It's Friday again, and of course we do our usual dinner date. Ian fetches me at the office around 5:45pm then headed us to Greenbelt 2 to have our dinner. Actually, the original plan was to have a simple dinner at Buddy's then proceed to the salon for Ian's haircut. But since I saw Conti's in Greenbelt 2 when I went to my Boss condominium at The Residences, Greenbelt during lunch time, I insist to have dinner at Conti's. Well, this time I am the one who decide where to eat because it's my treat. Haha.
Upon arrival, a good staff greeted us and help us as well to find our seats. Since this is our 2nd time to try Conti's, we already have an idea what to order. I ordered Caesar Salad as our appetizer since all of you know that we really love vegetables. I love their Salad; it includes Homemade Caesar dressing on a bed of iceberg lettuce topped with bacon bits, Parmesan cheese and bread croutons. I can rank it 8 as 10 to be the highest score. Well, the top restaurant for me that offers the best Caesar Salad was the Itallianis. We order to share since we both skipped to eat merienda.
Caesar Salad (share) Php 150.00

Next, Ian ordered Salmon Salpicao which is one of their best sellers. It was served with buttered corn rice and apple potato salad. However, according to Ian the dish was too oily which made him a little bit irritated.
Salmon Salpicao Php 275.00
My order was also their one of the best sellers. The Conti's Baked Salmon. It is a Norwegian pink salmon baked in their own very special toppings, served with buttered vegetables and paella rice, but since I don't eat paella, I change it with garlic rice.
Baked Salmon Php 295.00

Since all of you know that I don't eat without hot sauce, I request the staff to give us one. Now, dinner is yummier as always.
For drinks, I ask Ian to try fruit shakes, so he ordered Avocado Shake. You can taste the real Avocado fruits but not that sweet. So Ian requested to have additional sugar, but we get surprised when the waiter gave us a cup of honey.
Avocado Shake Php 95.00
I really love Mango Shakes, so definitely I ordered 1. Like Avocado shake, you will also taste the real yellow mango within.
Yellow Mango Shake Php 75.00
Since our dinner will not be complete without having dessert at all, we decided to have 1 slice of their best sellers, Mango Bravo. We really love it! In fact, 1 is not enough for the 2 of us. I love the ice cream cake with real mango on top on it. But before we have this dessert, I need to follow up 3 times to the Manager. Ggrrr.. But overall, we have a great and full blast dinner last Friday.
Mango Bravo Php 105.00

us :)

Space 11 & 12 Greenbelt 2
Esperanza Street
Makati City