Burger King

Thank God it's Friday! We always have a simple and quiet date every Friday; we do window shopping, sometimes watch a movie, or our favorite mall tour. After our window shopping in Glorietta and SM, looking for Ian's polo shirt, I asked him where he wants to have our dinner, since I know his appetite still not in good mood, I give the decision to decide. Before that, I've been craving for an Ice cream, so Ian treats me Chocolate Ice Cream in cone and he tries the Hot Fudge Sundae in Mc Donalds. We ended up our dinner at Burger King. Actually, we've been trying Burger King so many times; this is one of our favorite meal while watching movies in the cinema if we have limited time to dine in a fine dining restaurant. As usual, we order Whooper Jr. Value Meal which includes Burger, regular fries and drinks.

Our orders..

For me..
Whoopers Jr. Value Meal Php 130.00

For Ian..

Whoopers Jr. Value Meal Php 130.00 with Mineral Water

Instead of Coca Cola, I ordered bottled mineral water for Ian sicne he's not permitted to take soda, an additional Php 20.00 for exchange.

hon, are you okay?!

I don't eat tomatoes included in my burger, so I gave mine to Ian but I am certified addicted to their burger. I swear!

my burger..

I really love to mix fries with sundae instead of ketchup, it is my habit since high school. I think Ian adopts my lifestyle in doing this. Haha..

Ice cream with fries

Of course, our date will not be complete without picture taking. :D

us :)

Burger King
Level 2, Glorietta 4
Ayala Center
Makati City