Saturday Date

We have a Saturday work every 1st of the month. So definitely, I need to adjust my appointments that fall on the 1st Saturday. I was invited by Ian to join in their photo shoot in Intramuros, however, since we have work on that day, I refuse to join them. I invited our friends to watch Alice in Wonderland last Friday but they decline on my invitation due to important errands to do.They suggest to watch it on Saturday but since our group will not be complete, we re-sched our movie date.I've wanted to have our bonding date again since most of the time we spend our Saturday weekend in our House, so I convinced him to walk around in Trinoma and watch Alice in Wonderland after his photo shoot in Intramuros and after my work.
I left Citibank around 12:15pm and immediately take a trip to Trinoma, I've started to feel hunger and need to have our lunch ASAP. Haha. Since I've been waiting for Ian for almost 1 hour, I give him the right to decide where he wants to eat for lunch. Thank God, he immediately prefers Kenny Rogers and guess what, he already know what he wants to order.
We've been eating a lot inKenny Rogers; I remember our 2nd monthsary celebration, where we try Kenny for the first time at Robinson's Place after our walkathon in Intramuros.
We order Solo A1 Classic Meal but different side dish. It includes Steamed rice, muffin, Chicken Classic, Gravy and 1 side dish. For me, I choose the Corn and Carrots Nibblets.

Solo A1 Classic Php 150.00

For Ian, he choose to have Macaroni and Cheese as his side dish.

Solo A1 Classic Php 150.00
For your information, I don't eat chicken without Ketchup and Hot Sauce. I think my father influenced me to try spicy foods that is why, whenever we ate pizza, chicken, or anything that needs ketchup, I always ask for a Hot sauce.
Since we are both prohibited to take sodas, we order bottled of Mineral water instead.

Mineral Water Php 25.00 / each

Of course our date will not be complete without picture taking.. :D

us :)

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Space 105, Level M1

Trinoma Mall

North Avenue cor Edsa Pag Asa

Quezon City