Bulalo soup.
free bulalo soup
Ian ordered CB4 or the Liempo Meal. It includes rice, atsara and 1 piece of liempo.
Liempo Meal Php 99.00
I chose to try their Inasal version of Chicken. The chicken was a little bit sour, I think because of the herb they included.
Inihaw na Chicken (Petso part) Php 99.00
I add Ginisang Kangkong since I'm craving for some vegetables that time. I love the saute garlic on top; it is more appetizing when you mixed with a bagoong which I requested from the waiter.
Ginisang Kangkong Php 30.00
free bagoong (as per requested)
We ordered bottomless iced tea, since the price difference of a regular to bottomless is only Php 5.00; a very refreshing once you take a sip of their home made ice tea.

Bottomless Ice Tea Php 25.00
I can say that this restaurant will satisfy your starving with a very cheaper price; unlimited rice, bulalo soup and unlimited iced tea for a low-priced. I salute the owner of this restaurant for his great idea, a must try restaurant!

us ^_^
112 Jupiter St., Bel Air
Makati City