John and Yoko

I need to do something to please and be sorry for what I've done to Ian last Saturday night. So I ask my friends on what are the best surprises or the best things I can do to him just to forgive me. The first thing in my mind was to treat him dinner with matching cake and flowers then I ask him to rank the following restaurant according to his favorite. The choices are John and Yoko, California Pizza Kitchen, Shabu Shabu, Sentro, Banana Leaf, Bubba Gump and Chilis. After 10 minutes, I received a text message from him informing that the top choice for him was John and Yoko which is a Japanese Restaurant. As all of you know that Ian really loves Japanese foods. Next in line was Bubba Gump followed by CPK, Sentro, Shabu Shabu, Chilis and Banana Leaf as his last choice. Now I know where I going to treat him next. Haha.
Ian fetch me at the office around 5:30pm last Tuesday, then we walk off to Greenbelt 5 to have our dinner. While walking, we talked lots of things; he also shares his personal problems. I don't know what to say or how to help him with his problem; I told him that my presence and my love for him will not fade no matter what happened. So I decided to treat him to ease what ever the problem is.

We settled in John and Yoko who is situated at Greenbelt 5. It is a Japanese Restaurant. We we greeted by a polite waitress then assist us to our seats. The place was modern cool, the interior and stylish are also modern; it is also ideal if you want to sit down, relax and do some serious talks like what we did.

Since this is our first time to try this restaurant, we get a little bit hard to choose what to order. But since Ian knows some Japanese dish, i give him the right to decide on what to order, bu t I suggested him some best dishes that they offer, because I read some blogs and reviews about this restaurant.
The first thing we order was the Crunchy Squid Teriyaki for our appetizer. I insist Ian to try this one instead of our usual Caesar Salad.

The taste was really good; It's a combination of sweet and a little bit spicy.

Crunchy Squid Teriyaki Php 168.00

Ian ordered for Pepper Crusted Chicken which you can choose either rice or pasta. He chose to have pasta.

Pepper Crusted Chicken Php 238.00

I'm a little bit hungry so I ordered Bacon Enopi. It is a piece of vegetables I guess, wrapped in Bacon and served with sweet sauce.

Bacon Enopi Php 258.00

Gohan Php 78.00

We are both satisfied with the foods, as well as the service that they shown to us. Then, finally I apologize again to him and ask for forgiveness. Ian is very understanding person and he doesn't keep any anger or hatred. I love him so much and he loves me without any doubt and I promised to myself that I will changed my bad attitude for the benefit of our relationship. I want to keep this relationship forever. I also give him encouragement and promised him that I will be at his side no matter what happen. I know he has major problem today that makes him weak, but I promise him that I will be strong for him and we will face this problems hold hands. I love you Honey. Thank you for everything.

with chopsticks

Ian with my simple letter of encouragement

us :)

P. S.
The menu was too pricey, but I can say that we will try this again. ^_^

John and Yoko
2nd floor Greenbelt 5
Legaspi St., Legaspi Village
Makati City