Mr. Choi Kitchen

After we hear mass last Sunday at Don Bosco Makati, my family decided to have our dinner in Waltermart. This time it's my sister treat because finally she received her new Credit Card. Yahoo.. Since it's my ate's treat, we gave her the right to chose where she wants to dine in. Finally, she prefers Mr. Choi Kitchen.

My mom asks one of the staff what is their best seller of noodles because she doesn't eat rice during dinner. The staff offers their Birthday Noodles as one of their specialty. My 2 sisters enjoyed eating small boiled egg included in the Noodles, and for me, I really like eating vegetables instead.

Birthday Noodles Php 185.00

Then, my dad told us to have 1 whole Yang Chow fried rice and additional half yang chow fried rice since we skipped merienda for this dinner treat. Haha.

Yang Chow Fried Rice Php 175.00

Half Yang Chow Fried Rice Php 90.00

My ate asks me for my order. I really love vegetables, in fact I always ask my dad to cook us veggies at night or even during weekdays for our baon. So I chose to have Sauteed Brocolli Flower in Oyster sauce. We get a little bit disappointed because the brocolli itself does not saute in Oyster sauce as stated in their menu.

Sauteed Brocolli Flower in Oyster Sauce Php 165.00

My mom added her favorite Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. I really don't know why she doesn't miss to order this dish whenever we dine in any Chinese Restaurant, maybe because she is a fish lover. Haha.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Php 260.00

My dad added 1 Fried Chicken in a Basket, he thinks that the food is not enough for all of us. Remember, we skipped merienda for this event. Haha. There is no special thing in this chicken; I even say that my dad's is a better chef in doing friend chicken; I guess he has a secret ingredients in fying chicken. Haha.

Fried Chicken in a Basket Php 240.00

Finally, I have a special request which my sister gave to me. I ask for a Mango Shake since my taste bud is not good that time. Jm, my younger sister order Mango Shake as well. I really love the taste, since it is pure and makes my warm body frezzing.

Mango Shake Php 72.00

We ended up our dinner with planning for our 1st ever family outing outside Metro Manila. We will use our free domestic tickets as well as double birthday celebration of my mom and my sister this May. I'm so excited because this will be the 1st time that my mom and younger sister JM to experience ride in Airplane.

Mr. Choi Kitchen
Ground Floor, Waltermart Makati
Chono Roces St., Makati City